video format or mime type is not supported

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Network: What is MIME TYPE?

document, so the server needs to use additional information to tell the client about the MIME type of the program data. The server will first send the following two lines of MIME identification information, which is not part of a real data file. Context-type: text/html Note

What is MIME type?

attach multimedia data to an email so that the mail client program can process it based on its type. However, when it is supported by the HTTP protocol, its meaning becomes more significant. It makes HTTP transmitted not only plain text, but also rich and colorful. Each MIME type consists of two parts. The front part

Video file access error in IIS virtual directory: HTTP error 404.3-not Found The page you requested could not be supplied due to an extended configuration issue. If the page is a script, add a handler. If you should download the file, add a MIME map.

A MIME type is a type of file that sets an extension that is opened by an application, and the browser automatically opens with the specified application when the extension file is accessed. Many are used to specify some client-cu

What is a MIME type

MIME, called "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions", is the exact Chinese name for "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension." It is an e-mail technical specification that is currently widely used and is defined in RFC 2045-2049 What is

What is the MIME type? What types are included?

. mp3 Video/mpeg MPEG files . avi Video/x-msvideo AVI file . gz Application/x-gzip gzip files . tar Application/x-tar Tar file . exe Application/octet-stream Download file types . rmvb Video/vnd.rn-realvideo Play Online . txt Text/plain

IE9 above CSS file is ignored due to MIME type mismatch other browsers and IE8 the following display normal

What is a MIME type? MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension type is the type of file that is set

CSS is ignored due to Mime type mismatch

In the evening to write a test of HTML, under the Crome are displayed normal, think of IE look under, the result style is wrong, reported a mistake:CSS is ignored due to Mime type mismatchBaidu a bit, I was so solved everyone is written to see the next registry in the CSS Co

Ie9,ie10 CSS is ignored due to MIME type mismatch (RPM)

Write the page in the Chrome,fireforks and other pages on the normal display, but after the ie9,ie10 is completely no style, error message is CSS because Mime type mismatch and is ignored, the following to share with you the relevant answers to this questionWhen the page

IE9 CSS is ignored due to MIME type mismatch problem related answer

When you write the page in Chrome,fireforks and other pages on the display of normal, but replaced by IE9 after completely no style. IE is a wonderful freak. Its error message is ' CSS is ignored because of Mime type mismatch ', which means that all of the. css files are all

After nginx is upgraded to 0.8.53, use the old configuration to solve the duplicate MIME type "text/html" problem.

After nginx is upgraded to 0.8.53, use the old configuration to solve the duplicate MIME type "text/html" problem. @ For ever 2010-12-23 After nginx is upgraded, start with the original configuration prompt: Starting nginx server (nginx): [warn]: duplicate MIME

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