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SEO Interview Experience: Qualified Seoer must be five points

Recently went to a few business interviews, understand the enterprise now for the requirements of the SEO, now the market for the seoer more and more high, I have encountered in this interview in the common point to write out and share with you, see

(turn) qualified Linux OPS personnel must be 30-way shell programming surface questions and explanations

Super depth of the shell advanced programming practice, as of the current Shell programming courses in the domestic training institutions The most fine courses, do not believe in the level of students to see the performance.Course cows are not

Sentence generation algorithm based on context-independent grammar

Tag: INI around OID references update min based on context-independent grammar weightObjectiveThe algorithm comes from a blog from a foreign Daniel: click here to viewThe algorithm does not involve any knowledge in the field of artificial

How to quickly grow into a qualified web front-end engineer?

Grassroots knowledge: Html,css,javascript is basic; vue.js,angularjs,react is the mainstream;Native is always the most core technology;JavaScript advanced Programming is a must-have artifact.The following is PS, the early front end of the majority

A "dog blood" event triggered by one sentence

The graduation of my senior year is coming to an end, and I don't know how they will end their college life and tear up their books this year? This is what high school students do. Besides, it is estimated that there are not many books to tear up in

Do not use the YII framework at all, this is a rubbish.

Recently, because of the working relationship, the efficiency problem was forced to spend 3 days writing a Thinkphp3.2-like Yuyan frame, which was 5 times times the speed of Thinkphp3.2 (applied to 2 pre-existing DB classes). Another 7 days, that is,

Const-qualified modifiers in C + +

What does the const modifier mean to convert an object to a constant object? The value of a variable that is decorated with a const can no longer be modified anywhere in the program, just like constant use! The use method is: const int A=1;//here

DOS batch processing command☞For Loop commands

A For command is a command that runs in the command line or batch for a series of objects to execute one or more commands cyclically in sequence. Combined with some programs in Windows Management, its processing capabilities are powerful, and its

Const usage in C language

One, possible combinations:(1) Const CHAR*P(2) Char Const*p(3) Char *const p(4) const char **P(5) Char Const**p(6) Char *const *p(7) Char **const pOf course, in (5), (6), (7) and then insert a const in a number of cases, but the analysis of the

C + + side effects and sequence points

Http:// EFFECT (side effects) and sequence points (sequence point) sharingWhen the execution sequence runs to certain specific areas called sequential points, all the side effects that were previously

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