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Chat tools that implement the functions of private chat and group chat

As mentioned in the previous blog (simple C/S chat room), we have adopted the multi-thread method. The main thread on the server is responsible for continuously listening on the port, and the subthread is responsible for receiving and sending messages. The main thread of the client needs to receive keyboard messages and send them to the server. The subthread needs to receive messages sent from the server. In the implementation of this simple C/S

Chat Server-decryption of strangers (9) chat message forwarding, chat server strangers

Chat Server-decryption of strangers (9) chat message forwarding, chat server strangers Tip: because the project is a little too big for me personally, it may be unclear in some aspects or the logic is not strong enough. If you have any questions, please @ me.Engineering: V. forwarding information Because the client and server maintai

Java websocket Realize Network chat room (group chat + private chat) __java

webchat chat Room 2018.02.26 Source Address has been posted Ah, leaving the mailbox as their own download project address: Https:// 2017.01.11 Update -replace Oracle with MySQL -organize the structure and remove unwanted code I. Implementation effect (here the picture is compressed, you can right-click to view the picture) Landing Page Chat Room Personal Settings Avatar

Java continue break creates simple chat room programs to shield uncivilized languages and display the chat time of each sentence. Simple chat rooms are uncivilized.

Java continue break creates simple chat room programs to shield uncivilized languages and display the chat time of each sentence. Simple chat rooms are uncivilized. Package com. swift; import java. text. simpleDateFormat; import java. util. date; import java. util. listener; public class ChatWithBreakContinue {public static void main (String [] args) {consumer sc

Java NIO based multi-person online chat tool source code implementation (login, single chat, group chat)

Recently Learning Java NIO Network development knowledge, wrote a Java NIO based multiplayer online chat tool training practiced hand. Source code open on the coding:Https:// , the development environment is Ubuntu14.04+eclipse mars+jdk1.8.To write a multi-person online chat tool based on Java NIO, I summarize the following addresses: The client server model, Selector,socke

Rice chat App group can turn, rice chat Transfer Group Chat method

1 Open Rice Chat, click on the meter chat interface in the "Address Book" to find our own "friends chat", and then choose their own create "group chat." (pictured below) 2 Click on the top right corner of "double portrait" and then we click on the interface of "transfer group

QQ Chat record How to delete QQ Chat Record deletion method

The specific process is as follows Delete QQ chat record in computer 1. Login QQ, then click on a chat, we will see a chat record, and then click to enter, 2. Now Chat Record Management page We can see the chat record, click on can be deleted. 3. Click Delete to sele

Micro-letter Chat record how to export micro-letter Chat record Export method detailed

To the users of micro-credit software to detailed analysis to share the micro-letter chat record export methods. Method Sharing: Tools/Software Sync Assistant Computer version of the micro-letter (here with the version as an example) 1. Backup chat record with Sync Assistant (can be backed up and imported to new phone) Use the synchronizatio

How to check QQ chat record how to restore deleted mobile phone QQ chat record skill? _ Security Related

In real life we have a lot of these stories, Mr. Liu once for such a tangle, was entangled in this matter he is difficult to work with normal heart, things are from the national day after the period of time began, his lover during the national day with some old classmates about to travel, After coming back for a period of time every time he never landed QQ chat, after he went out to work to see her online, every time Mr. Liu returned home, she hurried

Meter Chat PC version experience Evaluation: Minimalist Instant Chat tool

Last Wednesday we just reported that Millet completed the acquisition of the Msnlite team, Friday Millet launched its Instant chat tool Chat pc Beta version, Msnlite team in the rice chat after the focus is to develop a chat PC client. Rice Chat This version of the PC is int

QQ Chat Room How to enter the QQ chat room approach

Users of QQ software to the detailed analysis to share the QQ chat room to enter the method. Method Sharing: Step 1: Login QQ. Step 2: At the bottom of the QQ Panel button midpoint "QQ Game" button. Step 3: Enter the QQ game, in the QQ Game search box input "QQ show chat room", Dot Magnifier button. Step 4: Then search to "QQ show chat

Mobile QQ How to view group chat record? Mobile QQ view Group Chat record tutorial

1 we open the QQ in the phone "contact", select "Group" and then click Open. (pictured below) 2 after looking for a group to find records we click on "a group" into the chat interface, select the upper right corner of the "Human head." (pictured below) 3 then click "Chat Record", at this time will see all the chat records in the group Oh. (pictured below)

Mobile QQ Anonymous chat function in which mobile phone QQ anonymous Chat setup steps

We know that mobile phone QQ anonymous chat function must install the latest version of mobile phone QQ can be OH. 1. We open QQ Group chat in mobile phone after we click on the upper right corner of the "Avatar" logo 2. Then we find the "management group" into the details as shown in the following figure 3. After that we will see the button click on "Allow anonymous

Micro-letter Chat record deleted how to restore the micro-mail chat record Delete Restore method

Micro-letter Chat record deleted how to recover? 1, connect the Apple phone to the computer, then open the itunes software, click on the "Small mobile phone icon" below the title bar, select the "This Computer" radio button, and then click on the manual backup and restore the "Back up" button below, in order to reduce the time required for backup, click the pop-up window "do not back up the application", On some computers backup, also pop-up

Micro-Letter Group Chat How @ others micro-faith Group Chat @ Others method to share

For users of micro-credit software to detailed analysis to share the micro-letter group Chat @ Other people's approach. Method Sharing: Step 1, Login micro-letter, click on the micro-letter address, in the Address Book interface click on Group chat, as shown in the following figure. Step 2, click on the group to enter on the group chat interface

Chat room to achieve private chat (iii)

The two sections of the chat room described how to handle chat room conversations and the special handling of private whispers. Let's go and see how the conversation is displayed on the client side. Please take a look at our display dialog file (top.asp) First *top.asp   Response.expires=0 ' Response.buffer=true %> If session ("userzj_1") = "" Then Session ("userzj_1") = "" Session ("zj_1level") = "" S

Micro-letter 5.0 Delete chat record and sticky chat record tutorial

Specific methods 1. We first need to enter the micro-letter 5.0 Chat interface, as shown in the following figure. 2. Then we find the record to delete, and then press and hold to delete the chat record to the left to slide, and then there will be a delete button, we directly click Delete! The chat record of the micro-letter was deleted! 3. If it is in

Introduction to ASP Programming (11): Chat Chat Program

Programming | Procedures used in the chat room, that is, the chat program, the basic structure of the principle will not be used to the database. What kind of technology does it take? We know that the function of the session variable in an ASP variable is to record the information of a single user and to track the user's behavior. Application The role of the object is the global variable, you can implement

How do I erase my buddy chat record? Micro-shoot app Chat record deletion method

Micro-shoot App Chat record deletion method is actually to find a friend and then click to clear, but also can delete this friend, how to operate the specific you see the following tutorial. 1 in the mobile phone into the micro-beat, then find the interface of the "button", and then click the "Message Center";(the following image) 2 Click on "Friends", and then we will see friends click to go to see the record of chatting with friends; (picture

Mobile QQ chat record where to view? Mobile QQ Chat record View steps

First step Open mobile phone QQ, and then we find to see the chat record QQ friends. Second Step Then we click on the "People" icon in the upper right corner of the QQ chat interface and open into Third Step Select "Chat Log" to enter, details as shown in the following figure Fourth Step Here is your

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