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Linux install MySQL error file/usr/share/mysql/charsets/latin2.xml from install of MySQL-......

linux64 Red Hat 6.3 Enterprise start error installed 32 bit MySQL finally how can not put on 64mysql, toss a last all uninstall FIX:File/etc/init.d/mysql from install of mysql-server-5.5.28-1.linux2.6.x86_64 conflicts with file from package

file/usr/share/mysql/. Conflicts with file from package mysql-libs-5.1.73-3.el6_5.x86_ MySQL installation

Installing MySQL 5.6.17 on CentOS 6.5, installing to the last RPM file Mysql-serverThe installation command is: RPM-IVH mysql-server-5.6.17-1.el6.x86_64.rpmAn error message appears:error:failed () (64bit) is needed by


The following error occurs when installing mysql: the installation command is:

Export de_path = '.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear'

Include_path.: usrsharephp: usrsharepear Fatal error: require_once (): Failed opening required '.. /exception/db_exception.php '(include_path = '. :/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear ') RT. I make sure that my reference path is correct, but I am still

Vncserver cannot find a solution to the font problem could not init font path Element/usr/share/x11/fonts/cid/, removing from list!

This article is loaded to and thanks to bloggers for sharing their personal experience. This seems to be upgraded to edgy after the problem, has been good, and now start vncserver after the connection is not: VNC

[Rk_2014_0905] Wireshark startup prompt in Ubuntu: Lua: error during loading: [String "/usr/share/Wireshark/init. Lua"]: 46: dofile has been disabled

I. Problem Description Install ubuntu14.04 on the PC and log on as the root user. When Wireshark is started, the following error dialog box appears: Lua: error during loading: [String "/usr/share/Wireshark/init. Lua"]: 46: dofile has been

Ubuntu Installation Navicat Genuine permanent use method

Recently, the technology Ann no longer bring their own Mac book to work, the company came out of a desktop, configuration is very high. So I took it over and used it. Installed on the Ubuntu14.04 LTS version, normal development tools such as

MySQL hints can ' t find Messagefile/usr/share/mysql/english/errmsg.sys

Error tips Can t find Messagefile '/usr/share/mysql/english/errmsg.sys Solutions 1, view the installation of the MySQL version of the computer, and then to look for download the corresponding version of

Mysql installation error: mysql file/usr/share/mysql/czech/errmsg. sys from

Mysql installation error: mysql file/usr/share/mysql/czech/errmsg. sys install of MySQL-serve problems install mysql rpm-ivh MySQL-server-5.5.25-1.linux2.6.x86_64.rpm error: mysql file/usr/share/mysql/czech/errmsg. sys from install of MySQL-serve ...

MySQL Installation and use

Operating system: CentOS release 5.10 (Final)File Preparation:mysql-server-community-5.1.73-1.rhel5.i386.rpmmysql-client-community-5.1.73-1.rhel5.i386.rpmFirst, install MySQLRPM Package Installation:Switch to the directory where the package is

[/usr/share/doc/pcre-8.32/makefile] Error 127 Solution

Installing Nginx prompts requires a pcre library, which needs to be specified by parameter--with-pcre, and the RPM-QL command to see that the system has Pcre installed, as shown in the following illustration: When you configure the Nginx option

Error starting MySQL: Can ' t find Messagefile '/usr/share/mysql/errmsg.sys

An error occurred in the startup database, and the error message is: [ERROR] Can ' t find messagefile '/usr/share/mysql/errmsg.sys 'root@debian:/usr/local#/etc/init.d/mysql3306 StartStarting MySQL... The server quit without updating PID file (/home/

sphinx-2.2.10-1.rhel6.x86_64 RPM Package Installation location


Warning: bad syntax, perhaps a bogu '-'? See/usr/share/doc/procps-3.2.7/faq

PS often encounters this low-level error. I thought it was a system setup problem.   Now let's take a look at the differences between the two commands. #PS-Aux | grep nginx | grep-V grepWarning: bad syntax, perhaps a bogu '-'?

SendMail error: Cannot open '/usr/share/sendmail-cf/m4

1. Introduction When you modify the SendMail configuration file/ETC/MAIL/SENDMAIL.MC, the error is generated when you generate the SENDMAIL.CF file using the following command:M4 SENDMAIL.MC > SENDMAIL.CFThe error content

Ubutun Uninstall PHP expansion

root@asd:/xx/production/xxx# apt Remove php-snmp root@asd:/xx/production/xxx# Apt Autoremove Reading package lists ... Done building Dependency The Reading state information ... Done the following packages would be removed:libsnmp-base libsnmp3

When installing php, Which path is specified by -- with-mysql?

Mysql is installed with rpm. After installation, the files are scattered in several directories, and you do not know which directory to specify when installing php. The following is the result of rpm-qlmysql-community-server. {Code...} mysql is

Haproxy Installation and Compounding

[email protected] app1]# Yum install haproxyloaded plugins:securityBase|3.7Kbxx:xxEpel|4.3Kbxx:xxEpel/primary_db |5.9MBxx: toExtras|3.4Kbxx:xxUpdates|3.4Kbxx:xxUpdates/primary_db |5.2MBxx:GenevaSetting up Install processresolving

RPM Package Management Detailed

The RPM command management package on the CentOS systemOne, RPM package management is divided into installation, upgrade, uninstall, query and calibration, database maintenanceInstallation of RPM packagesThe option parameters added after the rpm

Raspberry Pi AP Feature improvements: SYSTEMD service encapsulation and DNSMASQ usage

ObjectiveIn the previous article, "Raspberry pi set automatic dialing, build no-line by environment" , the author uses HOSTAPD and UDHCPD programs to create wireless hotspots to achieve address assignment and DNS server settings. This article will

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