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Our common test management tools-jira-Software Testing

Brief introduction of the topic content: JIRA is currently a popular Java Architecture based management system, developers are Atlassian, is a project planning, task allocation, demand management, error tracking in one of the business software. Its flexible configuration, full-featured, simple deployment, extended rich, and more than 150 features have been 115 co

Python Interface Automation test (vi) Using UNITTEST batch use case management

, Automatically searches CAs in the specified directory, constructs the test set, executes the order of names: Executes the Test_add first, then executes test_sub discover = (test_ Dir, pattern= ' test_*.py ') # instantiates Texttestrunner class runner = UnitTest. Texttestrunner () # Run the test suite with the Run () method (that is, run all the use cases in

Project management tool Jira using custom bug Filters

=currentuser () ORDER by Priority DESCI have solved the problem:Project = ' by ' and resolution = Fixed and Assignee = CurrentUser () ORDER by Priority DESCMy question to solve:Project = "by" and resolution = unresolved and assignee = CurrentUser () the priority DESCAll my questions:Project = ' by ' and Reporter=currentuser () OR Assignee =currentuser () ORDER by Priority DESCFavorites Filter:Click on the "Question" menu to the right of the dropdown triangle--the bottom "manage Filters"In the ne

TFS-Use Microsoft Test Manager to implement test case management across team projects

The sharing of test cases and test plans between team projects is a concern for many customers. Especially in the team that develops the product + service, the sharing requirement of test cases is higher. The following is an analysis of your experience in how to implement use-case sharing between team projects in teams

< test case design > General test methods for user and rights management functions

1) to give a person the appropriate permissions, in the interface to see if this person has this permission, and as the person logged in, verify that the permissions are set correctly (can exceed the given permissions);2) Delete or modify the permission of the person who has logged into the system and is in operation, whether the program can be handled correctly;3) Re-registration system changes login status and then log in, to see if the program can be executed correctly, with the correct permi

Installation and configuration of test case management system Testlink

installation and configuration of Tesklink Install WAMP5: WAMP5 is Apache, MySQL, PHP integrated environment, after installation can start 3. To modify the Apache port: When IIS starts at the same time as Apache, the default of 80 for the port number causes the service that started later to fail. Therefore, you need to modify one of the port numbers. In this modified Apache port number, in the Apache installation directory under the httpd.conf of Conf, look for listen 80, modify the port numbe

Testlink test Case management tool general use process

(a) preview 1. Create Project 2. Create requirements (skip) 3. Create plan, 4. Create a use case, 5. Version management (build), 6. Assigning Use cases to requirements (possibly more than one, skipping) 7. Add a use case to a plan 8. Assigning performers to use cases 9. Execution plan/Report bug 10. View analysis Results (generate

Test Case management Tool-testlink

Testlink is a web-based test case management system, the main function is the creation, management and execution of test cases, and also provides some simple statistical functions, the main functions include: test requirements

Automated Test Case Management Framework Development 1

Requirements and objectives: In most automated software tests for the UI, case management issues are usually designed. When you already have a test case that has been implemented and completed, if the following two things have changed, what kind of countermeasures will you adopt? 1. Objectives Program The operation lo

Analysis of software test Case Management _ Software Testing

Absrtact: The development and maintenance of test cases is one of the important steps in the software testing process, and it is also the core influencing factor to measure the quality of software testing. This paper analyzes the process of software test case management from the aspects of development, execution and ma

How big Data projects better apply use case Specification Management test Cases

The importance of how a big data project can better manage test cases is self-evident, and one of the most effective methods is a strong and powerful code of execution of use cases;The use case writing specification is divided into two parts;The first part: Functional test Case Writing specification(i)

Python Unit Test Framework unittest batch use case management (Discover)

content is:1 # coding:utf-8 2 3 import unittest 4 5 # Print Help (unitest) 6 class TestA (unittest. TestCase): 7 8 def setup (self): 9 print "TestA------Setup" pass11 def TearDown ( Self): print "TestA------tearDown", pass15 def test_a001 (self): print ("test_a001 ") def test_a002 (self): print (" test_a002 ") 7. Create a script below unitest, then use this script to execute all the use cases in bulk.Second, diascover l

Python Interface Automation Test (vi)-unittest-single use case management

The first five sections mainly introduce the environment construction and the use of the requests library, which can be used to send the interface request. But how to manage the interface case? Returns how the results are automatically verified? This is not possible with the above five sections, so from this section we have introduced the Python Unit Test framework unittest, which handles batch use

[15] Requirements for test case management tools

Last week, I sorted out the requirements for the [6] Test Case Management Tools. Then I held a meeting to discuss specific solutions. Finally, a test case management tool should cover the following parts: 1. Requirement

The Testlink of test case management

Http:// Installation Environment Preparation: 1. Download XAMPP, this is a powerful building station integration package, I use: xampp-win32-1.7.3; 2. Download Testlink, for the management of test process, mainly the management of test cases, I use: TestLink1.8.4;

Methods for monitoring using Kieker (AspectJ) for JUnit and Ant-based test case execution procedures

The purpose of this blog is to be seen in the title. This is also our experimental needs, we must summarize, to facilitate the other younger sister on this basis to do experiments.I've introduced a lot of kieker-based monitoring methods, and here's an example of Prefuse, an open-source visual Java framework, that summarizes how junit and ant enable monitoring of the open source software's own test case exec

Writing JUnit Test Case Generation Using codepro

Google recently released a powerful testing tool codepro, which can be installed as an Eclipse plug-in. It has tested the testcase generation function and is very powerful. Program to be tested: Test. Java Public class test { Automatically generate a testtest Project, which contains two classes that can run independently: testtest. Java testall. Java Import JUnit. framework. *; Import JUnit. framework.

UnionPay Online Payment---Simulate payment application Using test case code (modification)

encountered in testing1. Run the Java Code console error, please confirm that your test certificate is configured. ######################## #签名证书配置 ################################ ###### (The following configuration for the test environment: network test environment, production environment configuration see the following document description)) ####### # #签名证书路径

python--interface Test--XLWT module using the Times wrong case resolution method

We do interface testing often used to XLRD and XLWT two modules, where the XLRD is also relatively good to get directly installed on the good,However, the XLWT installation fails, and after downloading the XLWT3 module on the web itself, it then uses the Python install command toInstallation. When we import this module and use it, we will encounter the following two situations:1. Error Valueerror:cannot use LOCALE flags with a str patternSolution:Enter Lib in the Python3 installation di

Case 2 of using scrum for project management

Introduction: I will track and record a series of articles that I am currently working on using a complete scrum management project. There will be some lessons to learn and encourage readers to learn from each other. Hai Han is still recommended for some incorrect or poorly written information. Of course, I hope you can provide more valuable comments. The support of readers is my greatest motivation. (One,

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