using oracle 11g client with 12c database

Learn about using oracle 11g client with 12c database, we have the largest and most updated using oracle 11g client with 12c database information on

Introduction to Oracle Database 12c Data redaction

What is Data redactionThe data redaction is a new feature of Oracle Database 12c's Advanced security options, and Oracle China translates it as a "compilation" When it comes to this feature, and in the Chinese interface of em12c R3, this function is

Linux-install Oracle (CentOS-Oracle 12c) and centos7 install oracle12c

Linux-install Oracle (CentOS-Oracle 12c) and centos7 install oracle12c Step 1: network connection, which is described in my previous blog. Purpose of network connection: to use the yum command, download the file directly online. Step 2: Go to the

One Oracle 11g+fluentnhibernate automapping combination attempt

The context of this articleOperating system: Win7 x64 UltimateDevelopment tools: Visual Studio 2013First, prefaceIn most of the previously developed scenarios, the development language used is C #, the use of the database is SQL Server, such a

MOS-Oracle Database (DocID1533057.1)

Install, upgrade, downgrade, and migrate Document15253351OPatch-where can I find the latest version of OPatch? [Video] Document15253961 cross-OS platform migration OracleDBDocument15257771 how to downgrade from database 112

MOS-Oracle Database (DocID1533057.1)

Installation/upgrade/downgrade/migration Document 1525335.1 OPatch-Where can I find the latest OPatch? [Video] Document 1525396.1 migrate Oracle DB across OS platforms How to downgrade Document 1525777.1 from database 11.2 to a previous version

Zabbix using Pyora to monitor Oracle databases

Using Orabbix to monitor the Oracle database over time, it was found that monitoring of the Oracel database was possible, but the recent deployment of Orabbix monitored the Oracle database and found that the contents of the database were not always

Quickly deploy an Oracle RAC environment using an Oracle VM Template

Quickly deploy an Oracle RAC environment using an Oracle VM Template Oracle VM templates are pre-packaged and pre-configured virtual machines. In the communication between enterprise-level customers, I often use "simple, fast, and error-free" to

The process of Oracle architecture

The process of Oracle architectureI. Overview  Each process in Oracle performs a specific task (or a set of tasks), and each process allocates its own memory (PGA) to complete its task. An Oracle instance consists of the following 3 types of

Utl_dbws-consuming Web Services in Oracle 10g onward

from: a previous article I presented a method for consuming Web Services using a basic SOAP implementation. This article provides similar functionality, but this time using UTL_DBWS the package,

Oracle entry-level knowledge

Oracle entry-level knowledge I.Oracle Basics 1. When should I use the Oracle database? SQL SERVER claims to be a million-level data (data in one table), but it actually does more than 0.2 million pieces of data Oracle is used for over 0.2 million

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