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How to empty the DNS cache for Linux

How to empty the DNS cache for LinuxI. Empty DNS cache under Linux There are usually two ways to implement a DNS cache implementation under Linux:One is to manage the DNS cache with the DNS cache program NSCD (Name Service cache daemon).One way to

Linux DNS subdomain authorization split split parse cache DNS Server

DNS Subdomain authorizationRole: Applies to the same DNS organizationThe resolution of the parent/child domain is handled by a different DNS serverThe parent DNS server should have the ability to iterate over the sub-domain nameSubordinate

From the DNS base to centos6.5, "playing" builds a support for forward and reverse resolution"

1. What is DNS? (Domain Name System) domain name system. In fact, the functions implemented by DNS are very simple and effective, so that users do not need to remember the IP addresses that frequently access the server, you can directly access the

The principle of DNS and its analytic process "wonderful anatomy"

The principle of DNS and its analytic process "wonderful anatomy" 2012-03-21 17:23:10Tags: dig wireshark bind nslookup DNS original works, allow reprint, when reproduced please be sure to use hyperlinks in the form of the original source of the

DNS attack principle and Prevention

With the gradual popularization of networks, network security has become the focus of the INTERNET. It is related to the further development and popularization of the INTERNET, and even to the survival of the INTERNET. Fortunately, our INTERNET

Clear Linux DNS Cache

1. Clear DNS cache in Linux There are two methods to implement DNS caching in Linux:One is to use DNS CacheProgramNscd (Name Service cache Daemon) is responsible for managing DNS cache.One way to implement DNS caching is to use bind to set up the

The working principle and analysis of DNS

first, what is DNS. DNS (domain Name System) is the abbreviation for the name systems, a computer and network service naming system that is organized into a domain hierarchy that is used by TCP/IP networks and provides services for converting host

Parsing DNS parsing time

Improve the speed of web pages, generally we will choose to use a CDN, using the "nearest principle" to allow users in the shortest possible time to obtain the server resources, the actual application of the use of CDN to improve the speed of

Installation and configuration of DNS (BIND) server for Linux operational operations

"The main content of this blog post" Introduction to bind server (including Introduction to Client Tools Dig) Configuring forward parsing DNS servers Configure Reverse resolution DNS server Configuring a secondary DNS server and

DNS spoofing technology principle and Security Protection Technology

  DNS spoofing technology principle and Security Protection Technology   Overview: What is DNS spoofing?DNS Spoofing is the art of changing the original IP address of DNS. For better understanding, let's look at an example. If you want to use your

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