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FLV Video Editor PHP flv video Time acquisition function

Copy CodeThe code is as follows: function Bigendian2int ($byte _word, $signed = False) {$int _value = 0;$byte _wordlen = strlen ($byte _word);for ($i = 0; $i {$int _value + = Ord ($byte _word{$i}) * POW ($byte _wordlen-1-$i));}if ($signed){$sign _mask_bit = 0x80 if ($int _value $sign _mask_bit){$int _value = 0-($int _value ($sign _mask_bit-1));}}return $int _value;}function GetTime ($name) {if (!file_exists ($name)) {Return}$flv _data_length=file

About Windows Server2008 cannot play audio files and flv video files _win server on server

In the huge Baidu to find the resources I need information, but the description of the network can not be resolved, the occurrence of such problems are many people, but did not get an accurate solution! Through the individual aspects of the trial, in fact, very simple to solve the problem of audio files can not be played, if you will encounter such problems in the future, you can follow my way to deal with: If 3GP file, add the ". 3gp" MIME type to "

How to read FLV video files?

The time length of FLV needs to be fed back during the search of the mobicast flash stream. However, if flvmdi is used to inject each file into metadata and then read and retrieve the time, so the lyrics of Eason Chan "next year today" are quite suitable for my software.The length of time for the program to read FLV.There are few such articles in online search. Most of them teach you how to use as to read metadata. However, if metadata is not injected converts various video files into. FLV formats

Document directory converts various video files into. FLV formats converts various video files into. FLV formats First, deploy the folder. Create Several folders under the project directory, for example:The upf

Add video playback in IIS to support MP4 files, FLV files, etc.

Today in the FTP upload a mp4 file, found that the player can not play, find a local file to replace the found to play normally, the charm network for this in the browser directly enter the MP4 URL found unable to display the Web page, and then suspect that the server is a problem, may not add the format of this video support.So go to the server and open IIS and add the MIME type property.650) this.width=650; "src="

Complete Solution for converting video files to FLV (FFMPEG and mencoder)

(SECAM)-Set dv1394 to capture dv1394-AV device: Set audio devices such as/dev/DSP -Map File: stream sets the input stream ing.-Debug: Print specific debugging information-Benchmark indicates the benchmark test time.-Hex dumping each input package-Bitexact only uses a bit Precise Algorithm for Codec testing.-PS size: Set the package size, in bits.-Re reads data at a local frame rate, which is mainly used to simulate capturing devices.-Loop input stream. Only works on image streams for ffserver T

Using FFmpeg to convert video files into FLV finishing

This series of articles navigation Quick Start for ffmpeg under Windows FFmpeg parameter explanation MEncoder and FFmpeg parameter detailed (Java processing video) Java generated video thumbnails (ffmpeg) Using FFmpeg to convert video files into FLV finishing Java

Use FFMPEG to convert video files to FLV <Article 6>

(' Document. Write (' Document. write (' Document. write (' Document. Write (' [Note] If you encounter video formats other than those involved in FFMPEG, you can use other conversion tools to convert them first, such as mencoder. Appendix 1 (FFMPEG parameter description ): [Parameters] [Description] [Example] -I "path" Specify the file path to be converted -I "C:/NBA. wmv" -Y Overwrite the output file, t

Video files in flv/mp4 formats such as Web sites are not playable and have a relationship to MIME types

In doing a website, found that video files, such as the Flv,mp4 format can be played locally, but reached the development of the machine, it is not. The player's file address is right, or has not been responding. After a long experiment, the problem was found to be set with IIS. IIS does not allow video

IIS does not support FLV video files in Windows 2003

Two kinds of solutions: 1, to find the server administrator, add FLV file type output support.2, the extension of FLV into SWF to play. The following tutorial will show you the detailed solution! 1 Open IIS Manager, right-click on your computer name-> property, find "MIME type", as shown in the figure: What is a MIME type? MIME type is the type of file that sets an extension to open with an applicat

Embed FLV video files in HTML

adjust the logo size, support image format and SWF format Empty endswf After the movie playback, from the external read SWF file, you can add related movie information, video sharing and other information, need to make their own Empty beginswf Before the movie starts playing, read the SWF file from the outside, you can add ads, or website information, you need to make Empty Isshowtime

Allows you to use mediaplayer to play FLV video files.

FLV, the full name of Flash video, is the only video format used by the current video podcast website. Before Flash MX, the video files in flash must be imported into a bitmap frame by frame. As a result, the file is huge and its

Get FLV video thumbnail and video length time with FFmpeg

can find on the Internet ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But I opened Phpinfo and did not see FFmpeg, do not know how, the official web surface to provide installation method is required to recompile PHP to support the ffmpeg, I am too troublesome, considering that the service is running on CentOS, since CentOS has been able to Then I'm calling Liunx's shell command using the PHP exec function, which means you don't need

Code _php tips for using ffmpeg to get FLV video thumbnails and video time

thumbnails, and I see someone using ffmpeg to get a thumbnail of the video in Android, given that the bottom of Android is Liunx, it should be generic! Here is how to get the length of the video, although duration is the need for video length, but do not know how to fetch, if someone will, you can teach me, kneeling! Here is the length of time to get

Build a FLV Video Server in nginx and support video drag progress bar playback

Currently, due to the popularity of flash, most micro-video websites on the network use the FLV format to play videos. There are two ways to play videos on the Internet. One is the file method, that is, accessing video files through HTTP. The disadvantage of this method is that it cannot be played from a specific frame

How to Use flvplayer.swf flv Video Player

. This parameter is set in the XSPE format list for the accurate and correct settings file section.Volume * (number): sets the volume. The default value is 80.Interaction ParametersAudio * (url): this parameter is used to add an mp3 file as a separate audio file, which can be used as the background music commentary of the image.Bwfile (url): the address of the file used for bandwidth detection. You can put an image or rtmp streaming media. You can right-click to view the loan value.Bwstreams (co

Code for obtaining flv video thumbnails and video time using Ffmpeg

**************************************** ************************************ The above is a solution for obtaining thumbnails. I have seen someone using ffmpeg in Android development to obtain thumbnails of videos in mobile phones. Considering that the android underlying layer is liunx, it should be generic! The following shows how to get the video length. Although Duration is the required video length, I

Insert an FLV video file in a Web page

The source of the FLV video filefirst of all, this flash video, that is, flash videos.Why do you use this? It's obvious that you need to play the video in the Web. We all know the general video file, or ASF format, WMV format using MediaPlayer for playback, or RM format with

How to use flvplayer.swf FLV video Player

);Mpl.controller.sendEvent ("Playpause");SupportFAQ List1. If you are using IE in the case of a layout disorder, it may be the size is not set, you can use the variable "width" and "height" to force the settings.2. Note that the security mechanisms of flash and JavaScript can affect your local testing. When your files are placed on different servers, you will also be affected, and you can try to put them on the same server.3. Full screen function is o

C # ( Upload a video to the FLV format and give the video screenshot code

During video projects, videos are generally converted to the FLV format for playback, and videos are displayed during uploads. For convenience, C # ( is provided to upload videos to the FLV format andCode. The following code adds a video: String filename = publicmethod. getfilename (_

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