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Anychat "Telemedicine Solutions"

The concept of "telemedicine" has been put forward for many years and has been given high expectations. As a result of market policy support, technology research and development progress, telemedicine has been a leap forward. But the telemedicine business system still faces challenges in the construction process:1, video codec performance affects the remote diagn

UVA 10047 UVA Live 2035 the monocycle BFS

UVA 10047 UVA Live 2035 bfs//for the shortest, must first try BFS//Determine the state, the first state must have coordinates x,y//also have to have direction, there must be a color value/////This is a state there are three kinds of attributes//each state as long as the experience, and then Experience doesn't make any sense.//Use an array of que thoughts to record on the line. In accordance with the directi

UVA-315 Network and UVA-10199 (for cutting top)

Links:http://acm.hust.edu.cn/vjudge/problem/viewProblem.action?id=20837http://acm.hust.edu.cn/vjudge/problem/viewProblem.action?id=21278Ask for a bare question on the top of the cut.UVA-315#include UVA-10199#include UVA-315 Network and UVA-10199 (for cutting top)

Uva (10129) +uva (10054)

graph and there is no singularity vertex in the graphPrint the word from any point of departure, recursive output Path = =#include #includestring.h>#include#include#include#include#includeusing namespacestd;Const intmaxn= -;intMP[MAXN][MAXN];intp[ -];intdir[ -];intF[MAXN];intN;structnode{intu,v;};voidinit () { for(intI=1; i -; i++) P[i]=i;}intFindintx) { returnP[x]==x?X:find (p[x]);}voidDfsintu) { intv; for(v=1; v -; v++) { if(mp[u][v]>0) {Mp[u][v]--; Mp[v][u]--; DFS

UVA 227 Puzzle (UVA-227)

? means the scaanf and cin of the flapping street. ② then it entered the instruction is infinite and then to 0 end, well this is still relatively easy but actually the command in the middle there will be empty line ah I go ... There may be more than one line of instructions, what does a blank line mean? It means that getline also jumped on the street. ③ Fortunately we also have C=getchar () while loop, but the output data also has the first regular pit is the letter finally can not have the extr

UVA 540 (Team Queue UVA-540)

is a more complex simulation problem. There are two kinds of queues, one is the Corps column, the former is backward. The others are small queues for each group, because if the team members have teammates, they will get priority in the group queue. So let's set up two queues and a map, and setting up a map does not have to worry about how many arrays to open. Then open two queues, one is the basic Q1, the other is q2[1010] general STL container such as String vector deque are two methods of dire

UVA-10603-Fill (BFS + priority queue), uva-10603-fillbfs

UVA-10603-Fill (BFS + priority queue), uva-10603-fillbfs There are three jugs with a volume of a, B and c liters. (a, B, and c are positive integers not greater than 200 ). the first and the second jug are initially empty, while the third Is completely filled with water. it is allowed to pour water from one jug into another until either the first one is empty or the second one is full. this operation can be

UVA 1393 Highways,uva 12075 counting triangles--(combination number, DP)

note is that the recursive DP when the three rectangles are in the lower right corner (because the number of bars is unchanged because of the downward or right translation of a unit), so that if the recursion is to consider from this point to (I,J) this point of the situation can be, while the recursive ans, The rectangle is the upper left side, then, as long as the entire large rectangle inside to (i,j) this point of the situation can be. Of course, purely personal understanding.UVA 1393 Highw

UVA 1586 Molecular Weight UVA 1584 dictionary order minimum

); - - for(inti =1; I i) { +scanf"%s", p[i].ch); - + intA =strlen (p[i].ch); A at for(intj =0; J j) { -P[i].ch[j + A] =P[i].ch[j]; - } - - stringMin ="zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"; - in for(intj =0; J j) { - intK = j + A-1; to strings; + - for(intg = J;g g) thes + =P[i].ch[g]; * //cout $ if(S min) {Panax NotoginsengMin =s; - //cout the } +

UVa-1585 Score (Score), uva-1585score Score

UVa-1585 Score (Score), uva-1585score Score Hello world! Celebrate the first official blog! UVa-1585 Score Question stem: Give a string (length) consisting of O and X, and calculate the score. Each O score is the number of consecutive O Records, and X scores are 0. For example, the OOXXOXXOOO score is 1 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 1 + 0 + 0 + 1 + 2 + 3. Input Format: read data

