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Farewell to .com.hk's method of searching Google's Beijing IP Address

As a dog powder .. I have been very resistant to du Niang ..... But Google is getting farther and farther away. And google.com.hk is slow as a tortoise... You can only find a solution. Google is said to have data centers in mainland China,

Ask Google if PR is required

Index. php code [code] title query echo $ _ GET [url];? Prtitleforpolichodgetinputnameurlinputtypesubmitvaluegetpagerankformif (! Empty ($ _ GET [url]) {includegoogle_pagerank.php; print does not contain BRahref. $ _ GET [url]... $ _ GET [url]. a's

Parse and access a series of JSP encoding and decoding processes-Details

Parse and access a series of JSP encoding and decoding processes-Details From: http://japi.javaeye.com/blog/288779 Garbled text is a headache...Page garbled, Servlet garbled, database garbled ....An annoying word .. The solution came out very early.

Use the opera shortcut to search for the Internet

Currently, my commonly used browser is opera. the reason is that some of Opera's shortcut keys are faster for me. for example, in myie2 or IE, the shortcut key for moving the control focus to the address bar is Alt + D, while in opera, the shortcut

[Python] Google Translate applets

A translation function is used in the project, that is, after the translation is submitted to Google, the returned results are obtained. First, find out the context of Google translation:Request Processing After submitting the translation, check

Quick Search for the Internet using the command line

Firefox has a function that is very useful, that is, inputting g and adding the keyword to search, you can automatically search on Google. This function is called quicksearch. I want this feature to be available in the command line, so I wrote a

Difference between string. Empty, null and ""

String. Empty, the difference between null and "" string. Empty does not allocate storage space "" Allocate a bucket with an empty Length Therefore, we generally use string. Empty For the sake of future cross-platform use string. Empty In C #,

How to get JSON data from a Web page

When Python crawls the picture, sometimes can not find the corresponding URL, there may be JSON, so how to parse JSON data with Python, small white looked at a few forums to summarize some of their own to deepen the impression.1.requests.get

Crawls Sina news AFCCL and Sina news AFCCL

Crawls Sina news AFCCL and Sina news AFCCL1. task objectives: Crawls AFCCL articles from Sina news, including the title, time, source, content, and number of comments.2. Target webpage: Http://sports.sina.com.cn/z/AFCCL/3. webpage Analysis 4.

Some special uses of Google

The first part of the powerful Google has surfaced. Let's have a look. Recently, some web camera addresses found by Google are circulating on the Internet. Netizens can input a piece of code in Google to capture web cameras installed around the

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