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How to detect the presence of the VC 8.0 runtime redistributable package

Http:// B /astebner/archive/2007/01/16/mailbag-how-to-detect-the-presence-of-the-vc-8-0-runtime-redistributable-package.aspx Question: I am building an installer that will include the Visual C ++ (VC) 8.0 runtime files

VC reads the registry to obtain the installer

In Windows, the installer can be obtained in the Registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Uninstall, and XP, Vista, win7, and Win8 are the same. Open the Registry command: regedit, and expand the above registry

are not installed on the Local Web server. Run Visual Studio. NET installer and add web development components.

Unable to find the script Library:/aspnet_client/system-Web/v1.14322/webuivalidation. js This problem is not difficult to solve:The method is:Click Start → run: C: \ winnt \ \ framework \ v1.14322 \ ASPnet-regiis-COK This problem

VC + + How to register and unload the OCX Control (code) in the program with code

method One:Run under DOS or Windows command line: regsvr32 ocxname.ocx RegisterExample:regsvr32 netshare.ocx//Register Netshare.ocx controlsregsvr32/u netshare.ocx//de-Registration of Netshare.ocx controlsIf the Netshare.ocx file is not in the

Jinshan Interface Library VC Wizard Use Jinshan Interface Library for a period of time, wrote a VC wizard program, you can generate a program framework based on Jinshan Interface Library, interested in the words can download trial.Jinshan Interface

The Visual C + + 2010 Getting Started Tutorial series one: Things about Visual Studio, VC, and C + +

Original: 2010.6.15Write in frontWhile I was still in school, I chose C + +, originally I used VC6 as my IDE, I have read a lot of C + + textbooks, some suitable for me, some

VS Add UAC Control for VC + + (VC program default Administrator runs)

1.VS Compile link VC + + project generate file by default, the generated program icon without administrator rights is not a shieldIf the program needs to do some write operations on the C drive, it must have administrator privileges so it needs to

Microsoft Platform SDK selection and configuration in vc ++ 6.0, platformsdk

[Switch] Microsoft Platform SDK selection and configuration in vc ++ 6.0, platformsdk Windows Platform SDK Download Sites: Windows Server 2003 PSDK February 2003 Edition can be used with VC6 and support sdks of the last version of the target OS.

Symbian Programming VC Development environment settings

1 Installation SDK and VC Nokia has divided the handset into several series according to the handset's screen size and the price high and low, now uses the series to have: Series 40, Series 60, Series 80 and Series 90.60 series adopt Symbian OS 6.1,

InstallShield creates a Simple VC ++ Installer

InstallShield can be said to be a very successful software. Although he has some minor bugs, he is installingProgramThe production functions are very powerful. Next we will introduce an extremely simple installation process that I just created. In

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