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C # int to string every three bits plus a comma

Long 14200666 ; Console.WriteLine (AAAA. ToString ("N0")); Console.WriteLine (string. Format ("{0:n0}"14200666)); Console.WriteLine (" architect"); Console.ReadLine ();1. Formatted currency (

A bit of fun: Fun With bits

Introduction Most of the optimizations that go into topcoder contests are high-level; that is, they affect the algorithm rather than the implementation. however, one of the most useful and valid tive low-level optimizations is bit manipulation, or

Byte reverse bits in reverse order

Http://   The question originated from a company is very simple:Input a byte (8 bits) and sort it in reverse order. That is to say, if the eight bits in the input byte are "abcdefgh", you need to get "hgfedcba

Make up for the next step of hook learning: how to extract one of the 32 bits

The integer type is 32-bit and has 4 bytes. Now we need to be able to extract one of its 32-bit values. But the smallest integer type of Delphi is also a byte (8 bits): byte (unsigned), struct int (Signed ). Otherwise, start with extracting a byte:

Jan 08-reverse Bits; Binary; Integer; Bits; Review bit arithmetic and binary expression

Review bits operation (bit operation), 32bit integer value range: -2^31--2^31-1 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 = 127 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 = 2

topcoder-srm701-div2-900 game \ Calculate the number of Bits 1 \dp\ state compression

Borrow the QLS translation.Now there are n stones, A and B take the stones in turn, a first, each time up to a maximum of M stones, the last one to win the stone, but someone if the stone when the remaining stones in the binary representation of the

Comics | 10 minutes to read quantum bits, quantum calculations, and quantum algorithms.

Please be prepared to enter the burning brain mode!A lot of life experiences in the macro world are appearances. For example, you might think that the world's operation is deterministic, predictable, and that an object cannot be in two conflicting

The meaning of the various flag bits

First, the result of the operation of the flag 1, carry Mark CF (Carry flag)The carry flag CF is mainly used to reflect whether the operation produces rounding or borrow. If the highest bit of the result of the operation produces a carry or borrow,

Generate all lattice codes of n bits

This is similar to the implementation idea in the previous article. it does not use php bitwise operations and is less efficient. it fully reflects the conversion rules, basically: gray Code converts a Gray Code to a binary Code to a decimal Gray

The application of the C-language bit segment: The number of bits in the statistics binary

A bit segment is a special struct that is used less in the C language, and the C language allows you to specify the memory length of its members in bits in a struct, which is called a bit field or bit field in bits. Use bit segments to store data

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