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(Formerly known as "Verilog us II (SOC)" in the (original) Verilog 2: Digital System)

about it. In fact, in fact, it is just hard to describe the speech, you must first use e-phones to think, and then use code to represent the e-phones. B. OpenGL:After learning about the hardware architecture, we started to use the RTL language of the language. C. Mega function:This is also a major feature of this article. In this example, we will use the mega function provided by Altera to compile the design, so that you can naturally learn the mega function built in Quartus II. Conclusion

Verilog language: It really is the language of division of Personality

The popular abdominal language artist is willing to reveal at the scene the performance of the man who was murdered by his partner, the abdominal language artist who took the soul. God is willing to really fall into the multiple personality, ordered to kill his wife and son of the puppet personality appeared. In order not to kill (let himself) the wife who had an affair with his disciple, the day would have offered the Commission to want to monitor, but the next morning, and the son really kille

System Verilog Learning Notes (i)

events that correspond to timing logic and combinatorial logic, respectively [email protected] (along the sensitive list) and [email protected] (*)In system Verilog, sequential logic and combinatorial logic are represented by ALWAYS_FF (along the sensitive list) and Always_comb respectively;Example:[Email protected] (Posedge CLK)//verilog[Email protected] (Posed

From RTL view to Verilog language-turn to Cola Bean original

is also related to the original state.So the diagram on the left is what we often call time-series logic, and the right-hand graph is the combinatorial logic.First look at the right view, see if can think of it as Verilog, Yi, it seems not difficult-not just a few input through a few non-door and with the door. Suppose the input is called F1 and F2.So for the upper part of the right view of the graph:Wire Neg_edge =! F1 F2;So for the upper part of t

Verilog HDL Notes

implemented by successive assignment statements.A continuous assignment statement accomplishes the following combination of functions: all variables on the right side of the equation are monitored continuously, and whenever any one of these variables changes, the entire expression is re-assigned and sent to the left side of the equation.Behavioral-level descriptionis achieved by describing the behavior characteristics, the key word is always that the meaning of a single sensitive variable can b

Verilog HDL Study notes (basic concept)

1. as a hardware description language,Verilog can directly describe the hardware structure, but also by describing the system behavior to achieve modeling, its main features and functions are:* describes basic logic gates and basic switch models. * allow user-defined primitives. * You can specify the port-to-port delay in the design, the path delay, and the timing check in the design. * Models can be modeled in a variety of ways, including (1)

Verilog State Machine

Below are the instructions in the help documentation for the official website Quartus.A state machine was a sequential circuit that advances through a number of States. By default, the Quartus II software automatically infers state machines in your Verilog HDL code by finding variables whos E functionality can is replaced by a state machine without changing the simulated behavior of your design. If you wish

Simple implementation of 3_8 decoder Verilog HDL language

defaule? This omission is due to the fact that all the cases are listed, but it is generally not recommended to omit them, because it is easy to generate unnecessary latches if there is an unknown situation.2) Sequential block statement---begin...end statementThe Begin...end statement has no special requirements, that is, the statement between the order block Begin...end is executed from top to bottom, from left to right.3) PROCEDURE Statement---alwa

About Verilog PLI

0. IntroductionThe Verilog PLI (programming Language Interface) is a mechanism for Verilog code to call C + + functions. It allows Verilog to invoke the user-written C + + function like a system call (such as $display/$stop/$random). PLI can perform the following functions: Power analysis Code Coverage tools Modify the

The principle, design and Verilog realization of counter

wire), resulting in "y=next_x".2. Non-blocking assignment with When "xIn summary, the blocking assignment is performed on demand, and non-blocking assignment is performed in parallel.In Verilog programming, keep in mind the following eight principles:1) When the sequential circuit is modeled, it is assigned with a non-blocking value.2) When the latch circuit is modeled, it is assigned with a non-blocking v

