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Differences between VAT invoices and common invoices

Value-added tax is a type of conversion tax that collects taxes based on the value-added amount produced by the production and circulation of commodities and the provision of labor services. The so-called "value-added" refers to the difference

Technical White Paper of VAT invoice recognition software

  Contents 1. Company Profile 3 Ii. Technical Principle of VAT invoice recognition 3 1. Ticket recognition flowchart 4 Iii. application field of VAT invoice recognition 4 Iv. VAT invoice recognition software product 5 1. Easy to recognize VAT

China's current tax system and tax structure

Tax systemChina's current tax system is a multi-tax system composed of multiple taxes, this system can make our tax multi-link, multi-level to play a role.Tax structureturnover tax system : including VAT , consumption tax , sales tax, tariff

Common tax risk management indicators and tax risk management

Common tax risk management indicators and tax risk management Through data analysis technology, the risk warning index values are calculated in real time and randomly organized and managed according to business needs to ensure more reasonable and

Common Tax Risk Management index

Through data analysis technology, real-time calculation of the value of risk warning indicators, according to business needs of the organization and management of random, to ensure that tax risk management more reasonable and intelligent, common tax

A detailed description of the difference between the general taxpayer and the small-scale taxpayer

Whether it is a trade-based company or a service-oriented company, the company first defaults to a small-scale taxpayer when it is registered.  purely service-oriented companies can only be small-scale taxpayers , trade-based companies may be

Differences between small-scale taxpayers and general taxpayers

Why do we need to differentiate different taxpayers? The value-added tax is subject to the tax deduction system based on special invoices for value-added tax. Therefore, the accounting level of the company where the taxpayer is located is high, and

Oracle ERP 11 Business Research Report-AP accounts payable

Erp|oracle Current Business Research Report Hardware Products Co., Ltd. AP Accounts payable Contents Document Control ......................................................................................................................... ...

Trade import and export management-report form Management

Allocation of additional charges Number of invoice sheets Invoice number Allocation principle Single Booth- Are you sure Select the child allocation Leaflets of the same kind stand- Are you sure Perform...... A single

Zanox German Alliance Application Course

Http:// Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, zanox is Europe's leading performance-based Alliance network. It has served more than 30 subsidiaries in 25 countries on four continents and has now arrived in China. Zanox China supports

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