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Use vsto or VBA to develop EXCEL reports?

VBA is Visual Basic for ApplicationsVsto is Visual Studio Tools for office Currently, the company wants to use Excel to implement the report function. I thought vsto was a replacement of VBA. In the vs.net environment, we should use vsto to

Paste (Computer News): VBA Development Practical Guide

A Practical Guide to VBA development TANGDA Appendix Articles VBA (Visual Basic for application) is a two-time development tool with Office, which can be a great convenience for everyday office. This article describes common objects and their

Four types of Autorun macros in VBA and what the module means

You can create 4 auto-run macros in standard modules in Excel, which are Auto_Open (run automatically when you open the workbook), Auto_Close, Auto_Activate, Auto_Deactivate. These autorun macros are reserved for compatibility with EXCEL5 and 95.

VBA practical development guide (2)

(4) forms and related control objectsThe VBA editor is very similar to VB, so it also provides forms and related controls. However, due to the characteristics of office, there are some differences between forms, controls and VB in VBA. 1. User form

A Brief History of VBA and an environment

Overview: It mainly describes the usage and disadvantages of VBA, and then explains how to set up the development environment of VBA and how to improve programming efficiency by using VBE. I. A Brief History of VBA A) macro introduction: The macro

Use VBA (Visual Basic for application) macro _VBA in office Office software

Using VBA (Visual Basic for application) macros in office Office software Tang Tiexin Talk about macros, many people think of macro virus, in fact, if there is genuine anti-virus software, open real-time protection, set a good macro security, you

One of the summary of VBA development experience: using the Range object to design the user interface, vbarange

One of the summary of VBA development experience: using the Range object to design the user interface, vbarange After reading "EXCEL Professional Development", the biggest shock is the author's pursuit of VBA technology and the design of Excel art.

C # Fill the word table with VBA, and transfer the cell focus or insert text at will, as well as related attributes such as the color and bold of the text.

The macros provided by word can provide us with sufficient help and support during VBA calls. , Convenient and fast. Using Microsoft. Office. InterOP. word;Using system. IO;Using system. Web;Using Microsoft. Win32;Using system. Text.

[Post] Call VBA in. net

Calling Visual Basic for Applications code from Visual Basic. net Original article address Http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa159913 (office.11). aspx # odc_vbnetcallsvba_createtheaccesscode Microsoft Office 2003 Technical articlescalling

In VC ++, word is called to fill in the Word Table.

From: http://www.vckbase.com/document/viewdoc? Id = 1186 Download source code In practical applications, programmers often likeProgramThe system can automatically generate WORD instructions to indicate the program running status or running

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