used command not allowed with mysql version

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MySQL error:the used command isn't allowed with this MySQL version workaround

Purpose: To import a. txt file to the MySQL database, using the load command to implementEnter the following command to error:Modify the command, still error:Possible causes (from MySQL reference manual):If LOAD DATA localis Disabled, either in the

Mysql remote connection: ERROR 1130 (HY000): Host & #39 ;*. *. *. * & #39; is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server solution, mysqlconnect

Mysql remote connection: ERROR 1130 (HY000): Host '*. *' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server, mysqlconnect After MySQL is installed, ERROR 1130 (HY000): host' 192 occurs when you remotely connect to the database. 168.0.1 'is not allowed

Installing MySQL in Linux and solutions to some common problems _ MySQL-mysql tutorial

1. download MySql 1. download MySql Open download in browser My downloaded version is Red Hat 5 version of Id = 407552 Upload the file to the server, or

Mysql common command lines

Mysql common command lines Mysql common command lines First, start and stop the mysql Service Net stop mysql Net start mysql Second, log on to mysql Syntax: mysql-u user name-p User Password Enter the mysql-uroot-p command, press enter and prompt

MySQL Common command Usage Summary script home finishing version _mysql

first, start and exit 1, into MySQL: Start the MySQL Command line Client (MySQL's DOS interface), directly enter the installation of the password can be. The prompt at this point is:mysql> 2, Exit Mysql:quit or exit Second, the library operation1.

Mysql common operation and command _mysql under Windows platform

1. Export the entire database Mysqldump-u user name-p--default-character-set=latin1 Database name > exported file name (database default encoding is latin1) Mysqldump-u wcnc-p SMGP_APPS_WCNC > Wcnc.sql 2. Export a table Mysqldump-u user name-P

Install and configure MySQL decompressed version in Win7

I originally wanted to build the Hive remote mode and found that there are no other databases except oracle and sybase on the machine. I want to dress up with a mysql instance. I plan to install mysql on the host Win7, and then place the Hive

Linux Learning CentOS (13) installation and configuration of MySQL database under--centos6.4

If you want to do a Java EE development on Linux, first build the Java EE development environment, including the JDK, Tomcat, Eclipse installation (this in a previous essay has explained in detail the Linux learning CentOS (vii)- CentOS under the

MySQL configuration in Ubuntu

1. Download the MySQL Installation FileThe following two files are required to install MYSQL:MySQL-server-4.0.23-0.i386.rpmMySQL-client-4.0.23-0.i386.rpmTo:, open this webpage and pull down the webpage

MySQL Master-Detail installation steps

Website:Program on:Web server abovedatabase in: MySQL server aboveImplementation Purpose: add a MySQL backup server (, as a MySQL server ( from the server, the two MySQL servers to achieve dual-

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