Considerations for using Verilog HDL language

1, Wire and Reg difference, the input and output is a line type, indicating the connection of hardware lines, to be assigned in the Always module needs the middle Reg variable, both through: Assign input/output =reg type intermediate variable2, case of the default can be used after the empty statement, default:;3, the combination of logic with blocking assignment (=, like C language, statement execution immediately after completion of assignment), the sequen

Verilog if (0) if (1) Tips

This article mainly introduces Verilog if (0), if (1) to Verilog syntax correction function. Verilog syntax is too simple, has always been our criticism of the place, want to achieve a function sometimes you have to knock on a large section of the function of repeated code snippets, sometimes just one of the parameters change. This time lazy we will come up with

CPU Design-->verilog Understanding

The variables in the Verilog HDL language are only two categories of data types, wire and register Reg. The network cable type represents the physical connection between Verilog HDL structured components, whose value is determined by the value of the source device that drives it, and the default value of the network cable is high impedance z if no drive source is connected to the network cable. The

VHDL top-level call Verilog module

When VHDL calls the Verilog module, add "VERILOGMODELGM:" Before instantiating the module. VHDL Call Verlog: Verilog module://verilog Port declaration in the underlying file Module M (a,b,c); Input A, B; Output C; ... The Endmodule call is as follows: Compoent m--VHDL The original example in the top-level file Port A:In std_logic; B:in std_logic; C:out Std_logic

Design and simulation verification of integer multiplier based on Verilog HDL

Design and simulation verification of integer multiplier based on Verilog HDL1. Pre-KnowledgeIntegers are divided into short integers, medium integers, long integers, and only short integers are involved in this article. Short integer: Occupies a byte space,8 bits, where the highest position is the sign bit (the maximum bit is 1 is negative, the highest bit is 0 is a positive number), the value range is -127~127 . Negative numbers are represented by p

Verilog (c) Simulation principle

, functional simulation is an event-driven simulation, the entire simulation process is organized around the event.Update event: In the circuit being emulated, any change in the value of the wire mesh or register in any process is considered an update event.Calculate event: The calculation of the process as a result of the update event, the calculation of the event.Calculates the cycle-by-cycle triggers between events and update events, driving the progression of simulation time.A process is an

Implementation of three synchronous FIFO (Verilog implementation) __VERILOG/SV implementation of specific functions

1.Verilog Collation of the FIFO paper notes 2.FIFO, Verilog Using Verilog to realize two synchronous FIFO methods, it is very suitable for beginners to understand the process and method of timing control.Understand this thing, a lot of Verilog realize method and thought you will have a deep understanding.Accumulate s

8-3 Encoder, Verilog implementation of 3-8 decoder

In a digital system, the information is often transformed into bits of binary code, because the data is processed using binary operations. In a logic circuit, the signal is output in the form of a high, low level. Encoder: The implementation of coded digital circuit, the input of each high and low level signal into a set of corresponding binary code. A 3-bit binary encoder with an input of 8 active high signals and an output code of the original code output is designed. Simplified logic express

"CPU microarchitecture Design" uses Verilog to design branch predictors based on saturation counters and BTB

language implementation  With the above discussion, it is easy to implement a branch predictor using Verilog HDL.It is worth noting that only the saturation counter is incremented or decremented for non-overflow, and the highest bit of the count value is used to determine if a jump occurs, and 1 is taken,0 to not taken.1 ModuleBpu2 #(3 parameterPCW = -,//The width of valid PC4 parameterBTBW =Ten,//The width of BTB address5 )6(/*Autoarg*/7 //

VHDL generated NGC file was Verilog by the engineering call problem

1. The question was raisedProject A is a soft core, written in VHDL, the synthesis of the time to remove the "Add I/O buffers", and-IOB (Pack I/O registers into Iobs) set to No. The A.NGC file was finally generated for use by other projects. After NGC is generated, the appropriate call file can also be generated in the View HDL instantiation Template "Design Utilities".Project B calls the A.NGC, but Engineering B uses Verilog to write, and at the time

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