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The Vertximpl of Vertx core class

In Vert.x, Vertx interfaces are the most important interface, and the underlying functionality of Vertx-core is provided in this interface. In this article we will analyze Vertx the internal implementation of the interface system and the creation process. This article corresponds to the vert.x version of 3.2.1.Vertx In

Android WebView can ' t get vertx session

Android WebView can ' t get session when using target= "_blank" with # # # Version 3.5.1 (maybe 3.5.0 included,not sure)* Vert.x Core:* Vert.x Web:# # ContextI used Android WebView to call a vertx url,when I switched from one page to another, the VERTX server would always Generat e A new session ID, so I lost session data set by previous page.But,when I use iphone webview or PC Chrome to call the same

Cloudopt Next release, WEB framework based on Kotlin, VERTX

Cloudopt Next is a Kotlin, vertx-oriented, next-generation, ultra-lightweight microservices framework that allows you to handle URL parsing, data encapsulation, JSON output, and more, radically reducing development time and improving the development experience. Cloudopt next absorbs the ideas of spring Boot, jfinal, Resty, VERTX and other outstanding projects, with a very good development experience and a v

WeChat payment Development (7) shipping address sharing interface V2, v2

Payment Development (7) shipping address sharing interface V2, v2 Keywords: public platform JSSDK send to a friend Receiving address sharing interface openAddressAuthor: Fang Times studioOriginal article: http://www.cnblogs.com/txw1958/p/weixin-openaddress.html In this public platform development tutorial, we will introduce how to obtain the shipping address on the webpage. The shipping address sharing int

Xtrabackup automatic restore script v2 and xtrabackup script v2

Xtrabackup automatic restore script v2 and xtrabackup script v2Xtrabackup Automatic Restoration**************************************** **************************************** ****************Application scenarios:**************************************** **************************************** ****************1. the backup directory is/backup/full and/backup/incret. The former stores full backup, and the latter stores Incremental backup.2. If the fu

Kinect for Windows V2 Development Log II: Basic parameters for Kinect V2

The following excerpt from Heresy's blog: Color Image: 1920x1080 x @ 30/15 FPS (depending on ambient brightness) Depth Image: X 424 @ fps, 16bit distance (mm), detectable range 0.5 ~ 8 M Infrared Image: X 424 @ FPS, 16bit strength value Sound information According to the original data above, the software can be used to trace the human body, skeleton identification (0.5 ~ 4.5 M). Under K4wv2, up to six people, 25 joint points per person (right), where each joint point ca

Yarn (mapreduce V2)

the resource status and running status of the job. jobtracker allocates the job based on the obtained information and starts running after tasktracker obtains the task. The result is that the startup time of the job is too long due to the communication delay. The most significant impact is that small jobs cannot be completed in a timely manner. The programming framework is not flexible enough. Although the current mapreduce framework allows you to define the processing functions and objects fo

Byteart retail v2-Case Study of domain-driven design based on Entity Framework code first

In 《Entityframework-Based Domain-driven design practices [continued]: Use Cases of domain-driven design practices based on EF 4.3.1 code firstIn the article, I gave a field-driven design practice case based on Entity Framework 4.3.1 code first: byteart retail. This case has attracted the attention of many readers and many netizens have asked questions about various implementation technologies in the case. I also answered questions one by one. In order to better demonstrate the domain-driven desi

"Translation" a thorough comparison of Kinect v1 and Kinect v2

"Original: Http://www.cnblogs.com/TracePlus/p/4136297.html" This series is primarily a comparison of the current version of Kinect for Windows (v1) and the Next Generation Developer Preview (v2) to introduce the evolving hardware and software in the context of C + + developers. This paper is a thorough comparison of the configuration and operating conditions of the sensor. The Kinect for Windows Developer Preview presented in this series is tent

HADOOP2 Source Analysis-hadoop V2 First Knowledge

1. OverviewAfter the completion of the analysis of the HADOOP2 source code preparation, we entered the follow-up of the source learning phase. This blog for everyone to share, so that we have a preliminary understanding of Hadoop V2, blog directory content is as follows: Sources of Hadoop Hadoop V2 Partial Project diagram Introduction to the functions of each package The source code of

