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I haven't written a blog for a long time. I 've written some bad stuff before. Sorry. This time I will introduce some new features of quick-x quick-cocos2d-x.

Quick-x Data Encryption I. Data Encryption As long as quick encapsulation is used Local crypto = require ("framework. crypto") -- algorithm encryption and decryption To make Function crypto. encryptxxtea (plaintext, key)Plaintext = tostring

Continuous value assignment and Value Order var A = {n: 1}; A. X = A = {n: 2}; alert (A. X); //-> undefined

Http:// I saw a post in 2010.[1], which discusses a piece of JavaScript code: 123 VaR= {N: 1 };A. X == {N: 2 };Alert (A. X );// -->

A summary of the experience of transplanting items from python2.x to python3.x _python

After the pain of transplanting jinja2 to Python3, I put the project aside for a while because I was afraid of breaking python3 compatibility. My approach is to use only one Python2 code base, and then translate the 2to3 tool into Python3 at

Summary of important differences between Python 2.7.x and 3.x versions

Many beginners in Python will ask: Which version of Python should I learn? For this question, my answer is usually "first choose the Python tutorial that best suits you, which version of Python you use in the tutorial, and you use that version."

Analysis of gtk + and x used in Embedded linux

Gtk + and x Analysis for Embedded linux systems-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information. For details, see the following. In Embedded Linux, there are many GUI systems, including Qt/Embedded, FLTK, Microwindows, and GTK +.

Use XCB to write X Window program (05): Use asynchronous mode to communicate with X server and get and set properties of window

In the previous example, we never cared whether the function and X server communication were synchronous or asynchronous when the XCB function was called. Because in the previous example, we basically don't care about the return value of the XCB

The difference between python2.x and python3.x

3??. of Python Version 0, often referred to as Python3000, or simply py3k. This is a large upgrade relative to earlier versions of Python.In order not to bring in too much of a burden, Python3.0 in the design of the time did not consider the

JS -- var X, this. X, X .... Inheritance

In JavaScript area, as far as I know, the JavaScript Execution context is a concept that explains much ofBehaviorOf JavaScript functions. The execution context represents the environment inWhich a piece of JavaScript code executes. Javascript knows

Fully understand the difference between hadoop1.x and hadoop2.x from the perspective of Hadoop development

Questions Guide 1.hadoop1.x Retrofit If it is two jobtraker, what do you think solves the problem. 2.hadoop1.x Retrofit if it's two jobtraker, you don't think there's a problem. 3. What do you think of hadoop2.x yarn? In view of my interview

Series II of the right value: transfer with the right value reference

Article 2: Transfer Using the right value reference This is the second article in the series about efficient value types in C ++. In the previous article, we discussed how to eliminate the possibility of multiple replication operations. Replication

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