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C++11:variadic templates (variable parameter template)

 Introduction:Before the possibilities of the newC + + language standard,c++11, the use ofTemplatesWas quite limited if it came to implementing for instancefunction Objects (functors)&Tuple Facilities. Implementing these sort of things using earlier

A trap for variadic functions (variadic function)

1, Introduction variadic functionA variable parameter function is a function that can change the number of parameters. e.g. printf ();int printf (const char *format, ...);printf ("%d%s\n", i,s);C language can support variadic functions, one of the

Differences in the compiler's implementation of the function pack extension for C + + 11 parameter templates (Variadic template)

Differences in the compiler's implementation of the function pack extension for C + + 11 parameter templates (Variadic template)The topic is quite round the mouth. C + + 11 is not too much of a good thing, but the Variadic template is certainly one

Some advanced uses of C + + template (meta-code, Variadic, functor, using use method)

1. General function Variable parameter templateFor some time, we can not know exactly, when the number of parameters of the function, but do not want to use too much so-called function overloading, then you could emulate the following

Linux tricks VA series functions.

VA functions (variable argument function), the number of arguments variable function, also known as variable parameter function. The VA functions provided by the system to programmers are very few in C + + programming. The *printf ()/*scanf ()

Deep Exploration of variable length parameters of C-language functions

Usually the number of arguments we use for the C function is fixed, but it is not fixed. such as printf () and scanf (). How to implement a variadic function by yourself is a bit tricky.Our most common use is to define a macro, using printf or

-c++11 Variable template parameters (reprint)

The beauty of generalization--c++11 the magical magic of variable template Parameters 1 overviewThe new feature of c++11-the variable template parameter (variadic templates) is one of the most powerful features of C++11, which is highly generalized

[ASM C + +] Optional independent variables for C-language functions

Optional arguments for functionsThe C language allows you to define functions that have a variable number of arguments, called variadic functions. The Variadic function requires a fixed number of mandatory arguments, followed by a variable number of

The principle and use of c variable parameter (variable argument)

This article mainly introduces the function of variable parameter, then analyzes its principle, how the programmer realizes and encapsulates them, and finally it is possible problems and avoid measures.VA functions (variable argument function), the

C + + system learning Six: Functions

1. Function basics Typical function definitions include: return type, function name, a list of 0 or more formal parameters, and a function body.2. Parameter passing The mechanism of parameter initialization is the same as the initialization of

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