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Unicode Utf-8 GB18030 gb2312 GBK Various Coding comparisons _ other synthesis

But I this feature is the principle of investigation, I care about things want to understand, so the QQ group in turn send information, no one heeded. Alas, depressed. Had to own Google it and teach myself. The following is a detailed

UTF-8 Coding Rules

UTF-8 is a Unicode implementation, that is, its byte structure has special requirements, so we say that a Chinese character range is 0x4e00 to 0x9fa5, refers to the Unicode value, as for the utf-8 in the code to be organized by three of bytes, So it

The difference between utf-8 and utf-8 without BOM

Bom--byte order mark, which is the byte-order mark There is a character called "ZERO WIDTH no-break SPACE" in the UCS encoding, and its encoding is Feff. Fffe is not a character in UCS, so it should not appear in the actual transmission. The UCS

Encoding problem: why is the response gbk displayed when it is UTF-8?

Encoding problem: why is the response gbk displayed when it is UTF-8? Http:// The response encoding is gbk and UTF-8. HTTP/1.1 200 OK Server: nginx/1.4.1 Date: Mon, 09 Jun 2014 15:28:28 GMT Content-Type:

UTF-8 of the Unicode implementation of "character encoding series four"

Before starting this article, I've already made a distinction between Unicode encoding (that is, code point) and Unicode encoding implementation. Otherwise, you will have no sense in the following. History We know that the ISO 10646 committee

UTF-8, gb2312, gb18030, GBK and big5 character set encoding range of specific instructions

1. Prerequisites1. character: the minimum unit of abstract text. It has no fixed shape (may be a font shape) and has no value. "A" is a character, and "€" (a symbol of the currency used by Germany, France, and many other European countries) is also

Encoding and decoding between Gbk,utf-8, and iso8859-1

What is the difference between Unicode, UTF-8, and iso8859-1?Will take "Chinese" two words as an example, by looking at the table can know its GB2312 code is "d6d0 CEC4", Unicode Encoding "4e2d 6587", UTF code is "E4b8ad e69687". AttentionThese two

ASCII, gb2312, GBK, Unicode, UTF-8 encoding range

ASCIIThe ASCII code is a 7-bit code with the encoding range of 0x00-0x7f. The ASCII character set includes English letters, Arabic numerals, punctuation marks, and other characters. 0x00-0x20 and 0x7f contain 33 control characters.The system that

Introduction to GB2312, GBK, Unicode, and UTF-8 encodings

 Chinese character coding knowledge points ASCII code is a western European code, the use of 7-bit encoding, so it is 2^7=128, a total of 128 conceited, including 34 characters, (such as line LF, enter CR, etc.), the remaining 94 are English

What is the difference between Unicode, UTF-8, and ISO8859-1? utf-8iso8859-1

What is the difference between Unicode, UTF-8, and ISO8859-1? utf-8iso8859-1 Note: This article is reproduced on Sina Blog to facilitate knowledge summarization. Address:   This article mainly

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