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When you create Excel with VBS, it opens with the prompt "the format of the file you are trying to open is inconsistent with the format specified by the file name extension"

Use this VBS code to create Excel:Set oexcel=createobject ("Excel.Application") oexcel. Workbooks.Add () oexcel. ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs ("D:\xx.xls") ' oexcel. Quitset oexcel=nothingHowever, when you create an Excel that opens, you are prompted with "the format of the file you are trying to open is inconsistent with the format specified by the file name extension.

RAR self-extracting format combined with VBS script-free Kill bundle

:\X7server.exe c \", 0,true code means very simple,After decompression will release 1.exe bundle files, and VBS files. After the VBS runs, run the 1.exe file.The 1.exe file will automatically release Trojan and camouflage files after it is run.VBS will delay 3 seconds before running the masquerading file and then running the Trojan.The use of VBS to execute runni

Use VBS to get the previous day of the current date and correct the output format

This article mainly introduces how to use VBS to get the previous day of the current date and correct the output format. For more information about how to obtain the current date, see method 1: Currentdate1=date()msgbox Currentdate1 Method 2: Currentdate2=year(Now)"-"Month(Now)"-"day(Now)msgbox Currentdate2 Add one: if you want to get a date that is preceded by one-digit prefix with 0, for example, 2016516

Bin-format shellcode to vb (bin2vb. vbs)

) to Replace.End Function Set Arg = Wscript. Arguments Temp = " H" CutAndJoin (ReadGif (arg (0), 2, " H ")Temp1 = CutAndJoin (temp, 4 ,",")Temp2 = CutAndJoin (temp1, 80, Chr (13 ))Temp3 = Split (temp2, Chr (13 )) For I = 0 To UBound (temp3)Temp4 = temp4 Replacetest (ReplaceTest (temp3 (I), "^", "a = a " Chr (34), "$", Chr (34 )) Chr (13)Next Function writef (cpp)Set FSO = CreateObject ("Scripting. FileSystemObject ")With fso. opentextfile (cpp, 2, true). Writeline temp4 . CloseEndSet fso = N

Beautify your code vb (VBS) code format implementation Code _c language

!=veccodekeywords.end (); keyword++) if (Line.find (*keyword + "") ==0 | | line== *keyword) return true; return false; } IF ... Then ... Special inspection BOOL Checkforifthen (const string strcodeline) { VectorVecif.push_back ("if"); if (!startwith (Vecif,strcodeline)) return false; if (ToLower (strcodeline). Find ("then") ==string::npos) return false; String line (Trim (ToLower (strcodeline)); if (Line.length () return false; Return! (Line.substr (Line.length () -4,4) = = "The

Use VBS to get the day before the current date and correct the output format _vbs

Get the current date method one: Copy Code code as follows: Currentdate1=date () MsgBox Currentdate1 Get the current date method two: Copy Code code as follows: Currentdate2=year (now) "-" month (now) "-" day (now) MsgBox Currentdate2 Add a: If you want to get a date preceded by a 1-digit front complement 0, such as May 2016 16, if the directory is 2016516 better than 20160516 Copy Code code as follows: Ystr=year (now)

Use VBS to save the contents of a txt suffix as HTML format _vbs

Do.vbs Copy Code code as follows: ' By Coo_boi If wscript.arguments.count=0 Then Wscript.Quit Dim fso,txt,htm Txt=wscript.arguments (0) Set fso=createobject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set Htm=fso. CreateTextFile (txt ". htm", True) Title=fso. GetFile (TXT). Name Title=left (Title,len (title)-4) MsgBox Title Htm. WriteLine "Htm. WriteLine "Htm. WriteLine "Htm. WriteLine "Htm. WriteLine "Htm. WriteLine "Htm. WriteLine "For each line in Split (FSO). OpenTextFil

VBS version of Baidu Bar code format adjustment tool _vbs

Baidu ventilation, always eat the beginning of a space, resulting in code is not indented. The following methods can be used to resolve: 1, in Baidu Bar switch to the classic version 2. Replace the tabs and spaces in the code with the Unicode encoding format with the following script Copy Code code as follows: ' cscript//nologo C:\test\test.vbs C:\test\test.bat Set objFSO = CreateObject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set objfile = objFSO.O

VBS batch modification file, Bat batch file invoke execute VBS, and print return value (VBS run result) in CMD window _vbs

Findf.close () Exit Do End If Set R=fso.opentextfile (F, 2, true) R.write s D2=f.datelastmodified If D2>=d then Exit Do Loop End If Next Set Fs=flr.subfolders For each F in FS Traversal (F.path) Next End Function Traversal (Flrname) ' MsgBox ("done!" Count "Files were modified successfully.") WScript.Echo "Done!" Count "Files were modified successfully." ' Value popup by ' WScript.Echo ' Can is received by. Bat easily Wscript.Quit count ' This variable ' c

Iisweb. vbs iis website management script usage introduction, iisweb. vbs website management

.• The computer affected by the command must be a Server running Windows Server 6.0 with Internet Information Service (IIS) 2003.• When you connect to the IIS service on the specified computer, the Iisweb. vbs will display the message "connecting to the server. This message is displayed every time you use Iisweb. vbs, whether on a local computer or a remote computer. Iiswebvbs Iisweb.

