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Vim in the Save and exit, Vim quit command, how to exit Vim Editor, vim command Daquan __vim

: Exit command is, press ESC to jump to command mode, and then enter: Q (not saved) or: Wq (save) exit. more exit Commands: : w save file but not exit VI: W file will be modified to save in file, do not exit VI: w! Mandatory save, do not launch VI:

Who says VIM is not an IDE?

The words of the operating system, programming language and editor seem to be the eternal topic of the programmer's spat, and the technology has developed over the decades, and we have been discussing these "battles" with anger and relish. Someone

CentOS6.2 build the Vim development environment

Build vim development environment on CentOS6.2 Recommended reading: CentOS6.3 install spf13-vim Linux shortcut commands to organize http: // w in CentOS 6.2 to build a vim development

Play the VIM editor

Read Catalogue One: Vim Quick Start II: VIM Document editing Three: Find replacements IV: Getting Started with advanced features Back to CatalogOne: Vim Quick start1.vim Mode IntroductionThe following introductory content

Run the VIM exit command and run the vim exit command.

Run the VIM exit command and run the vim exit command. Note: These commands are preceded by a colon: You can use either of the following methods to exit Vi and return to shell after editing the document. In command mode, two uppercase letters are

Introduction to VIM Tutorial

1. IntroductionThe Vim (vi[improved]) editor is a powerful cross-platform text file Editing tool that inherits from the Vi editor of UNIX systems and supports the LINUX/MAC OS x/windows system, which allows you to create and modify text files. To

Vim command set and linuxvim command set in Linux

Vim command set and linuxvim command set in Linux Vim command collection Command history Commands starting with ":" and "/" have historical records. You can first type ":" or "/" and then press the up or down arrow to select a historical

VI/Vim advanced: Use GDB for debugging in vim-use vimgdb

The help entry for the commands used in this section: :help vimgdb At the beginning of the UNIX system design, there was a very important idea: each program only implements a single function and connects multiple programs through pipelines to make

Vim command plot

Ubuntu vim to install itInstallation and basic usage 1. Log in to Ubuntu with the root account, enter vim on the command line, and get the following hint if not installed: The program "Vim" is included in the following packages: * VIM * vim-gnome *

Comparison of vim and VIM Installation

When using the VI Editor, we found that the ESC key cannot be returned to the default mode. input the: HELP command, and we found that vim-tiny installed by default in Ubuntu is not complete in many functions. Install complete Vim for convenience.

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