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Vim, an open source text editor

vim, Author: Bram MoolenaarTranslation: Slimzhao The creator of the open source free software-vim In this article describes the development of vim in the insider and the direction of

Differences between VI and VIM

From; From Wikipedia Vim is a text editor developed from VI. Code Completion, compilation, error jump, and other convenient programming functions are

Play the VIM editor

Read Catalogue One: Vim Quick Start II: VIM Document editing Three: Find replacements IV: Getting Started with advanced features Back to CatalogOne: Vim Quick start1.vim Mode IntroductionThe following introductory content

The editor of ordinary people--vim

In May 2005, I started using VIM. After getting better and better, originally because of copyright self-discipline and abandon the ultraedit of the regret swept away. And, from vim, I realized what a real editing tool is. In the use of good soft or

Play the VIM editor

One: Vim Quick start1.vim Mode IntroductionThe following introductory content is from the Wikipedia vimThere are many modes of vim from VI, this unique design is easy to confuse the beginner. Almost all editors have two modes of inserting and

Learning VI and VIM Editor: The main improvement of VIM for VI

Vim has made a lot of improvements to VI, and this chapter discusses the main features added to Vim: including built-in Help features, startup and initialization options, new move commands, extended regular expressions, extended undo, custom

Editor tool for ordinary people-VIM

Turn from good use soft: Writing Time: 2006/12/04 In last May, I started using vim. Since then, I 've gotten better off, and I'm sorry that I gave up pirated ultraedit due to copyright

Vim Text Editor

One, what is vimThe VI command is the most versatile full-screen plain text editor in Unix operating systems and UNIX-like operating systems. The VI editor in Linux is called Vim, which is the enhanced version of VI (VI improved), fully compatible

Efficient use of the VIM editor--vim Editor common commands Learn notes

Mastering the common commands of the Vim editor can greatly improve the efficiency of our text editing. Basic Operations When we first contacted the Vim editor, we learned some of the following things: Just enter the Vim editor, we are in Normal

Who says VIM is not an IDE?

The words of the operating system, programming language and editor seem to be the eternal topic of the programmer's spat, and the technology has developed over the decades, and we have been discussing these "battles" with anger and relish. Someone

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