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The Visual C + + 2010 Getting Started Tutorial series one: Things about Visual Studio, VC, and C + +

Original: 2010.6.15Write in frontWhile I was still in school, I chose C + +, originally I used VC6 as my IDE, I have read a lot of C + + textbooks, some suitable for me, some

vc++2010 under Compile Stlport,boost

vc++2010 under Compile Stlport,boostRecently in the process of trying to move to boost, trying to master the boost code,STLport Version: 5.2.1Boost version: ( OK)Compiler Visual Studio 2010For STLport compilation, select Microsoft

vc#2010 View Designer cannot open a positive solution to a problem

After a discussion of the problem that the View Designer could not open in the last vc#2010, I felt it was too much trouble to reinstall the installation package every time, and the programmer's time was always valuable.So at this time of artificial

Build the VC 6.0 platform under win7

I. Preface This article describes how to build the development environment of VC 6.0 in win7. First, we will introduce the compatibility solution between the two so that VC 6.0 can run normally on win7. Then, to enhance the coding auxiliary

vc++2010 Configuration using MySQL5.6

0. PrerequisitesPost-installation files overviewCompiler: VC++2010MySQL version: MySQL5.6.29 for Win64Connector version: Connector C + + 1.1.3Configuring the use of MySQL under VS20101. Configuration header FileProject Properties--vc++

Completely resolve visual Studio 2010/2008 writing C language questions __c language

Troubleshoot visual Studio 2010/2008 writing C-language issues thoroughly believe that learning C language students have been for their own windows7 can not use VC 6.0 and worry. Perhaps some computers can be used, but most of them are not, and the

vc++6.0 Configuration Pthread Library December 12, 2010 Sunday 13:14VC pthread multi-threaded programming reprint

vc++6.0 Configuration Pthread Library December 12, 2010 Sunday 13:14VC pthread multi-threaded programming reprint#include #include #include void* Tprocess1 (void* args) {int i=1;while (iprintf ("process1:%d\n", I);i++;}return NULL;}void* Tprocess2

Using VC build hook to target multiple AutoCAD versions.

Using VC build hook to target multiple AutoCAD versions [Update: Visual Studio 2010 now using des a built in feature called Native multi-targeting that replaces the need for VC build hook. ReadThis blog postTo learn how to use vs 2010 to target

Visual C + + 2010 new features: Three great changes in MFC __c++

 "IT168" in Visual C + + 2010, the IDE has great improvements in both the user experience and performance, which greatly improve the programmer's development efficiency. In addition, enhanced MFC, for programmers to develop a colorful, secure

Vcpkg--vc++ Packaging Tools

Vcpkg--vc++ Packaging ToolsVcpkg is a C/C + + Project package management tool, developed by the Microsoft C + + team that runs on Windows, to help you get the libraries for both C. and + + on the Windows platform.Vcpkg itself is also developed using

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