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Install MySQL in ubuntu (reprint)

MySQL installed in linux ubuntuThe Linux used in this article is an Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS 64bit system, and the installation of MySQL database packages can be implemented through Apt-get.Install MySQL database in linux ubuntu#安装MySQL服务器端~ sudo apt-get

Mysql learning record (24) -- mysql related tool _ MySQL

I. theory: 1 mysql: client connection tool a-u: specify the user name B-p: specify the password c-host: specify the server IP address or domain name d-P: specify the connection port e -- default-character-set: client character set option f-e:

Windows noinstall assembly configuration mysql5.5

Install and configure mysql5.51in windowsnoinstall. First, obtain mysql5.5. Download the Community edition for free .? What is the current address of mysql5.5? Dev.mysql.comdownloadsmysql5.5.html # downloads ?? Mysql5.5 _ noinstall_32-bit: cdn.

MySQL Dual machine

Configure two hosts MySQL dual liveHost:a:, the installation service, two hosts perform the same operation:[Email protected] [] [/tmp]# Tar xvf Mysql-5.6.40-1.el6.x86_64.rpm-bundle.tar[Email protected] [192

Windows install MySQL

DownloadVisit https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/mysql/Download mysql5.6Unzip after download, see the following directoryInstall start MySQL1.添加环境变量【右键计算机】--》【属性】--》【高级系统设置】--》【高级】--》【环境变量】--》【在第二个内容框中找到 变量名为Path 的一行,双击】 --> 【将MySQL的bin目录路径追加到变值值中,用 ;

MySQL Basic statement

Set Change root passwordThe default is no password after installing MySQL (mysql5.7 will randomly generate a root password), you need to manually create a password for the root administrator of MySQLWhen I first use MySQL, there is no MySQL command,

MySQL (MySQL Client connection tool)

Among the tools provided by MySQL, the DBA uses MySQL most frequently. MySQL here does not refer to the MySQL service, nor the MySQL database, but the client tool that connects the database. Similar to Oracle's Sqlplus.Syntax: MySQL

Hadoop2.7.3 and Spark2.1.0 cluster detailed setup Tutorials

1. This article describes This document includes the following Ubuntu virtual machine installation process Ubuntu configuration static IP configuration ssh password-free login ubuntu domestic apt software source configuration jdk,scala,mysql


#================mysql=============================[Email protected] desktop]#/sbin/ifup eth0[Email protected] desktop]# service network restart [Email protected] ~]# Rpm-qa | grep MySQLMysql-libs-5.1.71-1.el6.x86_64[Email protected] ~]#

mysql5.7 Coded Unified Utf-8

To view the MySQL database encoding:Show variables like ' character% ';Mysql> Show variables like'character%';+--------------------------+-------------------------------------------------+| variable_name | Value |+--------------------------+---------

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