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Sound Effects of major flat TV manufacturers-an old article

Audio is a very important element in information transmission, and even a good play without sound is also useless. Therefore, audio technology has been paid attention to during the development of TV. However, compared with the image progress, audio technology development lags behind, so the audio industry workers should work hard. Skyworth A12 audio Engine Technology Skyworth has A12 audio engine

win8.1 system notebook Connection use HDMI HD cable to connect the TV without sound how to solve

win8.1 system notebook connection use HDMI HD cable to connect to TV no sound how to solve? win8.1 system notebook has an HDMI interface, as long as the use of HDMI high-definition cable can be connected to the monitor, LCD TV screen display, so you can operate under the large screens. But some win8.1 system friends say that using HDMI high-definition cable to co

WIN8 the TV with the HDMI, no sound can be solved.

One, sound card setup Error 1, sound output equipment errors, generally connected to the HDMI sound will automatically switch HDMI interface output, but there will be some machines need to manually set up, the method is as follows: WIN7 and WIN8 system 2, right click on the sound icon, select the playback device, as

Why is there no sound after the hdmi hd line is connected to the TV in win8.1 system?

win8.1 System HDMI HD cable connected to TV after no sound cause analysis 1, right click on the Start menu, and then click "Control Panel" in the pop-up menu to find the "hardware and sound" option, as shown below. 2, then in the sound interface shown below, we click on the "Manage Audio Devices" option to e

How to resolve win7 notebook HDMI output TV no sound failure

1, in the exclusive mode using HDMI, here to Lenovo Y460A as an example, the notebook with HD 5650 and GMA HD dual graphics card, in integrated graphics mode, can not achieve HDMI audio output, so you must switch to the unique mode 2, if in a unique mode, or can not hear the voice, the first mouse right click on the taskbar on the small horn, select the "Playback device" option; 3, then in the pop-up sound interface, in the window blank right

TIPS: Ubuntu is connected to an HDMI display/TV without sound solution

TIPS: Ubuntu is connected to an HDMI display/TV without sound solution The laptop display was accidentally damaged last night. Now I use an HDMI cable to connect my Ubuntu laptop to a home TV for temporary use. Ubuntu is the official version of the latest version 17.10. HDMI interface display. The connection mode is to connect the computer host to the monitor,

win8.1 System HDMI HD cable connected to the TV after no sound?

win8.1 System HDMI HD cable connected to the TV after no sound what to do 1, open the Control Panel, into the "hardware and sound" 2, click the Sound of "management audio equipment" 3. Right-click "Speaker/handset" In Sound equipment, select "Set as Default

Revised the lyrics "xianjian" TV original sound episode "Xiaojie"

Revised the lyrics "xianjian" TV original sound episode "Xiaojie" Information Publishing: eviloctalSource: Revision of the China Forum water area of the evil baboons There are some errors in the online version and TV version of the lyrics, especially in the network. n I have revised it a little bit. It should be okay.The lyrics are well written... Xiaoyao Yea

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