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oidc– Next Generation Identity Authentication authorization protocol based on OAUTH2

OIDC (OpenID Connect), the next generation of Identity authentication authorization agreement; Current release version 1.0; OIDC is a new authentication and authorization agreement based on Oauth2+openid integration; OAuth2 is an authorized (authorization) Open protocol, widely used in the world, but in the actual use,

(10) using Oauth2

If third-party applications and the open platform need to obtain user privacy data (such as goods, orders), for the sake of security and privacy, third-party applications need to obtain the user's authorization, that is, access to user data authorization token Accesstoken. In this case, the third-party app needs to guide the user through the process of "login authorization" for the account. EasyOpen supports OAUTH2 certification starting from version

1.9 Using Putty remote connection Linux 1.10 using Xshell connection Linux 1.11 Putty key authentication 1.12 Xshell key authentication

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SMS authentication scheme, using mobile phone SMS authentication How to achieve the Internet?

Wfilter NGF's "Web Authentication" module provides a range of online authentication solutions. The following authentication methods are included: Local User name password authentication AD domain user name password Authentication Enterprise Mailbox user name pass

https--using Wireshark to observe the SSL/TLS handshake process-bidirectional authentication/one-way authentication

certificateClient_key_exchangeContains Pre-master secret. The client generates a third random number. If the RSA algorithm is used, it generates a 48-byte random number, which is then encrypted with the public key of the server and then placed in the message, if it is the DH algorithm, the client's DH parameter is sent, and then the server and the client calculate the same pre-master according to the DH algorithm. Secretcertificate_verifySend all handshake message signature results received and Web API (ii) Secure authentication using HTTP Basic authentication

In the previous article Web API (i): Using preliminary, get and post data, we initially contacted Microsoft's Rest Api:web API. We immediately discovered the need for security verification when we contacted the Web API, so this article discusses the simplest way to secure authentication: using HTTP Basic authenticati

Tomcat enables BASIC authentication, using database authentication, password MD5 encryption __ Database

Prepare the database:Table nameUsersColumn Name valueUsername User11Password 698d51a19d8a121ce581499d7b701668is the MD5 32-bit password 111 Table nameUsers-rolesColumn Name valueUsername User11RoleName Roles22 ===================================================================================Modify Apache configuration file, enable JDBC database realm, Support MD5 Digest encryption passwordD:\apache-tomcat-7.0.62\conf\context.xml Modified Apache example application

Https, OpenSSL self-built CA certificate and issuing certificate, Nginx one-way authentication, two-way authentication and using Java access

# Issue client certificate mkdir2048-new-key./client/client.key-out. client/-in"/etc/ssl/openssl.cnf"-export-clcerts- in./client/client.crt-inkey./client/client.key-out./client/client.p12All of the above three scripts can be found in Https:// the above three scripts into your own demo directory, as follows:Join Run Permissions:chmod +x *. SHThe results are as follows:Not to be continued ...To be Continued ...Https, OpenSSL self-built CA certificate a

Are you using the advanced security authentication mechanism in Linux?

configuration file, and give some practical examples for your reference. 2.1 Linux-PAM single Configuration File Syntax As shown in figure 1, you may notice that the configuration file is also placed in the application interface layer, which is used with pam api to flexibly Insert the required authentication module in the application. It mainly serves to select a specific identification module for the application, a combination of modules, and define

[ASP. net mvc] implement Basic authentication using custom AuthenticationFilter

: Implement Basic authentication through custom AuthenticationFilterIn the Application Programming Interface of ASP. net mvc, we cannot find the implementer of the IAuthenticationFilter interface. To enable you. net mvc 5 introduces a more profound understanding of the filter, we will use an example to demonstrate how to use the custom AuthenticationFilter for Basic authentication. However, before that, it

Using Ldap/ssl for Requisitepro user authentication and management

According to the license agreement, this article is originally published by IBM DeveloperWorks China website, its web site is HTTP://WWW.IBM.COM/DEVELOPERWORKS/CN using Ldap/ssl for Requisitepro user authentication and management Level: PrimaryNew (, software engineer, IBM China Software Development LabOctober 30, 2006 IBM Rational RequisitePro

The principle and realization method of using Basic authentication in HTTP _java

, such as the domain (domains or realm) authentication function can not be provided, in addition, BASE64 encryption strength is very low, can be said only to prevent Sohu search to find it. Of course, the HTTP Basic authentication system can also be combined with SSL or Kerberos to achieve a higher security performance (relative) authentication system Four Basic

Build an https server using Linux + Apache + OpenSSL (two-way authentication)

customer Certificate OpenSSL req-New-key client. Key-out client. CSR C) Native customer certificate (signature using CA certificate) OpenSSL ca-in client. CSR-out client. CRT D) convert the certificate to a format familiar to the reader OpenSSL PKCS12-export-clcerts-in client. CRT-inkey client. Key-out client. pfx 4. Certificate list If two-way authentication is used, there will be three private keys and

Selenium + Chrome diver using HTTP proxy with user name password authentication method

By default, Chrome's--proxy-server= "Http://ip:port" parameter does not support setting user name and password authentication. This makes "Selenium + Chrome Driver" Unable to use HTTP Basic authentication HTTP proxy. A flexible way is to use IP address authentication, but in the domestic network environment, most users are us

All-in-a-way tracking configure Exchange Actviesync using certificate authentication

for certificate authentication? SSL protocol is the carrier of the certificate, the certificate is sent through the message of SSL, so no SSL can not transmit the certificate. When requesting an Exchange Server certificate, it is important to note that the certificate's subject name must contain the full domain name of the server you are using (such as or a wildcard domain name (*. exchan

Connect using putty, Xshell remote connection Linux and key authentication

password to complete the login, so that the completion of the Putty key authentication login. (Note: The advantage of using key authentication is to prevent others from knowing that your password can log on to the server, you can use the key to log in to prevent password login, so that the security of the server is saved)650) this.width=650; "title=" 11.png "alt

Using BCB to develop an email program with identity authentication function

This article describes how to enhance the functionality of the NMSMTP control that sends e-mail in BCB, and to implement a mail-sending program with an identity authentication feature. Keyword Esmtp,mime, identity authentication Introduction In order to suppress the spread of spam more effectively, most of the mail receiving and dispatching systems of most websites use the identity

Using Forms authentication and Modelvalidata (model Validation) in ASP. WebAPI

I. Forms certification 1, Enable forms certification in WEBAPI projectsWhy: How do I use Forms authentication in WEBAPI? Because other projects are using forms authentication.What is the forms certification? It is a messagehandle in Webapi, please look for the keyword "ASP. NET Forms"How to: How do I start forms certification?The simplest is to start the forms certification by configuring:1 system.web>2

Implementing WebService authentication using the forms pattern|web In programs where security requirements are not very high, forms based authentication is a common way to use, and if you need to authenticate webservice, the most commonly used is the custom authentication method based on the SOAP header. If you compare the two, it is clear that the forms based authentication is more user-friendly, can you app

Simulate http authentication using php

verified user in the protected area. A simple PHP script can simulate the HTTP authentication request/response system by sending an appropriate HTTP header to automatically display the username/password dialog box on the client screen. PHP stores the user input dialog box information in the $ PHP_AUTH_USER and $ PHP_AUTH_PW variables. By using these variables, you can store a list that does not comply with

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