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Zhou JIU Chang: three key areas of Personal Knowledge Management

Zhengzhou Aviation IndustryManagementDepartment of Information Science, Zhengzhou, 450015, China [Abstract] This article holds that personal inspirationKnowledgeManagement, personal knowledge project management, and personal learning management

Knowledge management of software enterprises

Knowledge management of software enterprises In the era of knowledge economy, an industry that uses knowledge as the primary source of productivity can be called a knowledge-based industry. The software industry is a knowledge-intensive industry.

Enable "golden house"-Personal Knowledge Management

Comment: A Theoretical article Article Can be used as an understanding of some concepts. I didn't tell you how to start practical methods, but it was still at the theoretical level. Well written at the end of the article:I also hope that my

When the Knowledge Atlas "meets" The deep study

When the Knowledge Atlas "meets" The depth study knowledge Atlas depth study reads 2714 Author: Xiao, Fudan University School of Computer Science and technology, associate professor, Doctoral tutor, Shanghai Internet Large Data Engineering

Major concept change: knowledge marketing

Original article: The rise of the knowledge economy indicates that economic activities of human society are gradually getting rid of resource constraints, so as to achieve

Summary of personal knowledge management experience

Preface As a software technician, we must first face a problem. In order to solve practical design and implementation problems, we often need a lot of knowledge as the basis, such as programming languages, platform standards, basic libraries, design

Enterprise culture, team culture and knowledge sharing

Enterprise Culture To build a harmonious corporate culture, the core is to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprise culture not only has spiritual attributes but also management attributes. It can complement rules and regulations,

"2015 China Knowledge Management Forum Speech" content shorthand and lecture ppt download

【Learn how to do enterprise knowledge management】The 40th issue of "from know to line: knowledge management Implementation Training" course held in March, knowledge management implementation of compulsory courses, the year before the registration of

"Free Download" "Understanding Knowledge Management" ebook, 2016 Learning Knowledge management

know The core problem of knowledge management is simply " How to look , How to do it". how to see "on the wrong (for example, the knowledge management equivalent to the IT system, the knowledge management equivalent to the storage of

Knowledge management ABC

Recently I am studying knowledge management. This is more objective.ArticleFor more information, see. Yang Feiyun Compile Discover what knowledge management is and how it helps your company win in the competition IIntroduction to knowledge

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