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Example of using native JS to enable synchronous playback of the lyrics of the webpage mobile music player: js music player

Example of using native JS to enable synchronous playback of the lyrics of the webpage mobile music player: js music player I 've written a few times before, and I 've lost every four times. Today, I spent half a day taking a look at my ideas and sorting out my clues. // Obtain the text var txt = document. getElementBy

JS to achieve compatible with IE, FF, Chrome, opera and safari music player _javascript Skills

This article describes the JS implementation compatible with IE, FF, Chrome, opera and Safari music players. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation method is as follows: /** Music player * @param obj player ID * @param file Audio file mp3:ogg: * @param loop whether loop/function Audioplayer (ID, file, lo OP) {var audioplayer = document.

JS Call Sina Entertainment web player fixed in the lower left corner

Tip: You can modify some of the code before running JS Call Sina Entertainment web player fixed in the lower left corner Tip: You can modify some of the code before running

How to use JW player to play flash and hide the control button and customize the JS that is executed after the play is completed

Flash play in a customer project needs to be customized, such as do not show the control button, flash playback after the completion of specific JS, etc., after using more than n jqery plug-ins and players, the final JW player plugin can meet my above requirements becausethe JW player plugin was sent to me by a colleague (version:jwplayer6.6 is not the latest ver

Using JS to teach you easy to make HTML music player _javascript skills

Use HTML to do a music player, you can loop, select songs, as well as automatically play the next one, the use of JS and JSON knowledge, the following is the effect map and source code, interested can try Oh Effect Chart: Source: HTML Here is the JS code: $ (document). Ready (function () {///music player

JS Implementation Music Player

JS Implementation Music Player Objective Recently in Review JS, think music player is a very interesting thing, today to use our most native JS write a small music player ~ Main functions: 1, support cycl

Cocos2d JS to destroy the Stars (11) Save player information locally

the initial player data be written -Sys.localStorage.setItem ("Playerdataexist", "Playerdataexist"); theSys.localStorage.setItem ("Playerdata", playerData1); + } A varPlayerdataa = Sys.localStorage.getItem ("Playerdata");//read data from local thePlayerdataa = Json.parse (PLAYERDATAA);//Convert a string structure to a JSON data structure + returnPlayerdataa; - }; $ $ /* - * Delete data to erase playe

JS Analog cool dog music player shrink fold Close effect code _javascript tips

This example describes the JS simulation cool dog music player shrink folding close effect code. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: This is a simulation of the cool dog music player closed effects, using JavaScript implementation, the shutdown when the playback interface into a line, and then disappear, like some TV suddenly power outages

Supports responsive HTML5 audio player-audioplayer. js for touch devices

Date: 2013-5-22 Source: Online Demo If you want to develop a responsive HTML5 player,Audioplayer. jsIs a good choice. It uses the HTML5 audio tag to help you generate a responsive audio player without using any embed code, images, or flash. It uses CSS to define the interface completely. The size after compression is only 4 kb.Main features Responsive Touch Adaptive HTML5 audio local support

A simple music player with JS implementation

HTML>Head> MetaCharSet= "Utf-8"> Metaname= "Author"content= "Dongfeng"> title>title> Script> varmusics= [ '1.mp3', '2.mp3', '3.mp3', '4.mp3', '2.mp3'];//defines the index of the audio being playedvarIndex= 0;//sequence of records and random variablesvarPlaytype;window.onload= function() { varTypesel=document.getElementById ('Typesel'); //change the playback mode when the user changes the drop-down menu optionTypesel.onchange= function() {console.log (typesel.valu

Last year, Baidu home player wrote a JS code, first record, do not support Firefox, another day with autio change

The player kernel is using object or embedJust tested, the latest Firefox does not support, IE 360 can also use, another day to change audio to do itHere, let's write it down.Support next song, pause, startThe way to use it is simple:The code is very simple, using JS implementation, the use of the method is very simple1, introduced Css:2, introduced Js:3, put a l

Use HTML5 in the video to customize the player prerequisite Knowledge point Summary and JS full-screen API introduction

