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SQL statement to view the transaction log of the SQL Server database

From: 1) Use System Functions Select * From fn_dblog (null, null) 2) use DBCC DBCC log (dbname, 4) -- (n = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4) 1-more information plus flags, tags, row length 2-detailed information: plus Object Name, index name, page ID, slot ID 3-all information about each operation 4-Add the hexadecimal information of the transaction to all in

SQL Server Transaction transaction log

deferred and the transaction log may fill up, as we mentioned earlier in this topic (very long). [! IMPORTANT} For information about how to respond to a full transaction log, see Troubleshooting a Full transaction log (

Transaction Log in SQL Server (2) -- Role of transaction log in data modification

This articleArticleThis is the second article in the series, in case you have not read the first article. The address of the previous article is as follows: Transaction logs in SQL Server (I)-physical and logical architecture of transaction logs Introduction Each SQL

Talking about transaction log in SQL Server (ii)----The role of the transaction log when modifying data

Tags: style blog http io ar color OS using SPThis article is the second in a series of articles in case you haven't read the first article. The previous article address is as follows:On transaction log in SQL Server (i)----the physical and logical architecture of transaction

On transaction log in SQL Server (i)----the physical and logical architecture of transaction logs

Tags: style blog http ar color OS using SP filesIntroductionThe transaction log in SQL Server is undoubtedly one of the most important parts of SQL Server. Because SQL

Talking about transaction log in SQL Server (iv)----The role of the log in the full recovery model

Tags: style blog http ar color OS using SP forThis article is a series of articles in the fourth and the last, this article requires the first three articles of knowledge as the basis, the first three articles address as follows:On transaction log in SQL Server (i)----the physical and logical architecture of

Transaction log management in SQL Server (4/9): Log management in the simple recovery model

very similar. The active part of the log is maintained as usual, so that whenever the database is started in a simple mode, the recovery process enters and the data file is reconciled with the transaction log content. However, in simple mode, all virtual log files (VLF) are marked as inactive (recoverable) in the 2nd

transaction log for SQL Server

representation of the database is made and written to the transaction log indicating that the log file has been synchronized with the data file. The recovery process is completed and the database is available for normal use. One thing to note here is that if you have more than one recent checkpoint-to-current modification of your database, it will take a relativ

(go) Explain SQL Server transaction log records

Label:This article was reproduced from the blog of Birch Tsai explain SQL Server transaction log recordsAs you know, under the full recovery model, SQL Server records th

How to prevent the transaction log from abnormally growing in SQL Server databases

server| Data | database The steps that you must perform when the transaction log expands to an unacceptable limit. The extension of the transaction log will cause the Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server: Full backup, differential backup or transaction log backup, tail-log backup

up the changes after the differential backupno_truncate [email protected]:45am: -- BACKUP LOG temp to DISK = ' D:\MSSQL10. Mssqlserver\mssql\bak\temp_log2.bak ' with INIT, no_truncate ;GO--2. Restore:A. Deleting the original database (back up the original mdf,ldf file First )--drop Database TempB. Restore full backup , norecovery mode, last recovery selection recovery --restore Database temp from disk = ' D:\MSSQL10. Mssqlserver\mssql\bak\temp

How to maintain the "transaction log" of SQL Server"

Transaction logs are very important but often ignored in the database structure. Since it is not as active as the schema in the database, few people are concerned about transaction logs. Transaction logs are records of database changes. They can record any operations on the database and save the record results in an independent file.

Microsoft SQL Server transaction log application

Source: We know that the SQL Server transaction log is mainly used to record all the changes made to the database by all transactions. If the system fails, it will become th

Resolves an issue that opens SQL Server SQL always on Group transaction log increase

Tags: blog http os using AR for file SP dataAfter AlwaysOn is configured, because there is no use of the full recovery model, the simple or bulk-logged mode is not available, so the log is growing and cannot be emptied using the change recovery modeManual operation shrinking or truncating the log is also invalidAfter reading some articles, it was found that someone usedPrimary instance out of availability g

Talking about the transaction log in SQL Server (iii)----The role of the log in the simple recovery model

This article is the third in a series of articles, the first two addresses are as follows:On transaction log in SQL Server (i)----the physical and logical architecture of transaction logsTalking about transaction

SQL Server Transaction Log Truncate && Shrink

CatalogueWhat is a transaction logComposition of the transaction logTransaction log Size Maintenance methodsTruncateShrinkIndex fragmentationSummarizeWhat is a transaction logTransaction Log is a record of a series of actions performed on a database management system and use

Explain SQL Server Transaction log records

To explain the SQL Server Transaction log records, we all know that in the full recovery mode, SQL server records the operations performed by each firm and these records are stored in the tran

Troubleshoot 4 common SQL Server failures using the transaction log

When a system fails, it can be used to recover data to resolve database failures as long as there is a data log. As a SQL Server database administrator, it is important to understand the role of data log files and how to use them to troubleshoot common failures in some databases. Since the

SQL Server transaction Log analysis

SQL Server transaction Log analysisIntroduction to the Fn_dblog () and Fn_dump_dblog () functionsSQL Server has two exposed functions fn_dblog () and Fn_dump_dblog () are useful and provide a large amount of information. You can use these functions to get a lot of useful inf

Overview of MS SQL Server's transaction log

The transaction log, or Transaction logs, is a very important but often overlooked part of the database structure. Because it is not as active as the schema in the database, few people are concerned about the transaction log. The transa

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