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VBScript reads the XML file

Although most of today's data are used in database storage, but power outages and other irresistible factors often interrupt the automation, when these non-business configuration data with XML to store it is much more convenient, the following is the use of VBScript script to read XML

Two Methods for ASP to read XML (read the fixed XML file and read the XML returned by the URL address)

Read fixed XML files: Set myxml = server. Createobject ("Microsoft. xmldom ")Myxml. Load (server. mappath ("test. xml "))Set myroot=myxml.doc umentelement. selectsinglenode ("Ao ")Dim lenth: lenth = myroot. childnodes. Length 'node countFor I = 0 to lenth-1Response. Write (myroot. childnodes. Item (I). Text)Next Set myroot = nothingSet myxml = nothin

VBScript reads a configuration file in XML format _vbs

Config.getitem ("Messagedefine", "error.012") Class Clsgetprofile ' ルートドキュメント Private Rootdoc ' xmlファイル name とセクション をセットする ' Argument: "1"ファイル name not NULL ' 戻 I did easily: なし Public Sub setprofile (strFileName) Set Data_xml = CreateObject ("Microsoft.XMLDOM") Data_xml.async = False Data_xml.load (strFileName) Set Rootdoc = data_xml.documentelement End Sub ' キーの impose 応 する を obtained する ' Argument: "1"キー name not NULL ' "2"セクション nam

C#-xml file Extract string + string Save as XML file + Create XML (custom node) file + Read node content

one, write the string to the XML file (and save)Write:XmlDocument Xdoc = new XmlDocument ();Xdoc. LOADXML ("xmlstring");Save:Xdoc. Save ("Pathsave.xml") ii. Assigning an XML file to a stringTo read an XML file:XmlDocument Xdoc

Use Vbscript to read a text file from the back to the front

Q: Hi, scripting guy! I have a log file. New data is always added to the bottom of the file. That is to say, the most recent entries are always at the end of the file. I want to read the content from the last line until the first line of the file, but I don't know how to imp

Use VBScript to read a text file from back to front _vbs

Ask: Hey, scripting guy!. I have a log file where the new data is always added to the bottom of the file, which means that the most recent entries are always at the end of the file. I want to read the content from the last line until the first line of the file, but I don't k

The xml file is read to the database, and the xml file is read to the database.

The xml file is read to the database, and the xml file is read to the database. Read xml files to the database Step 1: import the package C

Qt write and read XML file read and write XML files

In Qt, we sometimes need to write some parameters to the XML file, so that we can read it later, like an archive read operation, for example, we want to generate the following XML file:XML version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?>Parameters> para1>1para1> Para2>2Para2> Par

The XML file is written, and the collection XML is serialized (written). Read, recursive traversal of XML files

namespaceW_r_xml_model2 {3 //Mark First, then public4 [Serializable]5 Public classOneperson6 {7 Public stringName {Get;Set; }8 Public intAge {Get;Set; }9 Public CharGender {Get;Set; }Ten } One class Program A { - Static voidMain (string[] args) - { thelistNewlist - { - NewOneperson {Name ="Rico", age = -, Gender ='male'},//object initializers can be omitted () - NewOneperson {Name ="X

Change the XML file generation operation in the project to "embedded resources". How can I read the content in the XML file in this project?

System. reflection. Assembly thisexe; Thisexe = system. reflection. Assembly. getexecutingassembly (); System. Io. Stream file = Thisexe. getmanifestresourcestream ("oacontrol. Notice. Text. xml "); XML. xmldocument Doc = New XML. xmldocument; Doc. Load (this. GetType (). Module. Assembly. getmanifestresources

Read-write function of "C + +" "TinyXml" XML file--writing XML file

method setattribute (const char * CNAME, const char * cvalue)Tixmldocument doc;string Outputfilepath = "E:\\text.xml"; Tixmlelement *converterelement = new Tixmlelement ("Converter");d OC. Linkendchild (converterelement); Tixmlelement *configureelement = new Tixmlelement ("Configure"); Converterelement->linkendchild (configureelement) ; Tixmlelement *generalelement = new Tixmlelement ("Options"); Configureelement->linkendchild (generalelement); Generalelement->setattribute ("Name", "General");D

Read the configuration parameters in the xml file and the parameters in the xml file.

Read the configuration parameters in the xml file and the parameters in the xml file. Paras. xml file SysParam. java files Package com. wisoft. tysfrz. utils;/*** system configuration

Use simplexml in PHP to read and write XML files (modify the XML file and re-write it back to the original file)

Recently, you need to use XML to perform operations on some XML files. Refer to the simplexml Operation Method in the PHP manual: The XML file is as follows: After the following processing (some variable values are sent through the $ _ Get [] request ): $ Xml = simplexml

Read the HBM. xml file list in the spring xml configuration file.

String P = "E: // baosteel_sgm // SRC // applicationcontext. xml ";Saxreader = new saxreader ();Document document = saxreader. Read (new file (p )); // Query the elementString XPath = "/beans/bean [@ ID = 'sessionfactory ']/property [@ name = 'ingingresources']/LIST/value "; // query the composite of the attribute type = 'ondelete' String oridir = "E: // baoste

PHP read config file class php read ini, YAML, XML configuration file information

/** * Function: Read the configuration file * Editor: Bbs.it-home.org * Last modified: 2013/10/11 */ Class Settings { var $_settings = array (); function Get ($var) { $var = Explode ('. ', $var); $result = $this->_settings; foreach ($var as $key) { if (!isset ($result [$key])) { return false; } $result = $result [$key]; }

XML reader and writer -- read XML from a file

How to read XML from a file This example illustrates how to use the xmltextreader class to read XML from a file. This class provides direct analysis and tagging of XML, and implements

C # Writing XML read-write class operation XML file

C # Writing XML read-write class operation XML file The following example uses C # to implement XML operations in ASP. VS2005, writes an operation class, and then calls it when it is used.Implementation: Login user information to add, modify and delete, do not use the databa

^ _ ^, Learn JavaScript, move up and down rows, use js to save the data to the XML file, and then read the XML on the server side and save it to the database.

// (Remember that this XML file cannot be saved on the client. You can put it in a hiddenfile) Function createxmls (){VaR rowsarray = Document. All ('tbllist'). Rows; // obtain all rows in the table.VaR oxml = new activexobject ("Microsoft. xmldom"); // create an XML ObjectOxml = Document. createelement ("data"); // create a "data" element For (VAR I = 1; I {If

JSP parsing XML document using JDOM read XML file

JSP tutorial parsing XML documents using JDOM reading XML filesXML file: Jdom Package test.xml; Import Java.io.File;Import java.util.List;Import org.jdom.Document;Import org.jdom.Element;Import Org.jdom.input.SAXBuilder; /*** Read XML files using JDOM.* */public cla

XML Read method of JavaScript manipulating XML file

This article illustrates the XML read method of JavaScript operation XML file. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: Let's say we're going to read the following Info.xml file 1 2

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