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Windows 8 has 4 versions: 10 Things users should know

April 19 News, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft has announced all versions of Windows 8. What should potential users know about the platform? This time, Microsoft will provide four different versions of Windows 8 to consumers, small

Versions of various software such as JDK, Eclipse, MyEclipse, Tomcat, and more (for you on version and compatibility issues)

In this article, we'll look at the version of JDK, Eclipse, MyEclipse, Tomcat, and so on.A few concepts about the version1.32-bit and 64-bit two versions:In short, 64-bit operating systems support the identification of more than 4G of memory, and 32-

Introduction to various versions of Ubuntu

Transferred from: version is more, and based on the derivative version of Ubuntu is also a lot of people easy to confuse, but also let a lot of people do not know which one they fit,

C # and various versions and contacts of the. Net Framework

Reprint: HTTP://WWW.TUICOOL.COM/ARTICLES/3ENU2AC # languageC # is an object-oriented, high-level programming language running on the. NET framework that Microsoft publishes. And is scheduled to debut on the Microsoft Career Developer Forum (PDC). C #

Differences between the four versions of Windows 2000

Some friends often ask, what kind of problems does Windows 2000 have? Which one do I have? On this issue, I have sorted out the following content. If you do not know this, you will understand it after reading it.The four versions of Windows 2000 are

Introduction to various versions of Ubuntu

Ubuntu version is more, and based on the derivative version of Ubuntu is also a lot of people easy to confuse, but also let a lot of people do not know which one they fit, here is a simple comparison of the various versions of Ubuntu features:Before

One-click compilation of various versions of PROTOBUF on Windows

Tools Required: CMake for Windows and git for WindowsPrinciple: Protobuf is a Google Open source project, its source code on GitHub can be downloaded to, and the source is used CMake to build, so we can download the source to local, and then use

Installing various versions of Memcache under Windows

1. Download and install the extension:(Includes: php 5.3.* php 5.4.* php 5.5.* windows32 bit and windows64 bit version): the download is complete, locate the Ext folder in the PHP

The six versions of Windows Vista are detailed

Windows Vista Product Version classification In various versions of Windows Vista, there are two broad categories of home and business that correspond to each version of Windows XP. XP is currently divided into Windows XP Starter, home, Media

Computer Win7 How to get File management ownership (available in various ghost versions of Windows)

How does the computer WINDOWS7 system take ownership of file management? From Vista, Microsoft has significantly improved the security of the operating system, which allows us to open or delete files (clips) that we have previously opened or deleted

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