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HTML5--Browser data cache--IndexedDB

INDEXEDDB is a way for you to persist your data in the user's browser, providing a rich query function for your Web application, so that our application works both online and offline.Because the IndexedDB itself is still evolving, the current

How to use the average, total, minimum, and maximum values of SQL functions

Using SQL functions, you can directly calculate the average, total, minimum, maximum, sum, standard deviation, and variance statistics of database data in a query of a SELECT statement. You can also use these SQL functions when using a Recordset

JS Scope Understanding function () {} var

The following conditions have been encountered during the coding process:1 var function () { 2 var c=4; 3 test2 (); 4 }; 5 6 var function () { 7 Console.log (c); 8 }; 9 ten test1 ();Think about what the 7 guild Conasole out. 4, huh?

The seven-medium form of JS closure

It's not easy to get a closer look at closures;One of the most common forms is that a function is returned as a return valuevar function () { var b = ' local '; var function () { return b; } return N;} Console.log (F ()

How many of these JavaScript interview questions have you done?

1.----------------------------------------------------var function () {this. Name = ' Peter '; return ' Jack '}; var New Fun ();Excuse me, is:A: ' Peter ', B: ' Jack ', C:null, d:undefined2.----------------------------------------------------

< deep understanding javascript> Learning Notes (2) _ Secret named function expressions

Write it in front.Note: This article is read in-depth understanding of JavaScript after the deep feeling, so make notes convenient after the review.I feel this chapter is a bit esoteric .... Slightly difficult to understand AH.Just sit down and take

Javascript event loading and pre-loading

Generally, window. onload is enough. To load multiple events, we can use the following method:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Window. onload = function (){Func1 ();Func2 ();Func3 ();// Load more events ..................} But can't we write together

JavaScript event loading and pre-loading _javascript techniques

Normally, window.onload is sufficient, and if you want to load multiple events, we can do the following: Copy Code code as follows: Window.onload = function () { Func1 (); Func2 (); Func3 (); More load events ....... ...... }

JavaScript Design Pattern Series One

1. JavaScript Flexible languageWay One,function CheckName () {} function Checkemail ()) {}function Checkpassword () {}Way Two,var checkname=function() {}var checkemail=function() {} var checkpasswork=function() {}Mode 11 and mode two are global

How does ado use SQL functions? _ MySQL

How does ado use SQL functions? SQL functions Using SQL functions, you can directly calculate the level of database data in a SELECT statement query.Average, total, minimum, maximum, sum, standard deviation, variation, and other statistics. Use

Details about js scope and pre-resolution mechanism, and details about js Parsing

Details about js scope and pre-resolution mechanism, and details about js Parsing Although ES6 is widely used in our work, many projects still keep ES5 writing. So today, we will take you to reconsolidate the scope and pre-resolution mechanism of ES5

"JavaScript Design Patterns and development" note and apply

1. Change this point 2.function.prototype.bind 3. Borrowing other object methods 1. Borrowing to implement inheritance 2. To achieve nausea

JavaScript data types and type conversions

One data type 1) typeof view data type 1.number DigitalValue range: Positive infinity-negative infinity, NaN positive infinity: number.positive_infinity negative Infinity: number.negative_infinity1 var v =2 alert (typeof V); // Number2.string

JavaScript: 0 Basic easy to learn closures (1)

What is a closure? Beginners of JavaScript will come into contact with a thing called a closure, which sounds like a big one. There are various kinds of explanations on the Internet, in fact, I personally feel that there is no need to use too

CSS Variable description and Tutorials

CSS is an essential language for our front-end development, it will make our development very efficient, it has always been, CSS is no variable, to use CSS variables, only with SASS or less such a pre-compiler. This March, Microsoft announced that


001-:Client templates: In angular, templates and data are sent to the browser and then assembled on the client.Data binding (MVVM): data binding can automatically synchronize data between model and view. Dependency Injection:002-Data

JavaScript function Method-bind ()

Function.prototype.bind ()ECMAScript5, but the ECMASCRIPT3 can be emulated to implement its method.Role:  The bind () method creates a new function, and when the new function is called, its this value is the first parameter passed to bind (), and

Libraries:performance vs. Native JS

Original link: we extract code into a block that can be called repeatedly, it hinders the performance of the code. In addition to using native DOM elements. A JS library always forces the

JS variable scope--variable elevation

1.JS ScopeIn ES5, JS has only two forms of scope: global scope and function scope, and in ES6, a new block-level scope (the scope of the most recent curly braces) is added, but only the variables declared by the Let way are limited.2. Variable

The function of the JavaScript

This is the second blog, the road is very long, I just started.Almost everything in JavaScript is object, and the function is no exception. The function, however, is not just packing a bunch of attributes together, but the functions are the core of

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