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MPI Parallel Environment setup under Windows Visual Studio 2012

because the course homework needs to write a parallel computing program, ready to write the MPI program, the full name of MPI is the message passing interface, the standard messaging interface, which can be used for parallel computing. The

VC ++ configuration confusions

If a third-party library file is used during development, such as in C #, for example, to access the SQLite database, we need to introduce the DLL file and related files into the project file, this operation is to add reference. However, when

Using the mono Runtime bundle to create an installation package to get C # desktop applications out of the NET Framework

Before Xamain was acquired, the cargo monodroid.exe was a bundle of bindings ... Helpless configuration environment complex, failed to achieve ... It's OK to have mono running. No, no, Madeleine.Run the C # program independently (running from the.

Ffplay Player porting VC Project:ffplay for MFC

This article introduces a self-made ffplay ported to VC under the open source Project:ffplayfor MFC. This project will migrate the Ffplay player (FFPLAY.C) in the FFmpeg project to the VC environment. And using MFC to do a simple set of interfaces.

Configure the php runtime environment under Win7

: This article describes how to configure the php runtime environment in Win7. if you are interested in the PHP Tutorial, refer to it. The company needs to run php under a Windows 7 7 system. because it has not been configured with a development

Ffplay Player porting VC Project: Ffplay for MFC

This article introduces a self-made ffplay transplant to VC under the Open Source project: Ffplayfor MFC. This project will ffmpeg the Ffplay player (FFPLAY.C) in the project to the VC environment. And using MFC to do a simple set of interfaces. It

OPNET Installation Operation Problem Summary

Opnet as a professional-grade network simulation software, its powerful function makes it widely used in many fields. "The more powerful the software, the more frustrated installation," opnet is such a very annoying installation and operation of the

Vc msxml getting started with XML operations

Recently I have some interest in XML. I want to take a look at it a little. Baidu wrote related articles and tried to write a program to record it for asset preparation. My development environment: win7 32-bit OS and vs2012. OK. PS: As for related

Php5.5 cannot run.-php Tutorial

Php5.5 cannot run. after you download a php 5.5 Zip file and run php5.5.exe, the system reports a missing MSVCR110.dll error. Many MSVCR110.dll files cannot be installed online. my system is win7 32-bit. for help, who will give me a usable

PHP 5.5 can't run, help

Downloaded a PHP 5.5 zip decompression run php5.5.exe report missing MSVCR110.dll error. Go online a lot of MSVCR110.dll are not installed, my system is win7 32-bit, help Ah, who give a can use of MSVCR110.dll. Or is there a problem with my

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