UVA 725 UVA 10976 Simple Enumeration

UVA 725Test Instructions: 0~9 10 number consists of two 5 digits (or four digits beginning with 0), which requires that the quotient of two numbers equals the input data n. Abcde/fghij=n. Idea: Violent enumeration, enumeration of FGHIJ cases to calculate whether the ABCDE to meet the conditions of the problem. (Note the decision of leading zeros) The enumeration method is for (int i=1234;i#include #includeintnum[Ten];BOOLCheckintAintb) {memset (num,0,

Uva China Mahjong (Chinese Mahjong,uva 11210)

[i]--;c[i+1]--;c[i+2]--; + if(Search (dep+1))return true; Ac[i]++;c[i+1]++;c[i+2]++; the } + return false; - } $ $ BOOLCheck () - { - for(intI=0;i the; i++)//Enumerate the cards the if(c[i]>=2) - {Wuyic[i]-=2; the if(Search (0))return true; -c[i]+=2; Wu } - return false; About } $ - intMain () - { - intcasen=0; A intmj[ the]; + Chars[ -]; the BOOLOK; - while(cin>>s) $ { the if(s[0]=='0') Break

Uva question (A Different Task,uva 10795)

The main need of recursive function calculation1 #defineMAXN 60+102 3#include 4 using namespacestd;5 6 intN,K,S[MAXN],F[MAXN];7 8 Long LongFint*p,intIintfinal)9 {Ten if(i==0)return 0; One if(p[i]==final)returnF (p,i-1, final); A returnF (p,i-1,6-p[i]-final) + (1ll1)); - } - the intMain () - { - intKcase=0; - while(cin>>N) + { - if(n==0) Break; + for(intI=1; iS[i]; A for(intI=1; iF[i]; atk=N; - while(k>=1AMP;AMP;S[K]==F[K]) k--; -

UVA UVA-1395 Slim Span

Few points, sort by edge weights, enumerate enumerations L and R, check connectivity. Once connected, update the answer.Judge even General can O (1), before I was O (n) sentenced, previously written over, and later wrote T ... #include using namespacestd;Const intMAXN =101;Const intMaxe = maxn*maxn>>1;intn,m;intU[maxe],v[maxe],w[maxe];intPa[maxn];inlineBOOLcmpintAintb) {returnw[a]w[b];}intR[maxe];inlinevoidIdxsort () { for(inti =0; I i; Sort (R,r+m,cmp);}intFind (intx) {returnx==pa[x]?x:pa[x]=Fi

Uva--uva 10201Adventures in Moving-part IV

Uva--uva 10201Adventures in Moving-part IV

Swust ACM Training Questions hdu1384 && hdu3666 && hdu 4786 &&uva 1395 && UVA 1151

tree to get the number of white edge limit, and then determine if there are no fib number in this interval, the first time we take the black edge of the main sort to find the minimum spanning tree, to get the white edge number of the lower limit, The maximum number of white edges is obtained by the minimum spanning tree with the white edge as the main sort. Note If the first diagram is not connected, then output No. The code is as follows: #include G-slim Span (

[2016-02-19] [UVA] [524] [Prime Ring problem]

[2016-02-19] [UVA] [524] [Prime Ring problem] UVA-524Prime Ring problem Time Limit: 3000MS Memory Limit: Unknown 64bit IO Format: %lld %llu Submit StatusDescriptionA Ring is composed of n (even number) circles as shown in diagram. Put natural numbers into each circle separately, and the sum of numbers i

UVa counting method Exercise [3]

Uva-11538chess Queen Test instructions: The number of scenarios in which the n*m placed two attacks against each otherSeparate discussion rows and columns two diagonal linesA sum-up Can be simplified after the calculation of////main.cpp//uva11538////Created by Candy on 24/10/2016.//copyright©2016 Candy. All rights reserved.//#include#include#include#include#includeusing namespaceStd;typedefLong Longll;inline ll Read () {CharC

UVa 624 CD

UVa 624 CD 01 Backpack Record PathDescirption: NULL "Give you a CD of the past to listen to our love at that time." Simple 01 Backpack + path Recording.Purple remembrance of the Great God: can open another array a[i][j], when the dp[i][j] in the dynamic transfer of records, take the item I is a[i][j]=0, otherwise a[i][j]=1; Then the array a[i][j] can be traced back Gives two ways to print: Recursive and non-recursive

[2016-03-03] [UVA] [1374] [Power calculus]

[2016-03-03] [UVA] [1374] [Power calculus] Time: 2016-03-03-16:14:01 Thursday Topic Number: UVA 1374 The main topic: Give x exponent N, ask, x after how many times to get x^n Input: N Output: Number of times Analysis: Find all possible ways to multiply, use DFS, proper pruning optimization, and become ida* The multiplication of x becomes the addition of the exponent Each

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