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Use RPM to implement lamp configuration (Wordpress, phpMyAdmin)

Lamp is a very good combination of web industry, known as the gold combination, next we configure lamp in RPM and install phpMyAdmin and wordpress,phpmyadmin is a page way of MySQL management software, WordPress is a blogging system. (Note: In the

httpd-2.2 Deploy discuz! forum system, wordpress blog system and phpMyAdmin program

Check the environment before configuring: [[email protected] ~]# IPTABLES-VNL//Check the firewall configuration to prevent the server from being accessed Chain INPUT (Policy ACCEPT 6 packets, 3 bytes) Pkts bytes target prot opt in out

30 WordPress video tutorials

Wordpress users are happy. There are always many people sharing various WordPress tutorials. For fear that text tutorials are not intuitive enough, some people have created some video tutorials to help some users. The following are some WordPress

Learn how to install WordPress website programs

WordPress is famous for its simple installation. In most cases, installing WordPress is a simple process that can be completed in less than five minutes. The following installation guide can help you complete the installation in five minutes, or

Install CENTOS7 under virtual machine and configure Apache+php+mysql+phpmyadmin+wordpress

First, install ApacheYum Install httpdAfter successful installation, Apache Operation command:Systemctl start httpd// start Apachesystemctl stop httpd// stop apachesystemctl restart httpd // Restart Apachesystemctl enable httpd

Linux Small white reload hundreds of times, finally find a successful solution CentOS LAMP +wordpress+phpmyadmin Total 0.84G

Toss for a few days, and finally find a very resource-saving installation wordpress program.Successfully build website and http://www.gudianbook.comAt the same time, we recommend the WordPress Build station tool

HHVM Apache 2.4 Installation and construction of the site environment WordPress blog

HHVMApache 2.4 Nginx Build Station environment construction method installation run WordPress blog VPS Host June 02, 2014 17:20 Comments»Article Directory Install on Debian Installing on CentOS Install on Ubuntu Install

Introduction to the installation and use of WordPress system

This is an independent blog building station (for example, WordPress), a popular science course, about WordPress system Some of the most basic common sense, mainly for those unfamiliar with WordPress novice reading use, to help them complete the

Set up WordPress websites and security settings in CentOS

I. Preface II. Environment III. Basic Configuration 1. Build a LAMP Environment 2. install WordPress 3. Install phpMyAdmin Iv. Security Configuration 1. Authentication 2. Source Control 3. encrypted access (https) V. Test ----------------------------

httpd-2.4 Deploy discuz! forum system, wordpress blog system and phpMyAdmin program

Check the environment (turn off the firewall and change the SELinux status to ensure access to the outside world): [[email protected] ~]# iptables-f//-f rep shuts down the firewall anyway, production environment is not recommended[Email

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