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MS office VBA (including Excel VBA, Word VBA, access VBA, etc.) data download Summary

VBA (Visual Basic for Application ): O 'Reilly VB VBA concise tutorial OfficeVBAProgrammingCollection of manuals (CHM) Microsoft Office VBA Language Reference Microsoft Office 2007 system VBA programming Office VBA programming skills

Simple moving average, weighted moving average, exponential smoothed moving average

Types of moving AveragesThe moving average can be divided into "arithmetic moving average", "weighted moving average", "exponential smoothed moving average" three kinds.1. Arithmetic moving average (MA)The arithmetic moving average

20160122: Start learning VBA: (i), Macro and vba/(ii), VBA statement object method Properties

Start today with "Blue Fantasy" video learning VBAThe macro is actually the operation stepRecorded macros are automatically generated by VBAIn VB, you can write your ownYou can specify a macro by using the form button1. VBA Objects' 1, workbooks' Workbooks represents the workbook collection, all workbooks, Workbooks (n), which represents the nth workbook that has been opened' Workbooks ("Workbook name")' ActiveWorkbook the workbook that is being manip

Excel VBA: delete module after running VBA code. Deleting modules via VBA code

The code below can be used to delete the module which houses the Code. In other words, it deletes itself after running once. You will have to goTools>Macro>Security-Trusted publishersAnd check trust accessVisual Basic EditorBefore running the code. Change"Module1"To suit. Sub deletethismodule () Dim vbcom as object Msgbox "hi, I will delete myself" Set vbcom = application. VBE. activevbproject. vbcomponents Vbcom. Remove vbcomponent: = _ Vbcom. Item ("module1 ")

Moving weighted average & All-month average

I. Basic Principles 1. weighted average method. It is also called once every month. this means to calculate the weighted average unit cost of inventory by removing the total purchase cost of the current month and the inventory cost at the beginning of this month, this is a method to calculate the inventory cost for this month and the inventory cost at the end of the period.Computing:Inventory Unit cost = {a

A VBA encryption method using COM interactive mechanism, suitable for most VBA code encryption

Original source: http://www.cnblogs.com/Charltsing/p/EncryptVBACode.htmlVBA code encryption is a commonplace issue, and since my VBA dumper was released, any encryption at the office level has lost its meaning. So, many people began to move to the VB package or upgrade to Vsto,delphi and other languages. However, for the vast majority of Vbaer, the problem of re-learning a language is far more than the benefits of developing

VBA Learning Ideas of VBA learning notes

Advanced Knowledge points1. SQL query Statements and ADO2. Regular expressions and net catch3. Forms and Controls4. API class module and so onSorosayLinks: https://www.zhihu.com/question/26078625/answer/132542043Source: KnowCopyright belongs to the author. Commercial reprint please contact the author for authorization, non-commercial reprint please specify the source.1 hoursFamiliarity with data types, variables, constants, and operators1. Understand what data types

UNIX average load Average load calculation method

average load?表示系统在一段时间内的平均进程个数,也就是表示系统的繁忙程度。average load和CPU利用率不一样,更加能够表示系统的繁忙程度,下面将就系统的average load的计算和相关进行简单介绍。View methodsUse the Uptime command under the Linux system, or view/proc/loadavg to see the system load average load. Using the Uptime command displays the average

Entry to monitoring-Linux average load (load average)

Monitoring entry-Linux average load (load average) has recently been harassed by average server load alarms, but cannot be found when you log on to the server. therefore, it is suspected that the threshold value of the load is set improperly. how many settings are reasonable? Let's take a look at the basic knowledge. the aver

Moving Average (moving average, MA)

The moving average method is a common method used to predict the demand of the company's products and the company's production capacity in the next period or several periods with a set of recent actual data values. The moving average method is applicable to spot prediction. The moving average method can effectively eliminate the stochastic fluctuation in the fore

How to DUMP the VBA code protected by Unviewable+ VBA?

Original source: http://www.cnblogs.com/Charltsing/p/unviewable.htmlqq:564955427Email: [Email protected]I was asked to unviewable+ VBA to protect the VBA code can be cracked, so I went to the author's website to see a bit (URL).This tool protects the VBA code fairly well, but there are still fatal problems that can be easily exported.Part of the code in the expor

Average unix load average load calculation method, averageload

Average unix load average load calculation method, averageload Average load? Indicates the average number of processes in a period of time, that is, the system is busy. The average load and CPU usage are different, which can indicate the system's busy schedule. The calculat

Linux average load average meaning "turn"

Article Source: Linux average load average meaningThe meaning of load averageThe average payload (load average) refers to the average utilization of the operating queue of the system, or it can be considered as the average of the

What is the system average load (load average)

One, what is the system average load (load average)?In the Linux system, uptime, W, top and other commands will have the average load average output of the system, then what is the average system load?Load Average is the load of

Algorithm worst, average and best case (worst, Average and good Cases)-------Geeksforgeeks translation

Worst, average and optimal uptime (worst, Average and best Cases)In the previous article, we discussed how incremental analysis can solve the problem of analytic algorithms, so in this article, we use linear search to illustrate how to analyze the performance of the algorithm using the Stepwise analysis method.We analyze the algorithm from three aspects:1. Worst Case scenario2. The

Using WPS Table Mobile version average function to find average value

For frequent contact with the form of friends, presumably they are the same as MO, often with the sum, to find the difference, the product, the average and other formulas to calculate the table data. In statistics, research, education and other fields, the average is the most commonly used formula Excel table, the following MO on the WPS Mobile version for you to explain an example. First, make sure that y

Queries the average number of transactions per second and the average number of transactions per second

Queries the average number of transactions per second and the average number of transactions per second1. Directly query the view select * from DBA_HIST_SYSMETRIC_SUMMARY where metric_unit = 'transactions Per second'METRIC_NAME metric indicator METRIC_UNIT Monitoring Unit INTSIZE sampling length (S), generally 361_num_interval observation interval (minutes), generally the

Record a VBA-based data conversion tool for planning and writing, and plan vba

Record a VBA-based data conversion tool for planning and writing, and plan vba Because the table structure planned for calculation is not necessarily the same as the data table structure actually used by the program, sometimes data conversion is often required. Convert the table to the format required by the program, and then import the table to the database. This is also the planning of a table with multip

Average allocation, average allocation in English

Average allocation, average allocation in English Public void DisTaskTest () {List On-demand distribution and average distribution "Distribution on demand, distribution on demand, distribution on demand, and distribution on demand if everyone wants" is the final idealization of communism. Such distribution is certainly good and can avoid waste of resources, how

[Go] "VBA study" date and time-related calculations in VBA

Iamlaosonghttp://blog.csdn.net/iamlaosong/article/details/18458253The function that takes the current date in VBA is date, the function of the current time is now, and the current date and time are now. the functions for converting dates to years and days are: year, Month, day, values that can be taken with date or now. The functions of time conversion to minutes and seconds are: Hour, Minute, Second, the value that the parameter can be taken out

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