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Web Design tips: User experience design and UI design

Web page Production WEBJX article introduction: recently because I want to do a small web site, but also struggling to find a suitable art and design, can only own up. So I read some books about the user experience and the UI. Recently because I want to do a small web site, but also struggling to find a suitable art and

Ui design and project management ui

Ui design and project management ui This is a very creative Card Project Management Interface, uidesign effect. In this uidesign, projects are stacked on the screen in the form of cards. when a project is clicked, the project picture is enlarged in full screen, scroll down t

What is user research, interactive design, and interface design in UI design

The UI is intended to be the user interface , an abbreviation for the English user interface. The user interface is literally composed of user and interface, but in fact it also includes the interaction between user and interface

User Experience Design example: Watercress UI Design improvement

One of the important features of Web 2.0 is that it is more similar to the self-organizing phenomenon of the biological world. The user, like a single-celled organism, wanders through a nutrient-filled liquid, until it falls somewhere in a structure (web site) where nutrition is sufficient to sustain it to produce continuous, regular growth (user habits). At the same time, when there are enough simple cells

Design theory: Icon design of user interface UI

An icon design is good or bad, in addition to good-looking or not, there are functional considerations-whether it is easy and accurate to let users understand what they want to express meaning. The icon (symbol) on each UI is actually a metaphor, using concepts familiar to the real world to describe a function. One of the factors that affect the expression ability of the icon is the true degree of icon (re

User Experience Design: Tagging system and its UI design

Http:// background: In a seminar on the collection of tag functions, the tagging of the meaning of the crowd was hotly discussed. In order to structure the idea, close-up of this article is discussed separately: 1. is tag useful? ; 2. The advantages and disadvantages of the tagging; 3.tagging system and its UI design. more boring, is a knowledge point of the

JS implementation of card project management interface UI design effect _javascript Skills

This is a very creative card-type project management interface UI design effect. In this UI design, the items are stacked on the screen as cards, and when you click on one of the items, the project picture is enlarged in full screen, scrolling down to see the item's introduc

Design idea: The development course of user interface (UI) in China

UI full Name User Interface, the Chinese name is "UI". 2000 into the domestic, the earliest professional UI company or our national software-Jinshan, said in 2000 has set up a Man-machine interface group, only 2 people. Jinshan Software's UI team is the industry's veritable

Mobile Application UI design mode: User-friendly navigation mode

Article Description: Create a user-friendly interface: 6 main navigation modes in the mobile UI. As a simple UI model reference book, mobile application UI design mode is ideal for mobile application developers, UI des

Java Project (3)--The user's perspective on UI design

Objective: Hainan Project announced completion, acceptance of the day, in addition to some code to be optimized, the need to improve is the interface. Rice teacher said: Even you can not help to drag the scroll bar, you also expect users to use the comfortable? Epiphany: Business, functionality may be the core of software, technology may be the essence of software, but the UI is their general representative. A software if the

JSP fifth session: Database access to achieve user registration and login, product management function (8 UI)

First, Userdao realization1. JDBC realizes user registration function2, the JDBC implementation of JSP page implementation of user display3, Jsp+javabean way to realize the user display4, Jsp+javabean realize user managementSecond, the realization of commodity management1. Product Bean Design2, Commodity DAO Design3, t

Designing a better user experience: The golden rule of UI design

, especially if they navigate through the UI dialog tree. A gorgeous but lengthy switch is like joking with the user. The user may initially feel that the design is cool, but after a while will be bored, all you have to do is to make the whole process faster. 11. Any thing that can visually affect other content should

[Django] design of the user permission Learning Series Self-owned permission management system design idea, django permission management system

[Django] design of the user permission Learning Series Self-owned permission management system design idea, django permission management system If you encounter permission operation problems when reading this article, please refer to the first two chapters of this series! By

Javascript front-end UI framework Kit User Guide-kitjs event management, kitkitjs

Javascript front-end UI framework Kit User Guide-kitjs event management, kitkitjs Starting from today's chapter, I will focus on the event management of KitJs, try to use plain language to reveal how the mainstream js framework implements its own independent event management

9 Basic principles for Easy-to-use user UI interface design

There is no great mystery to design a really great user interface, so keep it simple and easy to use. ' Keep simple and easy to use ' means not to distract the user. A good UI allows users to achieve goals, the corresponding training and maintenance costs will be reduced, while achieving more happy, satisfied and effic

Basic Design of Android-UI (User Interface)

Basic Design of the UI (User Interface) Address: UI (User Interface)IncludeFour TypesBasic elements,View),ViewGroup),Fragment),Activity); View:Base classes of all visible interface elements; ViewGroup:View class extension, including mult

Web UI site user interface design naming conventions

Web UI site user interface design naming conventions The Web UI design naming convention, which is the site user interface design (web

ASP. NET MVC background Management system beautiful UI design

) {removediv ($ ( This). attr (' id '). substr (5)) } });}Navigation menu I'm using accordion style.Add quick navigation, add common functions, and make the operation faster.Second, the function page designFunction page, the main introduction of the following tables and forms, general into the function page first display a list, the list above the toolbar, common operations in the toolbar to executeThe query here is also customized, eliminating the previous one to write query condition

User experience: Bottom navigation design for mobile APP UI

more content, swipe down to try to return to the top and then display.The bottom navigation bar can be dynamically displayed and hidden based on scrolling.Visual PleasureAvoid using lateral sliding motion to switch the interface. Active and inactive interfaces, toggle transitions should use the overlay fade effect.Overlay fade animations. Source: Tancheng Life Circle http://www.0539g.comSummarizeThe bottom navigation should:  visible and structurally sound (use 3 to 5 top-level destinations and

Test user experience related--ui design guidelines and methods

thing is dont make me thinkThen the original design of the problem is: the overall tone is too refined, go in after not a clear look at the current set of Internet access, and then through the three tab switch to see the respective presentation, the display is not clear and clearLater modified design: Come in directly can see the current set of content, and the introduction of a variety of Internet access

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