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Software Design Philosophy 2.0: simplify software operations and improve user experience

versions through functional restrictions. What is the entry level, entry level, and professional level to occupy the largest market. In fact, this is a legal commercial method, and the problem is that many companies cannot easily perform the operation. It is no wonder that some companies have full confidence in their own products, but the market response is mediocre after the launch, only the professional market can be occupied. Of course, I have nothing to say if I really want to find a profes

The method of construction--typical user and scene + software design and implementation + user experience

modification must be used, but I can not wait for the other party to modify and then continue to do the next work, and the other side will not be able to wait until I complete 100% of the module I am responsible for viewing the modification or connection, because this will lead to a significant decrease in productivity. I think this is a bit like when we learn the operating system of the ticketing system , several windows at the same time to the customer ticketing, there must be a mechanism to

Personal Software Process 4 functional description and user experience design

Updating the daily line is a data import feature that we often encounter.The explanatory text of this feature, which I wrote:Users in the first use of the system, the need to install the Shanghai and Shenzhen from the opening to the current year all the historical data, which can be obtained from a securities market software, is to follow a certain format of binary files. Thereafter, every day after the end of the market, users must update the day of

User Experience Design theory: Aspects of user experience design

We often say that the user experience is also known as: background checks, customer-oriented design, focus on user design, empathy design, usability, usability engineering, usability testing,

A balance between user experience design and lean design to experience lean Design

A balance between user experience design and lean design to experience lean Design What's more important to you: is it to create products with a killer user

User Experience Design case: User experience is design

Article Description: examples tell you why experience is design. I have recently rekindled a strong hobby of pen, and found that there are several new products in my writing equipment collection. Because some of these are relatively expensive, I have decided to order a small leather goods manufacturer in North Carolina. The price is fair and the comments show that it works well. The website is v

User Experience Design: Five stages of website user experience design

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: User experience designers think about the content. Online people search, browse, read, thread, interactive vote, play games, and even on-line trading transactions. These behaviors are " user experience ", which sounds as if the

User Experience Design: A talk about the lean way in user experience design

Article Description: user experience design from the use of research to the launch of the online, there is a very careful design process, in the past we do PC Desktop products, annual version of the year, the design time is more abundant, but in the message of the multiple s

User Experience Design: 13 articles on the user experience design value

Article Introduction: If I can only remember one thing I want to be the essence of user experience, designers and businesses need to understand and even understand the nature of the user experience as a professional spirit, a goal is even ideal. It took me 13 years to do that. As a

User Experience Design: detail design brings a good user experience

Article Description: User Experience Design: detail design brings a good user experience. For internet companies, the user experience

User Experience Design principles: Design principles developed by the Android user Experience Team

Article Description: Android interface and interactive design principles. Translator by: After the iOS hig has been a powerful classic for n years, Android has finally launched a system of comparison hig (presumably to match the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich). By carefully comparing the "Design principles" section of the two sets of hig, it is found that the two styles are completely different.

User experience interaction design how to design a good user experience

restricted branding image. Whenever possible (and legitimate!), you should use standard Windows Vista icons, graphics, and animations. If you need to use your own graphics and icons, you should use a professional designer. (If you can't afford it, just use a few simple graphics--or simply don't.) ) Do not assume that providing skin can compensate for those generalized appearances. Most users don't worry about that, and having a great look is more impressive than having a bunch of generalized l

User Experience Design case: The path user experience design for mobile social

Article Description: 5 Common features of an excellent user experience. If you are already using the mobile social path, you will certainly enjoy its excellent user experience. Path has a very delicate design and is very easy to use. In other words, Path has a gre

User Experience Design: The process of designing a company's user experience

Article Description: a step-by-step user experience design. I've done two responses to web design, including the concept of responsive web design, components and basic implementation ideas, and how to design and develop

10-point experience and practical experiences in product design for good user experience

How to achieve a good user experience through the design of the product? Obviously, this is a complex and systematic thing, especially today, the word user experience is seriously abused, we need to think about how to influence the quality of the product through the

Touch screen mobile Web product design experience share of user experience design

question: what exactly is the "high-end" experience we relish? I got a little bit ponder from the moment I looked at the iphone. Although it is an excellent representative of industrialized goods, I would prefer to see it as "artwork". Its exquisite elegance transmits in each curved surface and the material, each place craft all harmonizing. The internal software desi

User Experience Design: A good user experience is a full range of

design. In any case, the following words of thought hope that a little bit is flash. Read the entry of Baidu Encyclopedia, combined with their own experience, you can understand that: User experience, is through contact with a certain kind of tangible or intangible things, built on the user's a wide range of emoti

User Experience Design: 76 Elements of a user experience

ease of use/usability. 3, emotional experience: presented to the user psychological experience, emphasizing friendliness. 4, browsing Experience: presented to the user experience of browsing, emphasis on attraction. 5, trust

User Experience Design: An improved design based on user

not going to be popular anymore because You are abusing your users with flawed design, and you can spend a few days getting the user to experience the new version, correcting bugs, and Know that users hate change, but you have to let them endure those changes . In general, do things in place and change them slowly. However, in both cases, a more t

Modern software engineering handout 7 user interface and user experience

Document directory This is not a bug-it's okay if you enter Chinese. The user needs help, but the user is not so stupid Dogfood is not enough. Even Tom can't stand it. Improvements to human life cycle Academic search bug Speaking of the User Interface, Let's first look at a figure: [Source] Some people think that UI

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