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Cisco routers and H3C Exchange devices ARP virus quick Fixes _ routers, switches

Cisco switches: Show logging found the following log on the central switchAPR 10:24:16.265:%ip-4-dupaddr:duplicate address in Vlan711, sourced by 0009.6b84.189e; description has ARP virus,2, the implementation of Conf t,mac-address static MAC address VLAN ID drop;3, the host has the ARP virus processing, and then on the central switch executionNo mac-address static MAC address VLAN ID drop, whi

Troubleshooting methods for Cisco switches and routers

I. Network Complexity General networks include routing, dialing, switching, video, WAN (ISDN, frame relay, ATM ,...) , LAN, VLAN ,... Ii. Fault Handling Model 1. Define the Problem) Detailed and accurate description of fault symptoms and potential causes 2. collect detailed information (Gather Facts) R> Source: key users, network management systems, routers/Switches 1) identify symptoms: 2) Repeat the fault

Basic management of Cisco routers and switches

The management of the equipment is the basic condition for maintaining the normal operation of the equipment, so let's take a look at some basic management commands and methods of Cisco routers and switches. The methods and commands for managing routers and switches are mai

What is the difference between the startup sequence of cisco switches and routers?

Startup Process of cisco routers and switches: I. cisco switch startup process: The START loader is a small program stored in NVRAM and executed when the switch is started for the first time. ① The vswitch loads the loader software from NVRAM. ② Start the loader. ③ Perform POST (self-check on startup) for the lo

Comparison Between Layer-3 CISCO switches and routers

forwarded to the second layer for exchange, enabling high-speed information exchange. The so-called one-time routing and multiple exchanges. Layer-3 switching has the following outstanding features: The combination of organic hardware accelerates data exchange; The optimized routing software improves the routing efficiency; In addition to the necessary route decision processes, most data forwarding processes are processed by Layer 2 exchange; When multiple subnets are connected, they are only l

How to effectively reinforce Cisco routers and switches

Cisco, as a leader in the routing industry, has a high demand for its products in the market. Here we will explain how to effectively reinforce the security of Cisco routers. According to the barrel theory, how much water a bucket can hold depends on the shortest piece of wood in the bucket. The same is true for information system security. The security level of

Cisco configures endpoints, routers, switches, and servers

First look at the requirements: (to make the following effect)Take a look at the overall topology diagram:put a Laptop : L0DHCP automatically get IPput a server-pt : DHCP ServerSet IPSet Config inside the DHCPGateway (first routed address IP )Dns Serverput a switch: sw0(No configuration required, just a function of the expansion port)Place several routers: R0 , R1 , R2,dte , DCEconfigure each port's IP Address requirements:The connection is ensured by

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