Showing current location in Google maps using API V2 with supportmapfragment

Android applications Intents And activities applications Listview applications Fragment applications Styles and themes applications Android action bar applications Android action bar Sherlock applications GPS and Google map applications Chart (graph) Applications Related posts Google map Android API v2 AndroidGeocoding-showing user input location on Google map Android API v2 GoogleMap Android AP

"Translation" Kinect v2 programming (c + +) Bodyindex

Get the Bodyindex (body area) method and sample code through the Kinect SDK v2 preview.The previous section describes how to get depth data from the Kinect V2 preview, using the Kinect SDK V2 preview version. This section describes how to get Bodyindex (body area) from the Kinect.BodyindexGets the body area based on the depth data obtained from the Kinect (sensor

YOLO9000 (YOLO v2), a state of the art, real time object detection system

Object detection has developed rapidly in the last two years, from RCNN, fast rcnn to towards real time faster rcnn, then real time YOLO, SSD, generation faster than a generation (fps), The generation is stronger than the generation (MAP), faster and stronger, but today is about the real better, faster, and stronger of the a state of the art system----YOLO9000 (and v2). YOLO v1 A real-time target detection system, can reach 45fps, so high processing

Using SSL in GlassFish v2

Most enterprise applications need to run in a secure environment. Transport Layer Security (TLS)/Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a point-to-point, secure transport mechanism that can be used to authenticate messages exchanged between clients and servers and to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of messages. Tls/ssl (or "SSL" in this article) can meet the security requirements of most enterprise application environments and is widely used. Regardless of the information exchange involved in S

Registry v2 parsing and how token verification is implemented

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Referring to registry v2, the main improvement is to support the parallel pull image, the mirror layer ID becomes unique, solve the problem that the same tag may correspond to multiple mirrors, and so on. If you don't know enough, you can listen to me carefully. The first thing to say is that V2 has added a new concept digest

Kinect v2 Programming (c + +) text background removal skeleton tracking gesture recognition __c++

"Translation" Kinect v2 programming (c + +) body articleHttp://www.cnblogs.com/TracePlus/p/4138615.html Http://www.cnblogs.com/TracePlus/p/4136368.html Figure 3 Bodyindex Data Kinect SDK v1 Kinect SDK v2 Preview Name Player Bodyindex Test Support number 6 people 6 people The realm of the human body 1~6 0~5 Th

) Replace Tomcat 5.x with glassfish v2

Replace Tomcat 5.x with glassfish v2 1. Background After using Tomcat for many years, no matter whether it is a development environment or a production environment, we should say that everyone is basically satisfied with it.However, there is no problem at all. From the developer's point of view, the main disadvantage of Tomcat is its weak hot deployment.(Hot deploy) capability. modify a Java class. After saving, Tomcat will re-load this class,

With lamp combination, HA is implemented based on Heartbeat v2 CRM

Definition of HeartbeatThe Heartbeat project is an integral part of the LINUX-HA project and the most successful example of the current open source HA project, Linux-ha is High-availability Linux, the goal of this open source project is to: through the joint efforts of Community developers, Provides a clustering solution that enhances Linux reliability (reliability), availability (availability), and serviceability (serviceability) (RAS), which implements a highly available cluster system. Heartb

Analysis of multicast knowledge in IGMP V2 package

MulticastTransmission: Implements point-to-point network connection between the sender and each receiver. If a sender transmits the same data to multiple recipients at the same time, only one copy of the same data packet is required. It improves data transmission efficiency. This reduces the possibility of network congestion. IGMP V2 package: The following three types of packages are supported: query, report, and Leave. The purpose of adding a Leave p

Visual SLAM Combat (a): rgb-d SLAM V2

Write in frontFirst make an advertisement. Slam researchers exchange QQ Group: 254787961. Welcome to the big gods and small white to come to exchange.Read the previous three blog post, is not a classmate to ask: Bo Master you pull so many useful useless things, can you give force a little, come up with a we can actually hand play things ah? Yes, next we take everyone, actually run the visual slam in the classic procedures, give everyone an intuitive impression-so the blog is called "Visual slam

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