One, the video JS knowledge Points:Controls (Controller), AutoPlay (AutoPlay), loop (loop) ==video default;Customize the recording of the methods and properties provided in the player in some JS:1, Play () control the playback of video2, pause () control the video stop3, CurrentTime control the current time of the video4. Muted controls whether the video is muted

How to Use the js flv Video Player Plug-in

How to Use the js flv Video Player Plug-in FLV videos are very popular. Some website programs do not support this function. I found a powerful FLV Video Player Plug-in that allows you to customize the player UI color and set the player's default image, we recommend it to you. It is very easy to use. You only need to

QQ Space background music player code JS and PHP to function pass variable parameters of the difference instance code

# JS Call function method for passing variable parameters Copy the Code code as follows: # Methods for passing variable parameters in PHP call function Copy the Code code as follows: Method OneReceives a series of parameters and outputs them individuallyfunction Show_params () {Get the number of pass parameters$count = Func_num_args ();Traversing parameters and outputting them individuallyfor ($i = 0; $i Get parameters$param = Func_get_arg

Player JS controls mediaplayer

Player JS controls mediaplayer Height = "240"> Greater than or equal to 0-> The size of the black box around the video. Do not change the video size->Music switch:Playback control:Channel Control:Progress control:Volume Control:Speed control:Subtitle control:Volume Control:Playback control:Media Information:Gotobar:Status Bar:Tracking:Location Control:Window Scaling:

JS detects if the Flash Player plugin is installed in the browser

These two days work need to embed flash games in the webpage, I use Swfobject.js version:1.5. Other aspects are very good, only version detection here has been no straightened out, and then really helpless, use JS to detect the browser Flash plug-in situation, the code is as follows:JS detects if the Flash Player plugin is installed in the browser

JS to determine if the PDF player is installed

function Ispdfplugininstall () {if (!isie ()) {//ie browser and non-IE browser supportNot IEif (navigator.plugins navigator.plugins.length)///Adobe Reader | Adobe PDF | Acrobat | Chrome PDF Viewerfor (var i = 0; i var plugin = Navigator.plugins[i].name;Console.log (plugin);if (plugin = = ' adobe Reader ' | | plugin = = ' adobe pdf ' | | plugin = = ' Acrobat ' | | plugin = = ' Chrome PDF Viewer ') return True ;}return false;} else {Ievar isInstalled = false;var version = null;var control = null;

Js player wav Files (source code)

Use a js).wav FileCopy codeThe Code is as follows:Var recordhisStore = new Ext. data. JsonStore ({Root: 'datarot ',TotalProperty: 'totalcount ',IdProperty: 'threadid ',RemoteSort: true,Fields :[{Name: 'id', type: 'string '},{Name: 'src', type: 'string '},{Name: 'dst ', type: 'string '},{Name: 'srcip ', type: 'string '},{Name: 'dstamp', type: 'string '},{Name: 'In in _ date', type: 'date', dateFormat: 'Y-m-d H: I: s'}, // onclick = 'javascript: startwa

System player for Java and JS Mutual tune

to the default browserWebview.setwebviewclient (Newwebviewclient ()); //Set Support JS call JavaWebview.addjavascriptinterface (NewAndroidandjsinterface (), "Android"); //Load network resources//Webview.loadurl ("");Webview.loadurl ("file:///android_asset/RealNetJSCallJavaActivity.htm");//Webview.loadurl (" 8080/assets/realnetjscalljavaactivity.htm "); } classAndroidandjsinterface {/*** This metho

DotopAlert prompts users to install the player code _ javascript tips-js tutorial

DotopAlert prompts you to install the player code, which is mostly used to promote certain players on the movie site. The Code is as follows: Var _ WName = 'dotopalert '; // window IDVar _ Lastver = 1; // remote version numberVar _ Timespan = 1; // COOKIE time: hourVar _ Alertimg = "http: // www. **. com/js/ads/alert.png"; // image addressVar _ WUrl = 'HTTP: // **. com/**. exe ';//Function $ (id ){Return

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