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The Research Series of the altruistic mode and light mode Craigslist myth is carried by the blog of the wheat field in donews)

Craigslist mythical Author: wheat field // recently interested in viewing this site-related reports, reproduced to learn. I have never understood a Website: "kijiqi"-whether it is "customer Collection", "customer Collection", or other "customer Collection" cloud, 6 combinations of three words, rap or stuttering domain name, I did not understand it until I wrote this article, and I was too

Spam rules Craigslist

A few years ago, the spam information was still reported by Craigslist. Today, spam information senders have begun to govern the world's most famous classified information advertising platform. Craigslist tried every means to prevent spam information, including filtering duplicate posts and reviewing a large amount of information sent from the same IP address, users are required to register with a valid ema

Craigslist database architecture (by fenng/

Craigslist database architecture Author: fenng | English version URL: Craigslist is definitely a legend of the Internet. According to the previous report: More than 10 million users use the website service each month, with more than 3 billion million page views each month. (Craigslist adds nearly 1 b

Craigslist database architecture

Craigslist is definitely a legend of the Internet. According to the previous report: More than 10 million users use the website service each month, with more than 3 billion million page views each month. (Craigslist adds nearly 1 billion new posts each month ??) The number of websites is growing at nearly times a year. Craigslist has only 18 employees so far (t

why Craigslist can become America's hottest classified information website

For the classification of information sites should be more familiar with it? Like our domestic net is an example, and we have to say today is the most fire Craigslist, the site is the most cattle is not a picture, only a dense text, writing a variety of life-related information. Craigslist looks boring, but it is one of the most popular websites in the United States, what is the secret of its business? What

A path for getting started with VC-shi reyin _ VC technical Article _ VC _ Software Programming

Stanley (, I declare that I am not a master, that is, I just got rid of poverty. Thanks to luck, I have bought a few good books, and I have hardly taken any detour in the course of study. I am just getting started without any effort. Now I can get started with General small programs. I hope my articles will help me to find my friends who are struggling because they don't know where to start.It's hard to learn programming. When I come to school,

VC ++ 6.0-single-step debugging in Release _ VC technical article _ VC _ software programming

On some programming forums, I often see that some people ask me that the program is good under Debug, but it crashes when it reaches Release, or it is good under Release, however, if a problem such as failure occurs under Debug, it is best to solve this problem. As long as you trace it in one step, check its call stack, and the function call sequence, the error will be displayed at a glance. Generally, the error is either an operation on the null pointer, or the memory to be released is not as b

Me and VC Story (1)-when VC becomes a kind of "faith"

Personal Webmaster No VC can go how far? I walked for 4 years. Since 2003, I've spent 12 months on and off in four years looking for a VC, looking for acquisitions, this 12 months in the 12 months of tired not black white, but did not exchange a penny of the wind, but shady spent a lot of wrong money, than spending more heartache is, I lost the most precious year of the Internet's rapid development, and I k

The story of Me and VC (4)--VC's booklet

After tossing, the attitude of the VC cool a lot, already know that VC money is not good, and returned to the liberation, can only honestly do station. Briefly talk about the development of the website during the 05-06 years. 2005, the site ranked 20,000, monthly income 10,000, 2 employees (or himself, wife, 2 buddies). This period of time began to study the core competitiveness of the site, looking for a n

Based on VC + + WIN32+CUDA+OPENGL combination and VC + + MFC SDI+CUDA+OPENGL combination of two scenarios of remote sensing image display: The important conclusions obtained!

