user not known to underlying authentication module

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Passwd: User not known to the underlying authentication -- to solve

Passwd: User not known to the underlying authentication -- to solve During the exercise set by the instructor, the following error occurs: passwd: User not known to the underlying

Re-develop the Jumpserver user authentication module and invoke the independent authentication Interface (ii)

)exceptjms_users.doesnotexist:returnNoneElse: #The user has been authenticated by the unified interface, where the Django authentication module is rewritten and token verification is used iftoken = =Django_auth_token:#Try: #Contrib_user = Contrib_Users.objects.get (username=user.username) #except contrib_users.d

Re-develop the Jumpserver user authentication module and invoke the independent authentication interface (i.)

method fails, Django tries to authenticate the second, and so on, until the attempt is complete.The authentication background list is specified in the Authentication_backends settings.The following starts to implement the Jumpserver user authentication module two times developmentSecond, modify the Juser\models class

Django's Auth Module user authentication module

One, auth module1) What is the Auth module? Login background using the account password, is the use of the Auth module created by the tableThe auth module is a django-brought user authentication module: When we develop a website,

Detailed Django Auth module (user authentication)

This article mainly introduces the detailed Django Auth module (user authentication), now share to everyone, but also for everyone to make a reference. Come and see it together. The Auth module is a kind of encapsulation of the login authentication method, before we get th

Python3 Development of Advanced-django framework with self-authentication function Auth module and basic operation of user object

Read Catalogue Auth Module User Object Certification Advanced One, auth moduleFrom Django.contrib Import AuthThere are a number of methods available in Django.contrib.auth, which are mainly about three of them:Authenticate ()Provide user authentication, that is, verify the

GitHub official app analytics-user authentication Module

This article describes my analysis of the user authentication module for the Giuhub official app. Giuhub's official app is a very small program, but from the point of view of program design, this is a very good project. For its user authentication

Installation of the MySQL user authentication module for Apache 2.x

Before talking about the MySQL user authentication of the Samba server, I've actually written the Apache authentication for MySQL. But it used to be just a test, not actually used. The above mentioned knowledge management, in fact within the company we run a plog based blog system. The original system was not posted to the Internet, and it was decided to publish

Installation of the MySQL User Authentication Module for Apache2.x _ MySQL

Install Apache for the MySQL User Authentication Module of Apache2.x I mentioned MySQL User authentication on the Samba Server. In fact, I have already written Apache authentication for MySQL. However, it was only a test before

Install the MySQL user authentication module for apache2.x

passwordAuthmysqlpassword Password# None: Not encrypted (plain text)# Crypt: Unix crypt () Encryption# Scrambled: MySQL password encryption# MD5: MD5 hashing# AES: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Encryption# Sha1: Secure Hash algorihm (sha1 )'Authmysqlpwencryption MD5Authmysqlenable onAuthmysqlusertable plog_usersAuthmysqlnamefield userAuthmysqlpasswordfield PasswordAuthmysqlgrouptable plog_usersAuthmysqlgroupfield user_group As you can see from the above configuration, this

CC_ Program User module for the use of mobile authentication Code direct Login implementation

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