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ASP. NET 3.5 core programming learning notes (9): User Configuration File

User Profile At the most abstract level, a user configuration file is a set of attributes organized by the ASP. NET Runtime Library to a dynamically generated class. The configuration file data is saved by different users. When the program running

Key Value of the Group Policy user configuration management template and Registry

Group Policy user configuration management template Windows ComponentsWindows Update[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionPoliciesWindowsUpdate]"DisableWindowsUpdateAccess" = dword: 00000001 (delete access using all Windows Update

Modify the default installation path and local user configuration file storage path of XP

Modifying the registry may cause your system to crash or data loss. Please back up the operating system first for emergency !!! To back up the registry:1. Press the shortcut key "Ctrl + R" on the "desktop" to bring up the "run" window. Then, enter

XP user configuration file disappears

For a long time, after a user is canceled, the user configuration file is reset:D:/Documents and Settings/username directory deleted, user configuration completely reset In addition, this problem occurs only when the domain user logs in. Therefore,

Change the user configuration file of Windows 7 to another disk.

Most of the systems that change the user configuration file of Win7 to the user configuration file of other disks are stored on the system disk by default. The benefits do not seem to feel this benefit. There are many disadvantages. Here we will

How to fix corrupted user configuration files

How to fix corrupted user profiles is a set of settings that enable the computer to conform to the desired appearance and working methods. The settings include desktop background settings, screen saver settings, pointer preference settings, sound

Store vsftpd + mysql's Virtual User Configuration Record-PHP Tutorial

Store the Virtual User configuration records of vsftpd + mysql. How to solve vsftpd + mysql Virtual User configuration records stored in Qibao: 1. install vsftpdyuminstallvsftpd and ok2. the pam_mysql component is required. here 3. for the

VSFTP Virtual User configuration method

VSFTP Virtual User configuration method 1. create a virtual user password library file to set the username for odd number lines, and set the password for even number lines # vi/etc/vsftpd/logins.txt www.2cto. commikepwabcdjohnpw12342. Generate the

Moss user profile (4): code to create a user configuration file

Moss user profile (4): code to create a user configuration file The creation of the user configuration file has been described earlier. As long as the user has logged on to his or her "my website", it will be created. In fact, through the object

asp.net2.0 Learning 7--Personalized User Configuration Personalized User Configuration First, Introduction To provide users with customized appearance, content, layout, when users visit again, users can also see their original settings. Second, the three major steps of personalization 1.

VSFTP virtual user configuration method

VSFTP virtual user configuration method 1. Create a virtual user password library file and set the username in odd numbers in the password library file, password setting for even lines # vi/etc/vsftpd/logins.txt mike pwabcd john pw1234 2

User configuration files and system configuration files in linux

Linux user configuration file and system configuration file linux user configuration file directory in the user directory in my ubuntu for example, my user configuration file directory is: /home/liyuanhong use the command: ls-A to view (note that

Migration of user configuration files in different domains (XP only)

  In our daily work, we will encounter various scenarios. merging two different domains into the same domain involves migration of user configuration files. The following are the specific implementation steps. Log on to the user's computer using an

Copy Windows user configuration files

All the information in this article is from the Internet and is not original to me. For personal convenience, mark it here. I am about to leave, and a very important job is to organize the machine environment. I have been using domain users in my

Tomcat Manager User Configuration detailed

This article turns from ( click )Tomcat Manager is a web app that Tomcat comes with to manage the tomcat itself and the apps that are deployed on Tomcat. Tomcat is one of the most widely used servers in the Java world, so Tomcat manager has become a

[Mklink, junction, icacls] generate junction in the user configuration file using batch processing

I recently got a new host. I strongly recommended it to my boss to use an SSD as the system disk. The speed is really a big four. It's so nice !!! I checked it online and found that there are still a lot of precautions for using SSD. The main

ArcGIS for server uses user configuration in AD

ArcGIS for server uses user configuration in AD 1. Overview By default, ArcGIS Server uses the internal storage mode to manage users and roles. This mode stores information based on the file format. Of course, ArcGIS Server also supports taking over

Moss user configuration file and Its Management

In the previous article, we talked about the synchronization between the organizational hierarchy and AD. In fact, we can also take a deeper look at the user configuration details. The moss shared service can help us save the so-called user

Moss user profile (3): view the modification history of the user configuration file

Moss user profile (3): view the modification history of the user configuration file The previous section introduced how to obtain and modify the user configuration file. In the Shared Service Management Center, I did not find a place to view the

Vsftp virtual user configuration

A virtual user can only access the FTP service provided by the server, but cannot access other resources of the system. Therefore, if you want to grant the write permission to the FTP server station but do not allow access to other system resources,

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