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20 Linux firewalls [iptables] application tips [go]

1. Show the status of the firewallRun the following command with root privileges: # iptables-l-n-v Parameter description: -L: Lists the rules. -V: Displays detailed information. This option displays the interface name,

What is Iptables?

What is Iptables-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information? For more information, see. Iptables is a packet filtering management tool based on the netfilter architecture. It is mainly used for firewall or transparent

Iptables (firewall) and NetFilter

Iptables (firewall) and netfilter================================================= recommended blog: content/11/0506/09/706976_114731108.shtml# Introduction: (1) IP

Basic iptables usage

Iptables official website: Alibaba IptablesHttp:// Path of the data packet passing through the firewall Port prohibited Force access to a site Publish an internal network server Intelligent DNS Port ing Access through NAT Save and

Linux iptables firewall setting FAQ

========================================================== = ========================================================== = Common iptables firewall configuration problems: Author: kenduest) Last Updated: 8/18/2006 ====================================

Iptables firewall rule settings

The method for starting and stopping iptables depends on the Linux release version in use. you can view the documentation of the Linux version in use. In RedHat, start iptables with: # serviceiptablesstart. generally, iptables is already included in

Iptables STARTUP script analysis

#! /Bin/sh # iptables start iptables firewall # chkconfig: 2345 08 92 # Description: starts, stops and saves iptables firewall # config:/etc/sysconfig/iptables # config: /etc/sysconfig/iptables-config #### begin init info # provides: iptables #

Detailed description of IPTABLES configuration in linux

For more information about IPTABLES configuration in linux-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information, see the following. Simple Application of IPTABLES: Iptables-a input-p tcp-s ACCEPT Add to the

Iptables firewall practical tutorial

Three tables are created: natmangle and filterfilter preset rule tables, there are three rule chains: INPUT, FORWARD, and OUTPUT. INPUT enters the FORWARD forwarding OUTPUT and goes out. ACCEPT releases the REJECT to block the packet. DROP the

Examples of iptables

Instance:#iptables-T filter-a input-s Drop the source address of the network segment, the access 172.16.100,7 packets are discarded.#iptables-L-N View rules for the filter table#iptables-T Nat-l-n View rules

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