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Symantec Oracle launches Veritas Data Center Certification

Welcome to the Oracle community forum and interact with 2 million technical staff a few days ago. In response to customers' increasing demands for Oracle's indestructible Linux Program (OracleUnbreakableLinux, oracle and Symantec jointly announced that they would authenticate Veritas Data Center Software Using oraclew.iselinux. Welcome to the Oracle community forum and interact with 2 million technical staff> to respond to customers' increasing demand

Solaris Veritas Installation Record

These two days have been in the process of Veritas. After a few days of work, publish your own Veritas installation recording process. The VERITAS package contains the following: VRTSVXVM------VERITAS Volume Manager software. Vrtslic------VERITAS Volume Manage license util

Symantec VCS (Veritas Cluster Server) Dual-host daily management, vcsveritas

Symantec VCS (Veritas Cluster Server) Dual-host daily management, vcsveritas1. view the VCS version and License information PSDB01:~ # vxlicrep Symantec License Manager vxlicrep utility version (C) 1996-2010 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved.Creating a report on all VERITAS products installed on this system -----------------***********************----------------- License Key

Veritas NetBackup Information Leakage Vulnerability (CVE-2015-6551)

Veritas NetBackup Information Leakage Vulnerability (CVE-2015-6551)Veritas NetBackup Information Leakage Vulnerability (CVE-2015-6551) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: Veritas Backup Exec 7.x- Backup Exec 7.6.0.x- NetBackup Appliance Veritas maid Description: CVE (CAN) ID: CV

Split and variable, Symantec or will be selling Veritas, this is what hole dug?

according to the original split plan, Symantec andVERITAStwo companies will beJanuary 2016formally completed the legal split, became two independently operated companies. As I did before, ten years later--Symantec,Veritas China's top leaders talk about post-split strategyarticle, currently in China,Symantec andVeritas is in the process of breaking it down into its final goals. It is reported that Veritas is

My summary of common CLI commands for Veritas Volume Manager

As a high-end system-level disk/storage array solution, the Veritas VM is powerful and commands a lot. This article summarizes some of the CLI commands commonly used in the maintenance process to make it easy to use.Resources: VERITAS Volume Manager Command line Interface Administrator ' s Guide Veritas Volume Manager Quick Start Classic tutorial

Install Oracle9irac on Solaris + EMC + Veritas---All things you should know

Oracle This article links: Http:// The main hardware and software used in this case are as follows: Host: sun-fire-v210 Operating system: SunOS 5.9 generic_117171-07 Fiber Card: Emulex lightpulse fc9002l Arrays: EMC CLARiiON CX500 Cluster software: VERITAS STORAGE FOUNDATION for ORACLE RAC 4.0 Oracle version: Oracle9.2.0.4 1. Install the operating system After installing the basic system, app

Veritas Netbackup SQL Server native machine-to-machine backup recovery

Tags: NetBackup SQL ServerOverview:This experimental environment uses the VERITAS Netbackup 7.7.3 software Release to backup and restore SQL Server databases.SQL Server Recovery Experiment Extension map:650) this.width=650; "Src=" 3-wmp_4-s_4171470927.jpg "title=" 1504962936 (1). jpg "alt=" wkiom1m0x6zic1rvaat_xfl5b7q744.jpg-wh_50 "/>Native Recovery SQL database:

Pluswell dual-Machine fault-tolerant and Veritas backup scheme

backup, disaster recovery. The system runs stably, the double Machine mutual aid, the data security, the timely backup, simple easy operation maintenance, the product request quality reliable, the Post-sale service is prompt quickly. (1) Demand analysis: Integrated customer requirements, we believe that the use of Pluswell cluster dual-machine hot standby software through the server's HBA card (2gb/s Fibre Channel pci-x HBA) to connect the Dell AS-CX300 disk array to achieve the SQL database

Routine Management of Symantec VCs (VERITAS Cluster Server)

1. view the VCs version and license information PSDB01:~ # vxlicrep Symantec License Manager vxlicrep utility version (C) 1996-2010 Symantec Corporation. All rights reserved.Creating a report on all VERITAS products installed on this system -----------------***********************----------------- License Key = XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-X Product Name =

Euclidean veritas, extended Euclidean and modular linear equations.

