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Using Vagrant on Windows to create a LaravelHomestead collaborative cross-platform development environment

Creating a LaravelHomestead collaborative cross-platform development environment using Vagrant on Windows Everyone is familiar with VMware or VirtualBox, and the benefits of virtualization are naturally deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. now

Build a cross-platform development environment with Vagrant

We need a better way to manage virtual machines. For example, you might want to create a virtual machine for several Linux systems, because the project you are developing will ultimately run on a server on a Linux system. So, you're planning to

Building a development environment using Vagrant

Building a development environment using VagrantSummary: This article describes the use of Vagrant to build a unified development environment.ProblemAs a developer, the issues we typically face are: The development environment requires

Building a development environment with vagrant

Recently vagrant more popular, its main role is simply to pack a already installed system, packaged system in each platform general. Especially for a more complex development environment, a new computer, a new job, must be in the rebuild environment,

Use vagrant on Windows to build Laravel homestead for a collaborative cross-platform development environment IntroductionLaravel is committed to making the entire PHP development process enjoyable, including the local development environment, which officially provides us with a comprehensive set of local

Laravel-1.2 Installation-C) Create Vagrant Box

Original address: Creating a vagrant Box problem You need to create a sandbox in the vagrant.Even though you have VirtualBox and vagrant installed, you can't run any work solutions in the sandbox. Build a vagrant BoxThis example will create an

"Go" vagrant use under Windows

Original link Address: Use under WindowsDownload and install virtualbox: and install vagrant: the box you need to use:Add

Build a virtual machine environment through Vagrant

Build a virtual machine environment through VagrantIntroduction Laravel is committed to making PHP development experience more enjoyable and also includes your local development environment. Vagrant provides a simple and elegant way to manage and

A tutorial on installing Cross-platform Team development tools Vagrant Linux Systems

Vagrant is a tool to create lightweight, highly reusable, and portable development environments.In the eyes of the non-professional, this means that vagrant discard all the headaches in the development environment for a single configuration file,

Virtualbox+vagrant installation under Mac

Virtualbox+vagrant installation under Mac1. Installing VirtualBoxVirtualBox? Free small very suitable, according to their own machine system select download PackageFigure 12. Install and use vagrant1) Vagrant? Select Download PackageFigure 2After

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