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Use php to get a series of clues (constellation, Zodiac, birthday, etc.) from the ID card number, php ID card number

Use php to get a series of clues (constellation, Zodiac, birthday, etc.) from the ID card number, php ID card number The first example of this article is to share with you that PHP automatically obtains the corresponding constellation functions based on the ID card number fo

Use VBS to get the day before the current date and correct the output format _vbs

Get the current date method one: Copy Code code as follows: Currentdate1=date () MsgBox Currentdate1 Get the current date method two: Copy Code code as follows: Currentdate2=year (now) "-" month (now) "-" day (now) MsgBox Currentdate2 Add a: If you want to get a date preceded by a 1-digit front complement

AIX systems can use the time zone change method to get the date of N days before and after

The date command does not have the-D option in the AIX system and does not receive the entered value.In an AIX system, if you want to get a few days or days after the current time, you can use the method that changes the current timezone.Export Tz=beist-8 is the system current time.Adjusting the time zone can change times.For example: Get the time of next week ex

Use the shell in Linux to get yesterday, tomorrow, or more days before the date

Use shell to get the date of yesterday, tomorrow or many days ago in linux Time 2015-12-08 09:33:00 BlogJava-Expert Zone Original Theme shell Original address: Use the shell to get the date of yesterday

How to use Java to get the current time and the day before

1. Get the current timeRuby Code Calendar cal = Calendar.getinstance (); String Time=formatter.format (Cal.gettime ()); String strend=time.substring (0, 16);//2007-10-30 09:30 2. Get the day beforeRuby Code Calendar C = calendar.getinstance (); C.add (Calendar.day_of_month,-1); SimpleDateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat ("Yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:ss"); String Mdate

I wanted to get a nim before, but because it was for personal use, I would keep repairing.

decimal number converted to binary decimals, using the "Multiply 2 rounding, order" method (do not understand, this is not a recruit, this is too basic), We found that 0.4 could not use the binary accurate representation, in the binary world it is an infinite loop of decimals, that is, "display" Can not "show", let alone in memory (floating-point storage includes three parts: sign bits, digits, mantissa, specific no longer described), it can be under

Use the shell to get the date n days before the specified date _linux shell

First, create test files #!/bin/sh ./etc/profile # Parameters: # Args[0], data date, date format Yyyy-mm-dd # Take 30 days before the date function Get_date_ 30daysbefore () { sec= ' date-d $ +%s ' sec_30daysbefore=$ ((sec-86400*30)) days_before= ' date-d @$ Sec_30daysbefore +%f ' echo $days _before } If [$# = 1]; then today=$1 dates_30= ' Get_date_ 30daysbefore ' else today= ' date-d -1days ' +%y-%m-%d ' dates_30= ' date-d -30d

Use the Python+seleniumui Automation login to get the cookie before you go to test the interface, it's finally done today.

#coding =utf-8From selenium import WebdriverFrom selenium.common.exceptions import nosuchelementexceptionImport Unittest,timeImport requests#登录模块函数def login ():U ' gdtmpd login 'Driver=webdriver. Chrome ()Driver.get (' Login address URL ')Nowhandle=driver.current_window_handlePrint "nowhandle:%s"%nowhandleDriver.implicitly_wait (30)Driver.find_element_by_link_text (U ' QQ login '). Click ()Driver.switch_to_frame ("Ptlogin_iframe") #frame里面写frame的id值Time.sleep (5)driver.find_element_by_id ("Qlogi

Use the SystemInfo class to get all kinds of information about the Unity3d running device (CPU type, graphics card type, etc.)

supported the theGetMessage ("number of render targets supported", SystemInfo.supportedRenderTargetCount.ToString ());94 the the the 98 About - 101 102 103 104 the //Output106 107Messagetext.text =info. ToString ();108 109 } the 111 the 113 //Update is called once per frame the the voidUpdate () the 117 {118 119 //Exit - 121 if(Input.getkeyup ("Escape"))122 123 {124 the 126 127 if(Input.getkeyup ("Escape")) - 129

How to use javascript to get the birthday, age, and gender of the client through the ID card number-javascript tutorial

The ID card can identify a person's information. The following describes how to use JavaScript to obtain the age and gender ID card of the person using the ID card number to identify a person's information, the following describes how to use JavaScript to obtain the age and

Use php to get a series of clues (Constellation, Zodiac, birthday, etc.) from the ID card number)

This article describes how to use php to obtain a series of clues from the ID card number, such as Constellation, Zodiac, and birthday. PHP extracts the birthday from the ID card number and verifies whether it is an adult function, interested friends can refer to the first example of this article to share with you the PHP according to the ID

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