1, based on VC + + WIN32+CUDA+OPENGL combination of remote sensing image displayIn this combination scenario, OpenGL is set to the following two ways when initialized, with the same effect// setting mode 1glutinitdisplaymode (glut_double | GLUT_RGBA); // setting Mode 2glutinitdisplaymode (glut_double | GLUT_RGB);Extracting the pixel data from the remote sensing image data, the R, G, and b three channels can be assigned to the pixel buffer objects (pb

[ZT] C ++ builder calls vc dll and VC calls C ++ builder DLL

"@" and then the function name, the symbol "@" and the number of bytes of the parameter are followed. For example, the modifier of the int func (int A, double B) function is @ func @ 12. For the "C ++" function, it is different.In the future, compilers may use different registers to store parameters. Functions declared in DLL using _ declspec (dllexport:_ Declspec (dllexport) only indicates that this function is a DLL export function, and _ stdcall is a function call convention, and there shoul

Topic: Seek VC ++ technical insider (Fourth Edition) notes and Sun Xin VC ++ lecture notes volunteers

Topic: Seek VC ++ technical insider (Fourth Edition) notes and Sun Xin VC ++ lecture notes volunteers Many netizens asked me via email, why can't I continue my notes? Every time I see such an email, I feel ashamed: VC ++ technical insider (Fourth Edition) notes and Sun Xin VC ++ lecture notes are systematically wri

View the business model of Mashup from the VC perspective

aggregates similar Chinese characters. 4. View mashup from the vc perspectiveAlthough these problems are too harsh for mashup, as a leapfrog analyst who was involved in the company's operation and business model in the very early days, this is not unexpected, but reasonable. This is a judgment on whether mashup is a toy or a real business, and whether mashup is a feature (mashup-as-feature) or a business (mashup-as-business. OK. After I repeat these

Use the new features of VC 10.0 in earlier versions of VC

/*! New features created by: Andrew. Wu ( using VC 10.0 in earlier versions of VC)Http:// non-rush hours -vs-ide-use the new features of -vc-100/*/ VC 10.0 provides some new features, the most striking of which is lambda. However, the large amount of vs2010 beta memory u

Troubleshooting of Information errors in the VC workspace Class View and introduction to files generated by the VC Compiler

When the information in the VC workspace Class View is incorrect (. CLW ,. NCB ,. OPT ,. APS ,. PLG) is deleted and re-generated, which may solve the problem of error display in the workspace Class View. The. CLW file is the VC Class Wizard information file. Stores information about the Class Wizard. Files generated by ClassWizard to store class information. Classwizard information file, INI file format. Th

Me and Vc Story (2)-VC, give you a big project

To the person that appears in the dream, I will have a little confessed. Maybe the VC came into my dream because of the 04, I was ready to VC. In the 2004 before World of Warcraft, Bubble Hall in September broke through 700,000 people at the same time online, is undoubtedly the most popular network game. With the bubble Hall of the hot, Q version of the game characters are gradually back to the eyes of peop

No strength from the VC beauty far a little--80 after the VC and private

TechWeb has been on the entrepreneurial team to find venture capital (VC) compared to looking for objects, and so, may be more difficult than to find objects. All along, I did not feel so, and we have been exposed to a number of VC, may be part of our invitation to participate in the Blue Sea Venture project and investment meeting, read the true Love Network business plan, to learn about our relevant inform

New features of VC 10.0 in a lower version of VC

/*! 在低版本的vc中使用vc 10.0的新特性 created by : andrew.wu ( */ VC 10.0 offers some new features, most notably lambda, but the vs2010 beta memory footprint has forced people to concede. Master 7cat pointed out that "VC IDE is just a shell" So what if you take advantage of the

Install VC ++ 6.0 in win7 and solve the compatibility problem between VC ++ 6.0 and office

The content is organized from the network: The first is how to install VC ++ 6.0 in win7. Note the following three points: 1. when Visual C ++ 6.0 is installed or used, any dialog box indicating compatibility issues will be handled in the following way-tick "no longer display this message, then select "run program ". 2. when installing VC, select "Custom (custom installation)". Next, pay attention to it-do

A vc serial port written by Indians and an Indian vc serial port

A vc serial port written by Indians and an Indian vc serial port Software Introduction A project written by IndiansVC serial port(AlsoVC serial control), And he also writes it in combination with this class.VC Serial CommunicationSome basic knowledge, such as how to useVC opens the serial port, How to configure the serial port, read the serial port, write the serial port, and so on. This class is a bit spec

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