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Android vcard uses the sample to generate the VCF file

Android vcard uses the sample to generate the VCF file When we back up the phone contacts, when exporting to the SD card, a VCF file is generated in the SD card to save the contact name and phone number. The VCard specification allows for

Android vcard example to generate a vcf File

When we back up a mobile phone contact and export it to the SD card, a vcf file is generated in the SD card to save the contact name and mobile phone number.The vCard specification allows the public exchange of Personal Data Interchange PDI

Microformat official explanation for Hcard

About Hcard Before we say hcard, we first recognize that the Vcard,vcard standard is being widely used, like the "Address Book" in Mac systems. In addition, other bloggers use it to add a small amount of HTML to describe themselves or their

WeChat chat source code analysis-Data Interaction

In this example, focusto the vcard.html file, the operation interface Static Page source code: Name Full Name: Family Name: Given Name: Information E-mail:

XMPP protocol for instant messaging underlying writing (2) -- IOSXMPPFrameworkDemo + points

I hope thisanewday! Before reading the code, I think you should first sort out your mood and let me say a few words: first, I hope you will read this blog in the early morning and then start operations, if you only read the blog and do not compare

HTML 5: You must know the Data property

Original: All need to Know about the HTML5 Data AttributeYou must know the Data property of HTML 5Translator: DwqsThe Data property of HTML 5 allows you to customize the information for the element. This article is about thinking about how to better

Dreamworld studio Projects

Dreamworld studio ProjectsHttp:// 0. About me I'm nowGraduate student in UESTC, China. my major is Mechatronics Engineering. I have more than 12 years of computer experience since 1995, both in

C # Generate two-dimensional code business cards

From the "31-Day Learning CRM Project Development "This example uses the Thoughtworks.qrcode class library to generate a two-dimensional code card. Before formally coding, what is a vCard first ? It is a standard or specification used to define an

SyncML protocol description

At present, mobile computing and communication devices are popular mostly because they have some convenient functions. For example, they can send information to other users as needed, you can use your handheld devices to access and execute

CSS Basics (1)-Design code structure

The contents of this chapter: Design code structure The importance of meaningful documentation Naming conventions When to use ID and class name Micro format Different versions of HTML CSS Document type DOCTYPE toggle

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