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UX designer-how to quickly improve your design level, ux designer design level

UX designer-how to quickly improve your design level, ux designer design level In this highly competitive design industry, it is foolish to satisfy your current achievements. People who are better than you are still working hard. How can you lie down? As a

Mockplus recommended: After reading these books, the UX can be advanced

650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s1.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/89/5C/wKiom1gQgoqiyj7xAAJkoQCg5gQ162.jpg-wh_500x0-wm_3 -wmp_4-s_2420060271.jpg "title=" image1.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1gqgoqiyj7xaajkoqcg5gq162.jpg-wh_50 "/>What books should UX designers read?Mockplus recommend the following books for you, if you read it carefully, and read it, I believe you can step up.(Mockpl

UX blacklist! What are the common mobile UX design pitfalls that need to be circumvented?

additional, unnecessary actions.Sometimes the designer makes the error message and the empty state blank, but in fact it's a great opportunity to do something more useful for the user, with Spotify's error interface as an example:This is undoubtedly a useless empty state, it does not tell the user what to do, nor tell the user exactly what happened.An empty state, especially an error state, should not be a "dead end", and as UX designers you should t

Don't miss it! 2016 annual excellent Ui/ux design article

This article has compiled some of the most popular articles of the 2016, such as the theoretical knowledge of ui/ux design, books and tools, how to make better design methods and recommendations, and new design trends.650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M0

UX Design and usability design: cognitive fluency and design strategies

Article Description: How cognitive fluency affects decision making. Why do the upscale restaurants print the menu in a graceful but very hard to read font? Why is it difficult to pronounce the names of those horror tours in theme parks? What do people think about the risk of food additives in the things they buy every day? How does this relate to UX design and usability? Each day your users a

Design Essentials of Ui/ux design for moving end

Do you have an app project in hand? Are there any design plans for the system? Do you design directly, or will you stop to study the real needs of end users? Do you know what the user wants to see when they open the app first? When considering which user experience related technology, their aesthetic characteristics may be quite worthy of our thinking. The design

Mobile Ui/ux Interactive design case: 50 Exquisite Mobile UI design

Article Description: 50 elegant Mobile UI design with super User experience. In fact, the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) are just as important as the two sides of a coin. They keep a close relationship between users and their products. The user interface (UI) describes the face of XX and the product, and the user experience (UX) faces the

Domestic and foreign popular UX/UI/PD design community recommended, pure dry Goods

For many people, especially the novice, to grasp the latest design dynamics and development trends, it does not seem to be an easy thing. If you are like me is a design small white, and is worried about the design of the work is in line with customer needs, trouble can not find a design solution, without effective user

How to start UX design

How to start UX design? That's a good question. Although the design resources for beginners are growing fast, I am convinced that they have not given the right solution to the problem. UX Design is a holistic study of product and service development that requires a solid ba

UE, UI, UCD, Interaction Design, UED, UX, HCI, Usability, IA

UXD/UED (User Experience Design) -- User Experience Design "User Experience" (UX) refers to software applications and aesthetic values. It is based on the User-oriented viewpoint. It consists of the following four factors: Impression (sensory impact) Functionality Usability Content These factors are interrelated and cannot be

UX Design in the eyes of psychologists

reason, not even part of the reason.  9. Mass Manufacturing Psychology Model People usually have a mental model for a certain object or task (pay bills, read books, use remote control) People's mental models of a particular task can make the interface that you design become simple or difficult. To create a positive UX, you can either match the conceptual mod

A UX designer's initial experience in VR design

self-proclaimed user experience specialist, with responsibilities covering information architecture design, interaction, and UI design. I am currently a senior UX designer at a mainstream film and television production company, and the Web and mobile app products involved are two major aspects of the business and consumer markets. Last year, I was transferred t

UE, UI, UCD, Interaction Design, UED, UX, HCI, Usability,ia_ other integrated

States, Europe, Japan, India and other countries are widely used in IT industry. Extended reading: [1] ABC of availability [2] Weaving usability and culture: Usability Dimensions: Defining sessions, driving processes uxd/ued (User experience design)--users experience "User Experience", UX refers to the application of software and aesthetic value,

How to improve product UX design

As a UX designer, I've been thinking over the years about how to design a better user experience. Here are some of my tips: The UX designer's job is to get into the user's brain. I need to look at the design in terms of the way users (and a lot of users) think, and discover the potential problems and puzzles from the

Tiger painting Tiger--simple Weui template UX Design Learning

Although art is divided into independent fields, there are always similarities. Ui/ux design is also a kind of art, like art, Ui/ux's design also need a lot of copying other excellent works to improve their level.But as the saying goes: "Tiger", if you copy the object is not appropriate, it is likely to have its shape and not its meaning. So, where to find the ri

Product Design Experience (7024) 6 books on Interactive Design

understanding of technology, do not tangle with the product implementation methods. ØEncourage storytelling:Stories are the best way to help designers understand users. ØAvoid induced problems:Typical induction problem: Will you use this function? In general, the user will give a meaningless positive answer. I borrowed this book from Zhe tu, but I found that《About face 2.0"And, of courseChinese TranslationAlso, I borrowed a copy of it. I have never read this book similar to the industry bible,

Some of the more classic books on Dearbook on. NET and Design Patterns

Recently, I want to buy a few books on. NET and design patterns, just csdn on the Dearbook on the next, finishing a few of these more classic books. Some of the English versions of the books cannot be found inside. The price refers to the non-VIP members of the prices, that is, ordinary members of the price.Microsoft.

Recommended books for. NET software design/Development Engineer

For. NET software Several books recommended by design/Development Engineer List several books that have had a big impact on me over the past year. Thanks to the authors and translators who have helped me with these books. Thank you for your hard work. I hope these books w

5 books on the best Java object-oriented theory and design patterns

For Java programmers, mastering object-oriented design theory and some design patterns is an essential skill. To start programming without learning a theory is similar to learning a language without studying the alphabet. There's a lot of object-oriented theory, design patterns and best practices on the market, but only a few

Turing Interactive Design Series (10 books)

Http://product.china-pub.com/192981 Splendid blueprint: how to plan a memorable website (version 2nd) online reading of e-books This book is a new version of the best-selling book on information architecture. The author tells you how to plan easy-to-use websites and the information architecture principles behind them easily. This book first introduces the eight basic principles for establishing an information architecture, then emphasizes the role o

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