Use vbs to process the Unix format of the clipboard into PC format code

Process the text copied in QQ 'Copy the text in QQ to notepad. There may be a black box... (Please copy it and run this script) Set Ws = Createobject ("wscript. Shell ")Set FSO = Createobject ("scripting. FileSystemObject ")Set objie =

The principle analysis and precaution _vbs of VBS script virus

. Here we will analyze each aspect of the VBS scripting virus: The characteristics and development of VBS script virus VBS virus is written with VB Script, the scripting language is very powerful, they take advantage of the open features of Windows system, by calling some ready-made Windows objects, components, can directly to the file system, registry control,

Vbs Script Programming Tutorial II-how to start the first vbs script?

content", "dialog box title" Open the file in notepad and enter the following in the editing window: Msgbox "Hello world! "," System prompt" Run the command to check the effect and position. NOTE 3: If the execution fails, check your punctuation marks. All punctuation marks must be entered in English. Of course, this script is too simple to even have the simplest interaction, so you can modify it like this: Dim name Name = inputbox ("enter your name:", "name ") Msgbox name, "You

VBS text file operation implementation code _vbs

For the operation of the file, for example, generate one or open one or delete a. txt format file. Although the official FILEPlug-ins provide some basic functionality, but not many features. You do not need to understand what is the FSO template, what is a VBS statement, directly apply the following statement! Red word for your own definition of the part, the blue word for any selected part If you can no

Implementation Code of the vbs Regular deletion function and vbs deletion implementation code

Implementation Code of the vbs Regular deletion function and vbs deletion implementation code Refer to code 1:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Function DeleteLog ()Dim objFSO, objFolder, strPath, targetFSO, subFSO, DirPathDirPath = createobject ("Scripting. FileSystemObject"). GetFile (Wscript. ScriptFullName). ParentFolder. Path "\ Log \"Set objFSO = CreateObject ("Scripting. FileSystemObject ")Set targetF

Using the VBS implementation to process the contents of the UNIX format of the Clipboard into a PC-formatted code _vbs

Processing QQ copy of the text ' copy QQ text to notepad something may have black box ... (Please copy and run this script) Set Ws=createobject ("Wscript.Shell") Set Fso=createobject ("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set objIE = CreateObject

Methods for including other VBS files in a VBS _vbs

Include file in ASP contains other files In VBS Copy Code code as follows: Option Explicit On Error Resume Next Sub include (VBS) Dim Fso:set fso = CreateObject ("Scripting.") FileSystemObject ") Dim p:p = Split (wscript.scriptfullname, "\") P (UBound (p)) = VBS p = Join (P, "\") Dim F:set f = fso. OpenTextFile (P) Execute F.readall () ' Exe

◎ One of the simple vbs Script Programming tutorials-Why use vbs?

(?) ? Vbs is a Windows Script. Its full name is Microsoft Visual BASIC script Editon. (Microsoft Visual BASIC script version), vbs is an abstract subset of Visual Basic and is built in the system. The script code written with it cannot be compiled into binary files, it is executed directly by the Windows System (it is actually an interpreter of the source code of the host and executed), which is efficient

How to include other vbs files in a vbs

Include File in ASP contains other files In vbs CopyCodeThe Code is as follows: Option explicit On Error resume next Sub include (vbs) Dim FSO: Set FSO = Createobject ("scripting. FileSystemObject ") Dim P: P = Split (wscript. scriptfullname ,"\") P (ubound (p) = vbs P = join (P ,"\") Dim F: set f = FSO. opentextfile (P) Execute F. readall () 'Execut

[Vbs] writes an INI file to vbs.

step is to get the user input and write it to the specified INI and XML. I personally think that there are few ways for AI to play freely. Its custom actions (Custom Actions) can call EXE, JS, vbs, and other things, but JS and vbs have nothing to do with them, A little timid. To solve the problem in a familiar way, you can use C # To write an EXE, PASS Parameters through the main function, and write parame

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