= B.So x= x0* b/d,y= y0* b/d a solution for ax+ ny= B, so x= x0* b/d for ax= B (mod n).A solution for ax≡b (mod n) is x0= x* (b/d) mod n, and the equation's D solution is xi= (x0+ i* (n/d)) mod n {i= 0 ... d-1}.Set ans=x* (b/d), s=n/d;The minimum integer solution for equation ax≡b (mod n) is: (ans%s+s)%s;Relevant proof:The proof equation has one solution: x0 = X ' (b/d) mod n;by a*x0 = A*x ' (b/d) (mod n)a*x0 = d (b/d) (mod n) (due to ax ' = d (mod n))= B (mod n)The proof equation has a D soluti

Veritas Cluster Server for Oracle dual-machine hot standby configuration ____oracle

Veritas Cluster Server for Oracle dual-Machine hot standby configuration -Overview There are two reasons to put Oracle's two machines behind the DB2 dual machine: First, the DB2 configuration is simpler than the Oracle configuration, and the database model is easier to understand, from a simple start to a user-friendly school, where similar users can refer to the DB2 configuration The second is the configuration of DB2 dual-machine, it can only be sa

Cluster Series-Spectral clustering (spectral clustering) _ Clustering

Clustering to this, but also my cluster series of the last blog, the last one, we will talk about the spectrum cluster. Spectral clustering (spectral clustering) is a clustering method based on graph theory, the main idea is to regard all data as points in space, which can be connected with edges. The edge weights be

Kmeans text clustering: obtains the clustering center of WEKA computing to complete text clustering.

Author: finallyliuyu reprinted and used. Please specify the source. In the previous section, the VSM model of kmeans text clustering provides how to establish a document vector model and write the data format ARFF required by WEKA software.Code. Here we will introduce how to obtain the clustering center from WEKA and complete the clustering code. As for ho

Python clustering algorithm-aggregated hierarchical clustering instance analysis, python Clustering

Python clustering algorithm-aggregated hierarchical clustering instance analysis, python Clustering This example describes the clustering of Python clustering algorithms. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: Hierarchical Clustering:The

A classical algorithm for machine learning and Python implementation--clustering and K-means and two-K-means clustering algorithm

SummaryClustering is unsupervised learning ( unsupervised learning does not rely on pre-defined classes or training instances with class tags), it classifies similar objects into the same cluster, it is observational learning, rather than example-based learning, which is somewhat like a fully automated classification. To put it bluntly, clustering (clustering) can be understood literally--the process of

Birch of hierarchical clustering algorithm (multi-stage clustering of clustering feature trees)

Birch of Clustering algorithm (Java implementation) BIRCH (Balanced iterative reducing and clustering using hierarchies) is inherently designed to handle data sets that are very large (at least for your memory) and can run in any given memory. About the more features of Birch first not introduced, I first talk about the full implementation of the algorithm details, the implementation of the algorithm to cl

Talk about clustering (4): spectral clustering <reprint>

Transferred from /? P = 287 If K-means and GMM clustering methods are popular algorithms in ancient times, the spectral clustering mentioned this time can be regarded as a popular modern algorithm, the Chinese language is usually called "spectral clustering ". Due to the nuances of the matrix used, spectral

Random Talk Clustering (4): Spectral clustering

If K-means and GMM These clustering method is the ancient popular algorithm, then this time to talk about the spectral clustering can be considered a modern popular algorithm, Chinese is often called "Spectral clustering." Because of the nuances of the matrix used, spectral clustering can actually be said to be a "clas

Introduction to text clustering algorithms, text clustering algorithms

Introduction to text clustering algorithms, text clustering algorithms Reprinted please indicate the source: Http:// The personal blog website has been launched. Its website is ~ Thank you ~Bytes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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