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Varnish practice of high performance HTTP accelerator

One, varnish introduction and CharacteristicsThe varnish is a high-performance, lightweight, open-source Reverse proxy server and HTTP accelerator. Varnish code is small, advanced design concepts and mature design framework is its main

How Django-based Disqus support 8 billion PV per month

Original: Django-based Disqus how to support 8 billion PV per monthThis document is translated by Bó Lè Online-the base Saint OMG. without permission, no reprint!English Source: Matt Robenolt. Welcome to join the translation team.Now we disqus be

Linux operations must be the face of the question (a)

One, Varnish, Nginx, squid the advantages and disadvantages of their respective cachesTo do the cache service, we must choose the professional cache service, the first choice squid and varnish. Varnish Nginx Squid

Face Bully's August: Millet interview

Source: Vanilla Technology Blog (@ Ordinary vanilla) The book on the last, today describes Millet interview experience. There may be some technical understanding and technical solutions, welcome to the discussion. The other yesterday total

Open-source software architecture: scalable Web architecture and Distributed System

Http:// (chapter 2) English version of the reference here Translation: Open-source software has become the basic component of some super-

Permanent link:101 ways to speed up your Magento E-commerce website

101 Ways to speed up your Magento E-commerce websiteE-commerce, Magento/by Guido Jansen As you probably know by now, the Google is Using site speed in web search ranking. and I couldn ' t agree more:speed is important for your site, and isn't

Turn: Learn about HeroKu's Architecture Design

From: These days I was deeply impressed by HeroKu, which provides Ruby Rapid Environment deployment and hosting capabilities. Their architecture is very beautiful, and a picture is better than a

How to install "CentOS webpage panel" on CentOS"

How to install "CentOS webpage panel" on CentOS"About CentOS webpage panel There are currently many free or paid control panels. Today, we will discuss the CentOS web page Panel (CWP), which is specially designed for RPM-based releases such as

Load Balancing (reprint)

Nginx/lvs/haproxy is currently the most widely used three load balancing software, I have been implemented in a number of projects, reference to some information, combined with some of their own experience, summed up.The general use of load

Extensible Web Architecture and distributed Systems (RPM)

1.1. Design principles for Web distributed systemsWhat does it mean to build and operate a scalable Web site or application? At its original level, this is simply a user connecting to a remote resource over the Internet-the part that makes the

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