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You can try using Google Font API to get rid of the monotony of web fonts

In web design, the display of fonts is a problem. The most common use is the song body, but the song body in Win 7 under the performance is really difficult to see. Elegant black, but with the font size, feel the size of Chinese characters will be different. Small station now with the font is the song body + Arial/georgia, because the habit has not much attention, in fact, there are other better choices for English fonts.For example, bitter font, used

32 cases of excellent websites using Google Web Fonts

Font used: Kameron 16. Go Bloom Health Font used: Copse 17. Carnivale Du Vin Fonts used: Arvo, Bevan, Maiden Orange, and Shanti 18. Clearfire Fonts used: PT Sans, PT Sans Narrow 19. Cofinery Font used: Open Sans Condensed 20. 2011 Full Frontal Font used: Cabin Sketch 21. Jux Neuton, Varela Round 22. More Hazards Font used: Im Feel Great Primer 23. Mihai Balea Font used: Oswald 24. Laura Burciaga Font used:

Using Google Web Fonts

Google Fonts Introduction: Google Fonts is not a simple font download stationGoogle Fonts Address: the upper left corner, you can enter the name of the font you are looking for, such as input Source Sans Pro.After you click the font, you can ch

Getting started with HTML and CSS-Chapter 6 using fonts and chapter 6 css

Getting started with HTML and CSS-Chapter 6 using fonts and chapter 6 css Knowledge point: 1. Use of bold, italic, and special text formats 2. Font Adjustment Method 3. Usage of special characters 6.1 bold, italic, and special text formats: Font-weight control width bold Font-style controls italic italics Oth

CSS Unicode-range specific characters using Font-face custom fonts

requirement, we can have the following methods: 1. Xiao-Li to move to the situation to veto the demand, but you also less a designer to take the opportunity; 2. Apply a span tag to the outside of the quotation marks, and then set the song body. However, if our content is dynamic, ah oh, estimated to be troublesome, we need content output when the match is replaced. 3. Using the Chinese font generation tool such as the word spider, generate a font wit

HTML5 Canvas Drawing Text animations (custom fonts using CSS)

]= Math.floor (Math.random () *24) +12; } varThecolors = [' #cefbe4 ', ' #81ec72 ', ' #5cd646 ', ' #54d13c ', ' #4ccc32 ', ' #43c728 ']; varElem, context, timer;functionDrawstrip (x, y) { for(vark = 0; K ) { varRandchar = Textstrip[math.floor (Math.random () *Textstrip.length)]; if(context.filltext) {Switch(k) { Case0: Context.fillstyle= Thecolors[0]; Break; Case1: Context.fillstyle= Thecolors[1]; Break; Case3: Context.fillstyle= Thecolors[2]; Break; Case7: Context.fillstyle= Thecolors

Google fonts do not use what to do nginx anti-generation Google fonts

Recently, when writing VPN system to use Google fonts but in the big China is unable to use Google fonts, then how to solve it? Then took out the AWS Japna node against Google font one. Upstream Google {Server

Use Google Fonts to add beautiful fonts to your Web page _web

Question: If non-standard fonts are used in the design, how do you implement Two ways: The first use of pictures instead but certainly no text effect is good, not conducive to SEO The second is the use of online fonts Google most networks will be wall, this time can be used Typekit. Http:// Original address: https://www

Use Google Fonts to add beautiful fonts to your pages

add font links: Standard mode: @import Way:@import URL (; JavaScript mode:(The code is omitted by adding a dynamic script and executing to import the font) The next step is to define the font used on that label, for example: on the . myheader {font-family: ' condiment ', cursive;}You're done, you can now open your Web page and enjoy it (Figure 3).Figure 3: Test the page effectList

Web design common fonts provided by Google API

) Caching (the same font will have already been cached in many sites, and the browser can get it directly from the cache) Speed (Google CDN accelerates the web faster than most people's sites) Of course, loading Google's CSS files is an extra burden, but you can directly link the font file itself and even download the fonts to the site to make your own

Kill Google fonts, WordPress speed Skyrocket, googlewordpress_php tutorial

Kill Google fonts, WordPress speed spikes, googlewordpress July 7, 2014 23:40:31 Because Google is a wall, WordPress references Google fonts will always load for a long time, seriously affecting the speed of opening. Install wordpress plugin Disable

Get rid of Google Fonts, WordPress speed surge, googlewordpress_PHP tutorial

Get rid of Google Fonts, WordPress is booming, and googlewordpress. The speed of WordPress is soaring. at 23:40:31 on January 1, July 7, 2014, because Google was attacked by the Wall, the Google Fonts referenced by WordPress will always be loaded for a long time, seriously a

Share a Google creative Logo animated dota2 code (using CSS Sprite Technology)

Google creative Logo animation DoCoMo code! To commemorate the birth of Masha Gramm, a modern American dance dancer, Google DoCoMo launched an extremely cool LOGO that uses CSS Sprite technology, an animated GIF image, instead of a traditional GIF animated image, is animated using an initial image and a spliced image f

Solution: Gravatar profile pictures, Google fonts, and Google ajax cannot be used

Gravatar Avatar is now occasionally inaccessible in mainland China, and a variety of Google services are not used. For "A programmer" is intolerable.So the onion got a solution--using the Nginx reverse proxy gravatar avatar, Google fonts and Google Ajax.It is necessary to ma

How web designers use Google online fonts

work rather than shin Yanone Kaffeesatz and so on, one of the most noticeable is the font division John Fell Design of the IM Fell font. I think every web designer would think that this is good news, another gospel from Google! Do you want to use them? Using these fonts requires no fee or registration, just a few simple steps, for example, if you want to use t

Help you concentrate on the work of the music station + Google fonts online search artifact

aesthetically pleasing and to improve the readability of the whole. However, if you often use Google Fonts, you will find that its website interface is not really good operation, so foreign users have to reinvent, the introduction of an easy to operate alternative solutions. If you are a Google Fonts enthusiast, or o

CSS @ font-face for Web page design custom web page fonts

CSS for Webpage Design @ font-face application @ font-face in Webpage font custom CSSHe mainly embeds the web font he defined Into Your webpage.@ Font-faceThe emergence of modules, we use fonts in web development, not afraid to only use Web security fonts, many of you may not naturally ask, can such a thing be supported by IE? When I tell you@ Font-faceYou will b

Webpack Troubleshoot Google fonts references in the semantic UI

The first line of the semantic UI CSS refers to the Google Web font API, which is inaccessible in the country due to hidden and well-known reasons:@import url (' Https://,700,400italic,700italicsubset=latin ');CSS is blocking rendering, and import in

CSS font Chinese and English name comparison table CSS common Chinese fonts English name comparison table detailed source reference:

In CSS files, we often see that some font names are garbled, because the authors directly write the names of Chinese fonts into Chinese, in addition, when I upload or copy a copy, it turns into Garbled text. To avoid this problem, we recommend that you use the English name of a Chinese font when using a Chinese font in a CSS

Google Fonts causes WordPress to open slowly. Solution:

Google fonts causes the WordPress speed problem WordPress since 3.8+ version joined the Google Fonts (don't ask me what Google Fonts is), and then pinch, because of the recent sensitive period (number 35th), China, Google's a ser

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